What are the benefits of the stationary bike

Spinning, stretching, cardio: the stationary bike is a great ally if we seek to lose weight while adding health. We tell you what its advantages are.

The benefits of the stationary bike are so many that it is one of the most widely used cardio equipment or machines in any gym in the world. It allows you to train without impact, improves comprehensive health, helps you lose weight, increases endorphins and is great for all ages. Learn about its benefits in detail and make it your best ally to burn fat while adding health.

Benefits of riding a bike

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The stationary bike works in the same way as a normal bike but without the need for transportation. In addition, they do not take up much space and there are options with very affordable prices, which is a good option if you are looking for a machine to train at home while you watch series or read a book.

Horizontal stationary bike

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Benefits of cycling

Knowing and measuring the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can be a great stimulus to activate our desire to exercise. We analyze one by one the advantages of pedaling to achieve the healthy body we want.

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Burns more calories than other exercises

If our goal is to lose weight , this machine is our best ally because it helps to shape the body and tone the legs while accelerating the fat burning process. Sitting for an hour a day reports a loss of 500 calories per session. Not bad, huh?

Firm buttocks and legs

In addition to burning fat, it helps tone the legs and buttocks, while reducing cellulite in the thigh and hip area. Having strong muscles is very important to stay healthy and active and to slow aging.

what is the climbing machine for

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Healthy bones

At the same time, like all physical activity, cycling frequently is good for preventing osteoporosis, because it helps reduce bone loss and generates improvements at the neuromuscular level, favoring coordination, balance and reflexes in the face of the risk of falls. .

stationary bike with backrest

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It is versatile

Unlike exercises that require a certain prior physical state, it adapts to the capacities of each one. Most of the machines available have different programs to regulate the intensity, making it the perfect device for those who are just starting to train. However, it is important to clarify that the more resistance we program, the more calories we will burn in the same session.

It’s super safe

Among the devices for practicing exercise in indoor spaces, the stationary bicycle is one of the safest because it does not stress the joints or has risks of falls, as can occur on the treadmill. This greatly reduces the chances of injury during training.

how to slim your legs

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Lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases
It is not a very well known fact, but pedaling contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension. This is because the type of exercise we do strengthens our immune system, helps lower glucose and increases resistance to different pathologies, especially those related to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Allows you to carry out other activities simultaneously
We can’t crossfit while listening to a podcast, reading a book, or reviewing for a test – it’s impossible. The exercise bike, on the other hand, allows us to do sports while we watch a movie, listen to music, read or chat with our family. Ideal for multitaskers.

Reduce stress

As if all the above were not enough, it also helps reduce stress and eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day. Like any exercise, it reduces anxiety and helps us lower a change and let go of the extra energy.

stationary bike exercises for abdomen

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Improves intestinal function

Although it is not usually the primary objective of those who begin to exercise, this device also helps to improve the functioning of our digestive system. Pedaling for an hour a day favors intestinal transit and fights constipation.

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Stationary bike exercises

If we want to achieve greater effectiveness, the ideal is to establish a training routine according to our needs. We can use a model with a backrest , a horizontal model or a traditional one, according to our preferences.

If we have a street bike we can turn it into static using a bicycle trainer , what matters is that we put the batteries together and start training.

Moderate intensity training

Each person is different and not all of us are prepared to make the same physical effort. That is why we must be especially careful and start with gentle to moderate exercises.

For example, we can establish a training routine that includes a minimum of 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise, in which our heart rate increases between 50 and 70 percent. Many of the static models have a way of monitoring the effort we make since they have a device to measure the heart rate (if not, maybe it is good that you add a wearable , which is an ideal technology to stimulate and take care of your training ). If even 30 minutes is too much, we can break the training into intervals of 10. Go slower but without giving up.

stationary bike benefits and contraindications

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Interval training with the stationary bike
Training in a moderate way helps to start burning fat, but this process is enhanced if we increase the intensity. To do this, as the days go by, when we gain physical condition, the ideal is to alternate periods of great effort with moments of moderation. It is the proposal of activities such as spinning, an indoor training option that has been adding followers for years due to its multiple benefits. If you are interested in this exercise, the ideal is to get a spinning bike and consult a professional trainer so as not to do anything that could harm you in terms of health.

Low intensity warm-up: for 5 to 10 minutes we pedal to increase our blood flow and heart rate slowly.
High intensity: we pedal with a lot of resistance and speed for one or two minutes, depending on our possibilities. It should increase our heart rate enough for us to start huffing.
Medium intensity: we return to pedaling making a lesser effort for one or two minutes, according to the intense exercise we have done in the previous point.
Repetition: we repeat the dynamics between 10 and 15 times.
Final: to conclude the training, we can pedal gently for 3 or 5 minutes. This allows the muscles of the legs to relax and not suffer pain the next day.
bicycle roller

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Stationary bike exercises for abdomen
Typically, people perform squats or sit-ups with the goal of losing weight. However, these exercises tone the muscle in those areas and shape but do not burn calories. If we want to eliminate fat in the area, we have to do cardiovascular exercise, we can choose to pedal: it burns calories and benefits the whole body, not just the legs. To speed up the process, we can contract the abdominal muscle while pedaling.

There are several more measures we can take if we want to reduce belly fat by pedaling. For example, stretch before climbing. Dynamic stretches loosen your connective tissue and exercise more efficient.

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