How to start running on a treadmill and which one to choose

Training indoors can be a great option to sustain a good level of physical activity. How to maximize profits and avoid injuries. The best brands and options.

Training outdoors is usually the most fun and healthy way to do physical activity, but many times, due to lack of time, distance or the weather, maintaining an exercise routine is complicated.

For this reason, more and more people turn to gyms or buy a device to get moving without leaving each. Keys to choose a wonderful machine and to run on a treadmill and enjoy it.

Best Recommended Treadmill

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Which treadmill do you recommend?

The questions are many: Is it good to run on a treadmill? What are the benefits? ¿ How to Choose a treadmill ?

What are the best treadmills on the market? What are the recommended treadmill brands? Is it better to walk on a treadmill or to run?

How to lose weight by running on the treadmill? Here, the answers you need to train at home or in the gym and the keys to get a taste for it and maintain physical activity all year long.

The benefits of running on a treadmill

Treadmills, like climbers and stationary bikes, belong to the so-called cardiovascular training devices: the benefits of running are not so much about toning but about aerobic capacity, endurance and heart health .

what is the climbing machine for?

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Of course, it all depends on the use, the frequency and the intensity, but with an excellent exercise routine, the benefits of walking or running on a treadmill are many:

Improves cardiovascular health
Improves aerobic capacity
It helps control weight
Generates endorphins, increasing well-being
Improves circulation and therefore good for cellulite
Improves blood glucose values ​​and lowers the risk of diabetes
Tones the muscles of the body

Difference between magnetic and motorized tape

One of the first things we must learn if we want to buy a treadmill is that there are magnetic and motorized treadmills.

The magnetic tapes or mechanical are those without engine: we push the treadmill or career backwards while running / walking, so the effort is greater than in the motor and training becomes a little harder , more exerted, although less natural.

In addition, they are lighter and less stable, but they are safer because they only walk if we walk: the risk of falling is lower.

Motorized treadmills or electrical treadmills have a motor that works at the speed we define, with which we can give ourselves a dangerous blow if we stumble or stop walking.

They are ideal treadmills for those who want to run and the training is usually more harmonious and less demanding if we go at a moderate pace.

To raise the pulsations, we must give the electrical tapes speed. In the magnetic ones, just by walking, we enter the aerobic range and without putting the ankles and knees at risk.

Treadmills: Recommended Brands

The options are many, and when you want to buy a machine for your home, the obligatory question is which are the best Argentine treadmills.

The answer is not simply because the key lies in your training goals and the price-quality ratio of the device.

The answer you will have to give yourself is which is the best treadmill for you. You will be satisfied with a simple one if you just want to walk and if you are not very overweight, but you will need one with better specifications if you want to run a lot and enjoy intense running.

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How to choose a treadmill

When buying a treadmill or choosing which one to use in the gym, it is important to consider a few issues:

Security: if it is motorized, it is key that it has a security system that stops it if you stop or if you stumble.
Amortization system : it is important that the treadmill has a good shock absorber system so that your workouts are more comfortable and safe and your joints do not suffer.
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Materials: Entry-level tapes use rubber gaskets, and mid-tier tapes use interchangeable elastomers (they are soft in the center of the tape and hard on the outside and inside).

High-end treadmills have a complex suspension system. If you buy a very basic or hard machine, they reduce the chances that you will use it well because the training becomes cumbersome.

If you decide, look for a good value for money.
Weight and speed: it is key to have your weight and the speed at which you want to run or walk.

Each machine has unique characteristics, and it is important that you consider how much weight they carry and what speed limit they reach.
which treadmill do you recommend?

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Electronic Features – Many treadmills offer a variety of features to attract shoppers – from fans and interactivity, to the ability to view calories burned or plan interval programs.

Incline : modern treadmills allow training using different incline angles (there are even models that regulate the speed automatically depending on the heart rate, making the heart work optimally).

If you are interested in the function, check with the seller how much each belt allows to change the inclination plane. It is a good way to increase cardiovascular and physical effort.
Suitable motor. this is one of the most controversial points. Don’t be fooled by the bigger is a better theory. In reality, a continuous 2.0 hp engine or higher is sufficient for practically any user if the rest of the components are of high quality.
Keys to training on the treadmill
Walking or running on the treadmill can be an excellent aerobic exercise that will benefit your entire body, not just your legs.

But it is important to know some keys to run, either as a hobby or in case you want to demand a little more and join the runner movement . From choosing good footwear or updating your running shoes to adding sportswear to your wardrobe.

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Treadmill training has its secrets to being effective. We share some indoor training plans, with simple and effective sessions to take the first steps and, little by little, go for more:

Warming up is common, with 4 to 8 minutes of brisk walking or jogging at a moderate pace.
Then alternate three easy minutes with three minutes at 90% of your maximum pulsations. Repeat the sequence three times and finish with five minutes at a slow pace.
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After a week or two, instead of five, do six minutes at a strong pace and add an intense minute per week. At the end of the ten weeks, you will endure 5 km at that new maximum pace.
The major problem with running on a treadmill is usually boredom, but there are entertaining solutions that make the effort more bearable.

Having a treadmill with different programs will keep your training dynamic and full of variety.

Also, being able to customize the program to suit your personal needs is a great incentive.

It helps a lot to use wearables that monitor your training or bluetooth headphones with wonderful music that motivates you.
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How to run to lose weight

We leave you some points to lose weight fast :

To lose weight or optimize fat burning, experts recommend alternating high-duration workouts (40-45 minutes with a heart rate of 140-160 jogging) with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

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Combining one or two minute higher speed workouts with a two minute low intensity workout (brisk walking) yields significant results. Ideally, each workout should have 8 to 12 cycles like this, for between 20 and 30 minutes.

Follow a healthy eating plan that allows you to make a comprehensive approach to your health and improve your results.

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