The use of the  multipower is very interesting. However, there are those who flee to the multipower because it is something a bit different from what we are used to. However, how viable is it to train in the multipower?

 That is what we will be talking about in this article, and it is actually a machine that can be our number 1 ally if we carry out its use well.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the multipower

As you already know, the multipower allows us to work a large part of the body , and is an alternative to conventional weights. However, it is characterized by a movement that is not natural, but is completely fixed up and down.

 This makes it neither good nor bad. But rather, that it is a bit different, and we will have to adapt to an unusual movement, and when we are very used to carrying out a movement, we will have to “relearn” how to do things, which generates a certain rejection.

 But come on, not everything is a disadvantage with this machine. In addition to allowing us to work various regions of the body, it is an excessively easy machine to use.

 In addition, it is suitable for both individual training and to do it with a coach, which represents a huge advantage. For example, when practicing with  dumbbell exercises   at home , you may be quite concerned about your safety, and that you limit the weight, to avoid getting trapped, or injuring yourself.

 With the multipower, since you have a lock, you don’t even worry. You activate the same, and that’s it. You come out of a situation that could have been very expensive for you. And come on, we often say “that does not happen to me”, but when it happens, it is when there is the first injury, which we can avoid very easily.

 And of course, the starkest disadvantage is that muscle work is limited when performing an automatic movement. However, this can be corrected by relying on traditional exercise.

When should I train with the multipower?

Although the use of the multipower represents great advantages, the ideal is to combine it with traditional exercise gradually. Or, if you already have enough experience, at least for a few months, you can use the multipower without problems.

 This is to avoid two things.

 The first thing, that you do not injure yourself, or that you generate small annoyances when training. This way you will know little by little how you should move, unlike the traditional exercise.

 And second, because you will know how to control the rise and fall of the dumbbells. In case you are at the top, you will know when your limit is, and you will learn to avoid accidents.

 Anyway. As you can see, the use of the multipower is neither good nor bad. It is an alternative to the traditional, and it is normal that many do not adhere to the change. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but its characteristics are generally very healthy for the human body.

 There are those who recommend this machine for beginners use, but it is not recommended, since you will not be used to the total weight, the common movement of the dumbbells, and the imbalance that they can present when you are exercising.

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