What Is The Use Of An Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are experiencing a peak in popularity.

 Manufacturers and fitness instructors unanimously declare the benefits of ellipticals for the body. 

And in programs for sports, more and more often, they include elliptical simulators. 

And it’s not in vain. After all, they say that there is no smoke without fire. So in the situation with ellipticals: the benefits of an elliptical trainer are obvious. 

Among the factors that have a beneficial effect on the body are general muscle strengthening, prevention of heart disease, and weight loss.

If you still doubt the usefulness of these simulators, we recommend you read our article. In it, we will answer the most exciting questions and learn about the benefits of elliptical trainers.

Benefits of elliptical trainers

Benefits for the body

With proper use of the simulator, there is no overloading of the legs or arms, all muscles are equally involved. As a result, problem areas are corrected and a sporty silhouette is modeled.

Elliptical trainers also have a reverse motion. 

These movements strengthen the calves and hamstrings more actively and better than conventional machines. 

Thanks to this, you can use those muscles that are often left without attention during training.

I recommend the elliptical for gradual and even weight loss, especially for people who are very heavy. 

It burns 150-400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your current weight and cadence.

Elliptical trainers are great for improving balance and body mobility . The simultaneous movement of the legs and arms coordinates the actions of the limbs and the brain.

Improving blood circulation

Spending 20-30 minutes on the elliptical increases the heart rate, this helps to strengthen the myocardium . 

The lungs and heart work hard to pump oxygen to all parts of the body.

According to research, regular exercise increases heart capacity, which leads to more efficient blood flow. 

Improving blood circulation helps maintain oxygen flow to all parts of the body, boosting immunity. 

Reduces the risk of diseases and their transition to the stage of chronic. Good blood circulation improves sleep quality . 

The skin becomes smooth and clean, the hair gains a healthy shine.

Exercises on an elliptical increase not only the body’s resistance but also its endurance . 

The effect, with daily practice for at least 10 days, will be clear.

Disease prevention

With the help of regular exercises, it saturated the cells with oxygen, and it prevented diseases associated with the respiratory system.

Spending just 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer can reduce stress . This is because exercise releases serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone. It has a lowering or antihypertensive effect .

I showed the trainer for osteoporosis , as regular exercise strengthens the bone tissue . 

Besides strengthening the bones , the surrounding muscles are trained and developed , and the support of the joints is improved, which can reduce the wear and tear of the cartilage in them .

Many runners suffer from ankle pain, as the repetitive effects while running damage their joints.

 Elliptical machineprevent abrupt impact on the joints of the legs .

Regular exercise on the machine can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

When exercising, muscles need energy and will use the sugar stored in the body, causing blood levels to drop .

An elliptical trainer can reduce cholesterol. Scientific studies have shown the positive effects of sports and exercise on sterol levels. 

I strongly advised people with a high content of this substance to exercise regularly and exercise regularly.

Simulator versatility

It is suitable for athletes of all ages and fitness levels . The gentle effect on the knee joints allows the elderly to use it with confidence. 

You can practice the apparatus while being in the stage of rehabilitation after injury, osteoporosis, ankle injury.

The low level of injury facilitates the widespread use of the ellipse .

 The mechanics of movements on the simulator exclude the possibility of damage to the ankle system, as well as shock loads in the spine and joints. 

This is achieved because of the stationarity of the foot and the trajectory of its movement. 

For this reason, ellipticals are the safest cardiovascular joint trainer. It is also the best option for overweight athletes.

Today, the ellipse is used everywhere : health clubs, gyms, homes. In 2005, I introduced an elliptical trainer on wheels for outdoor use.

Disadvantages of an elliptical

The elliptical also has disadvantages. The shell is not suitable for everyone, plus, low efficiency when used as the only source of exercise.

Most elliptical trainers restrict pedal movement to a specific elliptical path.

 Not all of them will match the natural movement of the legs. Here, adjusting the position of the foot can help. 

We recommend you familiarize yourself with how to choose the right elliptical for your home .

The elliptical trainer primarily affects the lower body . 

Therefore, you will need to add various exercises, both for the torso and for the abdominal area. Longer and more persistent training will be required.

The intensity of the exercise depends on the correct use of the projectile: load, body position. If abused, the training effect will be less than expected.

On this projectile, it is difficult to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs , which causes wariness among users.

I felt the disadvantages because we made the simulators for the average person .

Elliptical trainers have moving handles. They are an additional load, burn more calories. 

But they cannot replace strength training. Therefore, it takes extra time to work in the gym besides elliptical workouts .

