What Rules Do You Need To Know To Play Golf?

Archery is an outdoor sport that requires skill and precision. Golf is also a precision sport, but it is played with a ball. The principle is to get the ball into a hole by hitting as few times as possible. At first glance, golf seems like an easy sport. But when you really start practicing this activity, you know that it’s all about technique.

Golf decryption

Before going into more detail with regard to the rules of golf, it is advisable to take a closer look at the principle of the sport. The games of golf are played almost all over the world. But they are the most popular in Europe and America. This sport is practiced on a large ground which is sometimes flat and sometimes uneven. How to play golf? The game of golf is played with specific equipment. At first, it is essential to have at least 6 clubs . This club will consist of a putter, a club from the woods family and 4 clubs from the iron family. Note that there are also different clubs for left-handed and right-handed. The same goes for men and women.

In terms of accessories, the golf bag is one of the essentials. It was specifically designed to guarantee the storage as well as the classification of the different clubs. Again when it comes to accessories, playing golf requires wearing a special pair of shoes . This kind of model must adhere perfectly to the playing field while respecting the grass. Finally, there are the golf gloves. When we talk about golf, we often mention balls and birdies. But what is a birdie? The birdie is none other than the fact of making a hole with a score of one stroke. But this stroke remains below par. The bogey is the opposite of the birdie. He aims to make a hole with a score of one stroke over par. Indeed, you should know that each hole is imposed an ideal score called “  the par  ”.

During competitions or clashes, each player has a decimal value, indicating his points compared to the competition. Called the golf index , it indicates your ability to achieve the ideal number of strokes on your par. It then makes it possible to calculate a player’s handicap. The latter indicates the value of a player at the start of his course. These are the basics of golf.

Understanding golf clubs

Those new to the sport of the sport sometimes find it difficult to understand what a golf club is. A golf club is not like soccer clubs or basketball clubs. It is not a group belonging to associations. The concept of golf clubs is completely different from what we think.

The clubs are distinguished into two main categories. There are those made of wood and those made of iron . Wooden clubs are intended to run distances in a linear fashion. Clubs belonging to the iron family, on the other hand, are most often used to draw a more arched trajectory. Also know that as the number of the club belonging to the “wood” family increases, the more the club number will decrease. As a result, the ball will land closer. For the “iron” family, the more the number decreases, the further the ball will be propelled. And when the golfer is on the green in order to initiate the approach to the hole, the putter is used.

The rules of golf

  • Dots

The point of each player depends on the number of strokes he will during the game. These strokes will be counted from the start of a course until the ball ends up entering the hole. A scorecard will be given at the start of the game. And at each hole, the golfer should note the number of strokes he has made. The winner will be the one who manages to complete the entire course with the fewest strokes possible.

  • The start of a course

In the rules of golf, you must always mark the start of the course. So when does it start? You will have to choose one of the 4 departures that will be offered to you. Your choice should be based on your level. First, you will find the red departures. These departures are dedicated to golfers who are new to the field.

Intermediate level golfers are also invited to favor the red tees. Then you have the blue tees which are specifically dedicated to high level golfers. For beginners or intermediate golfers, there are the yellow tees. For professional golfers, there are white tees.

– Les tees

As you will certainly understand, in the practice of the gulf, several models of tees can be used. You will find the wooden tee, the tiered tee, the one-tee and the little one-tee. Note that the tiered tee is available in 3 different sizes: 12, 24 and 37mm. So how do you use a tee?

The tee, according to the regulations, can only be used in the teeing area dedicated to each hole of the golf course. This will require you to find the correct height before placing the golf ball . Be aware that if this accessory is placed too low, you risk hitting the upper part of the ball. Consequently, the trajectory will be directed downwards. Conversely, if it is placed too high, you risk hitting the bottom of the ball. The trajectory will be directed upwards and the orientation of the ball will be less precise. This is why laying the tee in the ground requires technique and a well-measured calculation.

The conditions that apply in the departure area

In golf as in chess, concentration is the key word. But it is also the same for security. In this process, there are rules to be observed when there are several players at the start for each hole. The first rule is to respect silence in order to allow the golf player to concentrate better. It will also be necessary to avoid moving and not to shade the balls . If as the next player you wish to observe the direction of the ball without causing discomfort, stand at a distance of several clubs sideways. The starting area will also apply the order of the players. Whoever starts first is the player whose ball is furthest from the flagstick.

Golf balls: how to recognize yours?

It is true that almost 95% of the balls located on the course are white . Which means that it’s never easy to find your own. So, in order not to make mistakes during the game and the goal, remember the number written on your ball . You also have the possibility to put a mark on it or also to play with a ball with a different color. And if during the game it ends up going out of bounds of the golf course, you can play another one. Be careful though to note that you will have to rely on your card, a penalty stroke.

In the perspective where the ball is unplayable, that is to say that it is stuck or that it is found behind a tree, you will not have a score of 3, but rather 3 options that will allow you to continue the game. Note that all options will certainly generate a penalty stroke. The first option will be to drop the ball over a distance of 2 club-lengths. It starts from the point where it is located without approaching the flag.

The second option will be to drop the ball along the line that separates you from the flag. This without reducing the distance to be covered. Once the ball is out of bounds, you have the right to replay it from the starting point of your last stroke.

The rules that apply when the ball falls into the water

It is true that most of the time, golf courses are surrounded by lakes or waterholes. The question is: what to do if the ball falls into the water? In this kind of situation, the rules of golf say that you have 2 options to choose from.

If the obstacle preventing you from taking your ball is on the side of the course with red stakes, you will have the option of replacing it with a penalty stroke . In fact, you can replay it from your last stroke or drop it over a distance of 2 club-lengths.

If, on the other hand, the ball falls into the water and this obstacle is located on the side of the golf course which is surrounded by yellow stakes, you can directly put the ball back into play. Attention, there will always be a penalty stroke. . And in this case, you have two options: drop the golf ball on the line between the starting point and the flag, or replay it from the exit point.

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