What Is The Best Time To Practice On An Elliptical

Before you train, you need to determine at what time of day it is better to play sports on an elliptical

Evening and morning exercises have different effects. It all depends on the processes taking place in the body. 

Human circadian biorhythms influence them. The wrong timing will not give the desired result.

Circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms are called the own biorhythms or internal clocks of the human body, which determine the daily routine. 

Thanks to them, people feel the right time for this or that activity. Age, light level, temperature conditions influence biorhythms. 

They obey the sun, not human activity or preference. For example, if a person goes to work at night, he has the same low body temperature as those who sleep.

Circadian rhythms determine everything : appetite, sleep, activity time, cell division, hormone synthesis, heart rate. All cells have a molecular clock. 

They synthesize clock proteins daily, the interaction of which improves the functioning of the body. Because of their actions, they activate certain genes that control natural processes.

They determine what time of day it is better to play sports on an elliptical: in the morning or in the evening.

Circadian rhythms are the answer to why most strokes and seizures happen in the morning. Thanks to the internal clock at dawn, the pressure rises to make it easier for a person to wake up.

Circadian rhythms affect appetite. To keep yourself in good shape, you need to eat during an active time of the day.

 Because of experiments on mice, it turned out that the timing of the meal plays a more important role than its quality. For an article on nutrition before and after exercise, see the link .

High-calorie food will do less harm to the figure if it is eaten in the morning or afternoon. And low-calorie food at night leads to weight gain.

It synchronized the internal biological clock with the brain. The more light a person receives through his eyes, the more active his activity.

 And bright artificial light disorientates the systems of organisms and disrupts sleep. 

It is possible to establish your biorhythms with a simple “hygiene of light”. Do not use bright lamps in the evenings .

Operating principle

The best way to improve your well-being is to synchronize your rhythms with the change of day. It is known that the body temperature varies from 35.6 to 37.5 degrees.

At sunrise, the brain sends impulses to increase the temperature and wake up (at 6 am it becomes the lowest in humans).

 For this, the stress hormone, cortisol , is synthesized . In a small amount, it charges the human body with energy and gives strength for the day ahead.

 The largest release occurs in the morning and decreases towards night. In parallel with this, the amount of the hormone melatonin decreases .

By the evening, he synthesizes more strongly. Melatonin is present in large quantities throughout the night so that a person can sleep peacefully. 

Therefore, if the day passes in a dark, poorly lit room, the person has a sleep disorder.

Nature itself tells a person the optimal daily routine. It is enough to follow natural light and the changing seasons.

Besides circadian rhythms, of course, a lot depends on gender. Men and women feel differently during exercise. Read the differences in training for men and women here .

Morning workouts

Biorhythms affect the effectiveness of training and sports. Exercising at different times of the day, you can achieve different results.

Scientists note that the peak of human performance falls on 10-12 am and 3-6 pm . In the afternoon, the body temperature is at its highest. Sports activities during this period carry less risk of stretching and post-workout pain.

Experts note that physical activity is beneficial and does not depend on the time of day. But at certain times, you can get the maximum effect.

If you do sports in the morning, you can experience the following pl YOUTH :

  • Because of the lowered body temperature, the body spends more energy, so we burned calories and fat deposits more. This is a great time for cardio workouts.

  • Morning workouts speed up metabolic processes. Therefore, more calories are expended during the day. The body fat shrinks faster.

  • Exercising in the morning energizes the entire day ahead. After lunch there is no sleepiness and fatigue.

But there are downsides to morning workouts:

  • The muscles are not yet warmed up. Body temperature is low. Therefore, you can easily get injured, stretched.

  • Due to slow processes, low hormone levels and temperature, fat burning is very slow.

  • If you don’t get enough energy after sports training, you feel tired and apathetic.


Day workouts

Workouts in the middle of the day are the most comfortable. Since the person has already woken up, he is still quite cheerful. The pluses of daytime sports include:

  • Experts recommend stretching, strength training, and crossfit. Exercise increases endurance.

  • It warms the muscles up and flexible. The risk of injury while exercising is reduced.

  • Daily workouts are effective for building and working out muscle mass.

To achieve an excellent result, we should take lunch an hour before sports or an hour after. 

But because of the tight schedule, few people study. It is not always possible to devote 60 minutes to physical activity. 

Therefore, the training efficiency is significantly reduced.

Evening training

After 4 pm, the body is at its maximum tone. Benefits of evening workouts:

  • The muscles are warm, so there is no risk of injury and pain after exercise.

  • Fat is actively burned. Better to go in for sports in the evening to work out the relief.

  • Relieves tension and stress in a day.

  • Muscles relax, and blood circulation improves. This is especially useful for those with a sedentary, passive job.

  • The synthesis of the hormone adrenaline, which is involved in the breakdown of fat cells, is enhanced.

It is advisable to drink protein shakes after training. They will help you lose weight faster and build muscle mass. 

But if you study too late, then sleep problems may begin.

What time of day is it better to play sports on an elliptical

Cardio is believed to be suitable for intense weight loss. They speed up metabolism, promote the consumption of glycogen and glucose from the muscles. Therefore, the body burns fat deposits sooner.

 Elliptical refers to cardiovascular equipment. But unlike a bicycle, a stepper, a treadmill, it does not put stress on the joints and spine.

When training on an elliptical trainer, only muscle fibers work

Exercising on an elliptical trainer is effective for burning fat, building endurance, improving blood circulation in the muscles, and supplying them with oxygen.

Experts advise carrying out cardio exercises on an elliptical in the morning or in the morning . 

Losing weight will be much faster and easier. After sleep, there is no glucose and glycogen left in the muscles, therefore, to fully work on the simulator, he will have to spend body fat.

 In addition, you can train less in the morning than in the evening. It is enough to exercise for half an hour to start the process of fat burning and increase muscle tone for the day ahead.

It is possible to conduct evening workouts on an elliptical. They are effective for working out muscle relief. 

Losing weight will be slower, but the body will become more elastic and fit. But to get the result, go in for sports for about 50-60 minutes, since glycogen has accumulated in the muscles during the day. His body consumes first.


Elliptical cardio is an impressive start to the day. The exercise machine will help to strengthen the muscles, heart muscle, and increase endurance.

 At what time of day it is better to play sports on an elliptical depends on the goal. 

If you want to lose weight, then it is more effective to train in the morning. If you need to keep your body in good shape, then evening sports are suitable.

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