Top 10 Best Boxers Of All Time

To be in the list of the best boxer of all time is the dream of all those who practice this activity. But it will still be necessary to show performance to get there and win the title of world boxing champion. Either way, many have already taken on this challenge and have come to the end of their dream so it is difficult to rank them.

Boxing, more than a combat sport

Boxing is a sporting activity that has been practiced for a long time. Being a combat sport, it involves confronting two people punching each other while wearing special gloves or boxing gloves . But boxing is more than just a punching sport. This activity, for many, is a whole passion, an art that can be learned and mastered. It also requires perfect self-esteem, a steel mind and unparalleled physical performance. The greatest champions have put in the time to be where they are today. Besides, here is a top 10 of the best boxers of all time.


In the history of the world boxing ranking, the only world champion to have been divided into eight divisions is: MANNY PACQUIAO. MANNY PACQUIAO is the one who is the middleweight boxer having won 1633 points with 62 triumphs.


With 87 battles won, CARLOS MONZON obtains 2nd place in this ranking. Banned from fighting, after 11 years in prison, he recorded 89 KOs and held the formal middleweight title in seven years.


After losing three years of his career, MUHAMMAD ALI ranks 3rd after 56 wins and 5 failures . Professional in heavyweight boxing, he has fought in several famous boxing tournaments. Obtaining his first gold medal at the age of 18, and chosen six times as the best boxer of all time , MUHAMMAD ALI is a true legend. Ali also stands out from other boxers by his approach to wrestling such as “Shuffle Ali”, “Trash talking”, and “rope a dope”.


Ranking in the top 5 in the history of the best boxer, SUGAR RAY ROBINSON is a boxer whose “performance” is the definition. Having on his counter 174 successes, including 108 by KO, Ray manages to obtain on five occasions the name of the world ace of division .


During 28 years of career, BERNARD HOPKINS is renowned for his capacity and his aptitude to lead his opponent further into the ring. He only made 19 losses out of the 174 fights he made during his professional boxing career.


Being the first black athlete to hold the best athletic performance, JOE LOUIS qualifies as the greatest heavyweight boxer in the sport of fighters. He stood up to his opponents to keep his title 25 times for more than eleven consecutive years. Following 72 matches including 69 victories, he holds the world record for stability and is in the world heavyweight boxing ranking.


After fifty victories and zero defeats, FLOYD MAYWEATHER was proclaimed the best boxer of all time by reaching 2255 points. Focused on the types of lightweight , welterweight, super featherweight, welterweight and super-welterweight, his performance has brought together in any boxing category several international titles. He is the known boxer with the best attacking opposition and also the most methodical. Ambition, dazzling determination to fight, agility of movement, unexpected rigor and virility, these are the words that define his fights. Floyd Mayweather fought famous UFC boxer McGregor on his boxing comeback in 2017.


Hit resistant, defensive and tactical, pugilist ARCHIE MOORE is the thinnest man to win the world lightweight title.


OSCAR DE LA HOYA is a professional boxer who has won ten international titles in six divisions.


Several times world champion in the light welterweight, super featherweight, lightweight categories JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ holds the best performance 27 successive times.

Do you want to start practicing this sport? Know that this discipline is governed by strict rules. You will have to learn them one by one and pay attention to every technical detail as you do when buying an electric bed. Take the time to analyze the reviews on this product to make the best purchase. Regarding boxing, the principle is the same. If you want to learn, you will have to analyze the techniques of professional players and take their example.

How does a boxing match go?

If you are thinking of embarking on this practice, make sure you are morally prepared. In terms of equipment, several accessories are also to be expected. In addition to gloves and shoes , taking a look at an electric bed comparison can also come in handy. This type of furniture will give you the rest you deserve after a hard fight.

Also, you should know that the conduct of a boxing tournament is dictated by processes and laws. This type of duel is done in the presence of judges , a mediator, and a timekeeper. For all participants, the goal is to hit the chest and face of their competitor. In the event that an interruption of ten seconds occurs later on the mat, it is a question of knock-out (KO).

When a boxer is no longer able to fight, the referee has the right to end the fight. This decision is due to the prevention of disturbing lesions intended for one who has not been knocked out.

In competitions, boxers are scored by points. After each round, the unsurpassed fighter gets a limit of 10 points. Anyway, in general, a boxer gets 8 or 9 points when beaten in a round. Only continuous impacts on the face, head and parts at the top of the belt are considered. Whoever offers better protection on the attack plan scores points.

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