Yonex Duora 88 Review – Test And Price

Main advantage:

This model has more flexibility to allow the player to benefit from a strong punching power. Indeed, this racquet has been designed with RGS technology to give its user better control of his style.

Main disadvantage:

Given these qualities, connoisseurs of Badminton rackets have deduced that it would be difficult to use it without having a basic minimum on their use. In other words, it is not really suitable for beginners. Indeed, the control of its lightness requires more experience for its handling.

Yonex Duora 88 Badminton Racquet
  • Flex: Hi-Flex
  • Frame: Graphite/Tungsten, Shaft: Graphite

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As it combines both lightness and flexibility, this racquet is more intended for professional use. In practice, the technology that accompanies the assembly of this innovation requires a certain know-how.

Main Features Explained

Easy to manipulate
This model is one of the innovation rackets among the ranges offered by its manufacturer. As a result, it has a unique quality on the market. It is in particular described as being the most qualified in terms of balance. This characteristic thus promotes great maneuverability, which is very useful for giving better precision to the player’s stroke.

Produced with an innovative look, this model comes with an optimum dual system for better use. Indeed, this range has been specially created with different materials on each of its faces. This is a concept that gives it undeniable advantages

The right side of the racket is equipped with β nanometric technology, which gives it a good performance. In fact, this composition intervenes in its ergonomics and thus allows the player to practice powerful shots, with control and precision.

While the back side is provided by the manufacturer with a stiffness at the level of the canvas, in order to generate a great repulsion. In this way, the player gains in speed to clear the shutter of his field as quickly as possible. In other words, this property gives its user more maneuverability by giving more speed to his game.

Game mode suitable for all body types

It should be remembered that this equipment is very light. Indeed, the racket weighs about 89 g, which allows amateurs and professionals to make fewer movements, in order to save more energy. Otherwise, with its dimensions of 33 x 69 x 13 cm, any category of player can easily handle it. By being equipped with a neutral frame, it adapts to all the morphologies of users.

On the other hand, this racket is drawn in an Aero geometry. This is a shape that allows the equipment to have better penetration into the air, in order to better control the trajectory of the ball. In practice, this technology essentially intervenes by providing more ease for the player to achieve control of the direction of the shutter. In this way, he can thus seize an opportunity to tip the exchange in his favor.

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