Contraindications for exercising on an elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer has no special prohibitions in classes for health reasons. 

It does not prohibit if intense aerobic exercise for medical reasons, then you can safely start exercising.

Training on an ellipse can harm the body if:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

  • diabetes mellitus;

  • edema;

  • an asthma attack;

  • serious problems of internal organs;

  • deterioration of health: nausea, lack of oxygen, dizziness;

  • viral infections;

Obviously, the list of disadvantages of the elliptical is small. I associate contraindications with the conclusion of doctors. 

And the benefits of an elliptical trainer are undeniable. This is a great opportunity to shape an athletic physique, strengthen the body and prevent diseases.

Elliptical Trainer: Benefits for the Body

Let’s get down to business and get acquainted with the chief thing, the advantages of elliptical trainers. 

Since elliptical trainers belong to the group of cardiovascular equipment, their effect on such important organs for every person as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems becomes obvious .

Exercising on an elliptical is useful for people of any age

The cardiovascular system

Exercises on elliptical simulators are an imitation of movements familiar to people, which in ordinary life, the body may not be enough. Regular exercise helps keep your heart in good shape. 

This is mainly because of the increased load, which makes the heart pump blood more actively. The more actively the blood runs through the body, the higher the body’s metabolism.

Respiratory system

Ellipse training has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Since your body uses up a lot of energy and your heart rate increases during exercise, you need more oxygen.

 If you inhale more, the lungs work better, and the blood is more actively saturated with oxygen and delivers it to the brain and other organs.

What muscles work during exercise on an elliptical

Besides the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, training on the elliptical trainer is an excellent impetus for the development and strengthening of body muscles. 

Unlike other cardio equipment, most notably the treadmill and stationary bike, you can use more muscles when exercising on an elliptical. 

The muscles of the legs, arms, abs, back and muscles of the shoulder girdle work here. The development of different parts of the body depends on several factors:

  • intensity of classes;

  • body position during training;

  • installed load;

  • honestly performing the training program.


The abdominal muscles provide the stability of the whole organism.

 Since during exercise you are continuously in an upright position, and your legs and arms are constantly working, I worked the abdominal press out in full.


The impact of training on the waist flank comes from overall weight loss rather than the direct impact of training on that area of the body. 

To achieve tangible results, we must observe two factors: proper nutrition and regular exercise. Here, the effect “in the sides” will be felt soon.


The back muscles are similar in principle to the abdominal muscles and stabilize and supporting the entire body. 

Strengthening your back muscles directly affects your posture. Correct posture provides several positive factors. First, it reduces stress on the spine. And second, it’s just beautiful.


The muscles of the thighs, when exercising on elliptical simulators, receive the greatest load because they perform pushing movements. 

We achieve the best results when the body is tilted forward during training. For this, the ellipticals provide for a change of the angle of the pedals. 

Because of the high tension in the hips, the whole body is actively heated. Fat loss increases in places that are difficult to exercise.

When exercising on an elliptical trainer, choose a program “listening” to your body.


I worked this muscle group out in almost any position of the user during training. They work together with the thigh muscles, calf muscles, and quads. 

But for the gluteal muscles, there is the most suitable body position and direction of movement during training. 

So, for example, if the movement during training is carried out backward, and the body is standing straight, then the gluteal muscles receive a greater load.

 Also, exercises with strongly bent legs give a tangible load on the buttocks.


Where special attention needs to be paid to the muscles of the legs, you can refuse to use the handles. 

Here, all efforts during training should be carried out directly with the legs.

Here, it is important not to tear your feet off the elliptical pedals. So during intense and regular exercise on the simulator, you will train all the muscles of the legs. 

This includes the thighs, glutes, quads, and both types of calf muscles. The elliptical trainer itself is a versatile training device. 

Such a simulator can replace several cardiovascular equipment in its functionality at once and exert a load on most of the muscles of the body.

Because in the process of training, the user involves several groups at once. Burning fat is more active.

 In addition, frequent elliptical exercises have a positive effect on your mood, stress levels and your body’s propensity to fight disease.

The benefits of an elliptical trainer for the body

Summing up the information received, we can assume that the benefits of an elliptical trainer are enormous.

 With the right approach to classes, their regular implementation, you can quickly improve the general condition of the body and strengthen the muscles. 

The elliptical trainer will be especially useful for girls, since it strengthened muscles without increasing muscle mass . 

With this, elliptical simulators have few contraindications, and specialists have noted the safety of training on them.

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