Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Women- Review 2022

Main advantage

In addition to having an accurate heart rate monitor, the Donerton Smart Watch is equipped with a large amount of features, including the ability to choose between fourteen sports profiles. You can then select the one that best suits your needs and record all the performance data that will be sent to the management app installed on your smartphone.

Main disadvantage

The translations into Italian are not the best of reliability, for example the word “cycling” is translated as “horse racing”, some oversights that could make it more difficult, at least initially, to use the device correctly.

Verdict 9.6 / 10

The low price and a good range of applications make the Donerton Smart Watch worthy of attention. If you are looking for the best performing product on the market it may not be the right device for your needs, however, if you need a product with a heart rate monitor without a band that is as accurate as possible, then it can give you some satisfaction.




Fitness watch

Smartwatches, in recent times, have become increasingly popular thanks mainly to their ability to connect with the smartphone and allow the management of calls, notifications, music playback and many other advantages. However, these are elements that only make performing everyday tasks a little more comfortable.

These devices, on the other hand, are able to make a big difference for those who practice sports since they allow to collect a large amount of data that can then be processed later by those who want to improve their times or simply their physical shape.

The Wilful device, presented here, is a classic fitness watch, however compared to other models on the market it has a much thinner and less bulky design, for those who do not like overly flashy objects.

The construction materials will not be the noblest on the market but the strap, for example, is still soft and according to what consumers say it does not disturb during sporting activities. At first glance it may seem more like a smartband rather than a smartwatch but it allows the use of a wide range of applications.


Analyzing them, we can immediately notice the presence of the heart rate monitor, essential for those who practice physical activity and want to monitor heart rate, or beats per minute. You can thus always have the value under control and ensure that it remains within the suitable threshold to train at your best.

However, the potential of the Wilful watch does not stop there since all the classic fitness systems are included such as the pedometer, the count of calories consumed, the distance traveled, the GPS shared with the smartphone, sleep monitoring and fourteen sports modes.

Despite the IP67 certification, therefore against dust and short immersions lasting up to 30 minutes, the watch does not seem to get along very well with water. In particular, the touchscreen does not respond as it should in contact with the liquid, therefore not recommended for those who actively practice swimming.

Before making the purchase it is important to make sure that your smartphone, with which the watch must be connected to use it at its best, must have an Android operating system version higher than 4.4 and for iOS 8.1 or higher.

This will allow you to manage applications other than fitness ones such as call notifications, SMS reception, in-app messages from Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and other social networks. There are also weather forecasts on the screen relating not only to the indicated day but also to the next two, to better manage the training and understand when it is appropriate to do it indoors, on rainy days, and when instead outside.


Sometimes this is an underestimated factor but one that should always be taken into consideration, especially since a watch that has a low battery life cannot be used intensively. From this point of view, the Wilful watch performed excellently, offering about a week of daily use, with heart rate regulation and active bluetooth. Therefore more than satisfactory performances for all types of use.

In the package there is a manual in Italian that will help you in the first settings of the device, however it should be emphasized that the companion app of the product, to be installed on the smartphone, is not translated in the best way and could lead to misunderstandings on the part of users. less accustomed to such devices.

Even from a graphic point of view it leaves something to be desired, revealing itself to be too spartan. The price is in line with what is available on the market and only by giving up some specific functionality or feature would you be able to find a cheaper heart rate monitor.

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