The Game Of Darts – Discover Its Rules

The game of darts is played with a target hanging on the wall and darts thrown with bare hands. It used to be that the goal of the game was to hit the center or at least its surroundings. However, the competitions take place differently with well-defined rules. Here we tell you which ones.

The location of the equipment

The international standards validated by the World Darts Federation (WDF) and the French Darts Federation (FFD) are as follows: darts targets must be in the shape of a circle. Separated into several parts by steel wires, the numbers 1 to 20 are supposed to appear on the front facet. Each slice is subdivided into several differently colored parts. As for the location, this equipment should be fixed vertically at a height of 1.75 m from the ground from its center.

Darts, on the other hand, should weigh around 30g and not exceed 30cm in length. The throwing area where the player is invited to stand when firing is 2.35m from the wall where the target is suspended. Moreover, it is delimited by a marking on the ground.

The 501 and 301

The game of darts is governed by rules that are as varied as they are appealing, except that some are not as popular as the others. The 501 and 301 are the most commonly applied. The principles between the two are almost the same, only the number of points to be scored differs, 501 for the first and 301 for the second.

The goal of the game is simple, the person who first reaches the exact number 301 or 501 between the two competitors wins the game. The count is a little out of the ordinary since, the closer the score is to zero, the closer the victory is. To do this, you have to hit the target with your three darts, the total points acquired by these darts gradually subtract from the starting score.

When the score is on the verge of closing, the finish is announced by the jury. Thus, the player must imperatively type the exact number to succeed: Either by a double, or by a triple. Otherwise, where the desired number is exceeded, the finish must be redone.

Points validation conditions

During an official match, the points are validated by the “scorer” and not by the players or by the public. Each point counts when the dart hits the target. The player has the right to remove them from there only after recording the score. The projectiles should be launched one by one and not in groups of two or three in a row.

If an arrow falls to the ground after having hit the aim, it will be considered null. It is possible that one dart will catch on the target through another. In this situation, the score is the same for this scenario.

Likewise, an arrow thrown off the target by another is not counted, even if it was a few minutes ago. Only those who stick to it at the end of each series of three throws will be considered. To avoid this kind of scenario, you have to send the element with power so that everyone lands firmly on the plate. It is quite feasible if the latter is in good condition. On the other hand, a defective target often plays tricks by repelling the projectiles.

The counting of points

In the game of darts, a player gets the normal value between 1 to 20 points when he hits the black or off-white area of ​​the target, double if the darts hit the green or red part on the edges, and triple from the value if it types the same colors present inside.

The middle of the target is what is called the Bull’s Eye, divided into two very distinct parts, the outer part has 25 net points, while the center brings in 50. If a player manages to plant his three points in the bullseye , the game will be over, regardless of the score.

Who throws first?

To gain the privilege of shooting first, both players are asked to each throw a dart at the target. Whoever manages to place his or her closest to the center opens the festivities.

Participants are allowed to use different types of darts during a game. Even if this scenario is allowed, it does not guarantee victory for the supporters. On the contrary, the playing style of the player will be affected since the trajectory varies according to the dart used.

This is why professionals often opt for the same equipment even in full competition. Quality is essential for small arrows, in fact their accuracy greatly depends on it. Good darts are more precise and maximize the chance of winning titles such as the national titles or the World Championship in question.

The rules of cricket

Almost as popular as the 501 or 301, the locust is a variant of the game. It consists of placing the three points on a specific number. The series of three throws must be repeated when a dart misses its target. It is after that the player can attack the next step. The winner will be the one who first closes the six predefined numbers including 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. The precision on unusual points of the target being the great difficulty in this game.

Its own rules

Although these are the official rules, no one is preventing you from making your own. During a game with family or friends, you can have fun hitting the target blindfolded like a piñata or playing with more darts at extra cost.

It would be fun to cover the surface with little arrows, while avoiding getting stung of course. It is even possible to have fun with a slightly inclined or completely horizontal target. It would be funny to do lobs on such a target. Or, to position oneself in height so that the darts land on the plate with only the force of gravity. In short, it’s up to you.

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