Where Does Cricket Come From And How Is It Played?

This activity seems to be related to American baseball. But in the details, it presents nuances that give it a unique identity. In order to understand this hobby, it is important to know its history, and especially to know the principles of the game, as well as some vocabularies to master.

The origins of cricket

If this concept of the game of balls and bats in its American version remains the best known, that which is practiced on the old continent remains nonetheless interesting. Cricket is indeed a discipline followed in many parts of the world. It enjoys a popularity almost as strong as the most practiced sport in the world, namely football.

The beginnings of the game of cricket are now becoming a topic of discussion. Until then, everyone agreed that this sporting activity was of British origin . As proof, it is played in more than fifty Commonwealth States, such as South Africa, Australia or Canada, in addition to European countries. This growing popularity and gained in the four corners of the planet began in the 16th century, when England began to expand its colonial empire.

But this general belief has recently been splashed, a few years before the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Indeed, a written record was discovered at that time, materialized by an account of this sport cricket dating from the 15th century. , more precisely in 1478. This manuscript thus indicates the course of the game in France, which calls into question the true place of origin of this sport.

In any case, the answer to this question remains unclear. Evidence is lacking to define whether this match was a purely French hobby which was subsequently exported to England. Another theory could also indicate that this is a totally British sport, but that the report only recounts a delocalized match. Anyway, the news shows that sport cricket is played more in English-speaking countries than in French-speaking ones.

Fundamentals of cricket

Like all other team sports, cricket opposes two teams , the objective of which is to score as many points as possible against the opposing camp. Each game has 11 players , who cannot be replaced until the end of the game. The game takes place on an oval field , alternating the two groups in phases of attack and defense, after having carried out a series of six balls called over.

During each round, the following protagonists enter the field. A whole team, namely a pitcher and the ten other members named hunters, is faced with two beaters of the opposing group. Regarding the course of the game, the thrower sends the ball to a wooden wicket behind the batter, called a wicket. The batter must prevent the ball from passing, and return it as far as possible, before the hunters can retrieve it. The further she goes, the more time he will have to run to give the baton to the second batsman in the opposite zone, about twenty meters from his position.

If the two batsmen manage to swap places before a hunter gets a hold of the ball and returns it to the wicket, they score points called runs. Most of the time, only one or two runs can be scored from a bat. If the batter manages to get the ball out of bounds on the first try, he wins a sixier, equivalent to 6 points. He only scores 4, however, if the ball bounces once or more before going out of bounds. This gain is called the boundary.

Otherwise, the batter can lose the end in several ways. The first is materialized by a contact other than that of the bat, in particular if it prevents the passage of the ball with its body, and specifically the leg. This gesture called leg before wicket eliminates it automatically and puts the second drummer in his place. If a hunter catches the ball in midair, or if it hits the wicket, the batter is also out. For information, the round ends when both batsmen are eliminated .

Match duration and declaration of victory

Unlike the length of a baseball game, cricket can be played from a few hours to several days . The shortest and simplest period is called 2020. In this configuration, the match is played over a single round of 20 throws for each team. Each alternates roles with the objective of gaining the most points and winning the game. As far as world championship crickets are concerned, the program grows longer and lasts for a whole day. This presentation is therefore called the one-day.

The traditional version remains the most spectacular for enjoying cricket at its true value. If you know how many innings in baseball can win a win, a team has to win more than one to come out on top. The longest duration is characterized by test matches or international meetings. The length of each inning depending on the skill of each batsman, the match is played over four innings, two of which are for each team. Depending on the abilities of each player, the entire match can last up to five days. This period is however limited to six hours per day. A clear advantage of one team over the other can end the game.

Like the baseball bat , the cricket bat ensures victory by scoring the most runs, and therefore innings. Victory can be achieved when the striking team has no more batsman available, when the number of throws has been reached (in 2020), or if the captain of a team voluntarily ends an inning.

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