Tips to start doing sports

If you want to do sports, the best starting point is to leave excuses behind and start tomorrow.

With willpower and a good training plan , anything is possible. Setting an achievable goal and starting the chosen activity gradually are fundamental keys to play sports and not die trying.

And it is that nothing is more hopeless than having to ‘hang up the shoes’ for not being able to keep up.

Find an activity that you like

Besides knowing how to dose the pace and effort, the first thing to do before breaking a sweat is to choose the most appropriate discipline for your physical condition .

For beginners and ‘rusty’, the most recommended activities are those that do not require a great physical waste.

Disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, hypopressive gymnastics or muscle toning , for example. You will achieve a better physical tone without moving too much.

But if you want to take it seriously, make it compatible with other exercise routines such as running, cycling or a team sport. And it is that exercising in a company is always a good option , for that reason to share sorrows and achievements. In addition, it is a way to force oneself to go out to play sports.

If someone is waiting for you in the park to run, you cannot get carried away by laziness. Everything is to establish a stable relationship with this pleasant habit that brings so many benefits in the medium and long term.

Another alternative for beginners is the gym: group classes and with a monitor are more dynamic and make doing sports a fun activity such as zumba or aeroboxing, which is very fashionable lately. If your budget allows it, bet on a personal trainer.

He will not let you lower your guard even in your worst moments and will devise an exercise routine according to your physical condition and your aspirations, which may vary depending on the progress you make.

Take care of your diet and hydration sport

In order not to give up prematurely, you should not neglect your diet, either. It has to be varied so that it provides you with enough energy for the activity to be carried out.

It is best to eat five times a day so that your metabolism does not stop working or starve. Exhaustion can also result from improper hydration during exercise.

Always have a bottle of water or an isotonic drink on hand to avoid voltage dips and heat strokes.

At the beginning of a new routine, you may notice changes in your performance and in your physical condition.

Therefore, take some precautions and be alert to the warnings that your body emits. The first, and mandatory, is to stretch before and after each activity.

This way, you will avoid injuries and other typical ailments of an organism that has been inactive for a long time. The advice of an expert can also be of great help.

Visiting a physiotherapist to help you ‘unload’ or a nutritionist to review your analytics will help to keep the machine well oiled and not despair at the first typical low of an amateur.

Wear the right clothes sport

It is advisable to invest in two or three basic garments that facilitate perspiration and make you feel comfortable at all times. As well as good sports shoes , appropriate to the chosen discipline and your level.

The ‘running’ and ‘fitness’están fashion, so you’ll have hundreds of models to choose from . Do it with head and according to your needs and budget.

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