10 Best Volleyball [2022 Updated]

The ball counts just as much as the jersey, the shoes or the net in volleyball. This is why his choice should not be made in haste. Before looking at a particular article, you will have to examine different characteristics of each product such as size, weight, or even the materials of manufacture, because these also depend on the lifespan of the accessory. Of course, you can read all about that in a buying guide for the best volleyball.

But if you don’t have the time or the inclination to get started in this business, we make it easier for you by blowing you two products that have won the palm in any comparison: the MIKASA VLS 300 with a pleasant touch and high water resistance, and the Molten V5M5000 at the same time for competition and friendly matches.

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With this article from Mikasa, you will no longer wonder which is the best volleyball on the market. With this beach volleyball, you can already get used to the conditions of official matches, and not just any. Here we are talking about the Olympic Games. This is the best way to start for beginners and help achieve that goal of playing competitively later if you want to go pro at the sport. Moreover, we recognize it from afar in its new color as well as the official FIVB logo printed on it.

The non-slip surface of the ball allows you to keep better control over exactly where you want to send it in the opposing camp. This new technology minimizes the bounce effects, generally damaging a game. On the other hand, consumers are talking about a soft and pleasant touch.

The reference is more water resistant than the previous series. So if the ball accidentally lands in the water or you play with it after taking a dip, that won’t disintegrate it.


Non-slip surface: it gives more control of the ball, but also a more pleasant contact with it.

A model in the colors of the Olympic Games: playing with an official ball already allows you to get in condition to play in competition, in relation to the size and weight of the ball.

Water resistance: Even if during your beach volleyball games, your ball lands several times in the water, or you expose it to difficult and neglected treatment, it will not give way easily.


A reference not within everyone’s reach: even for such a quality, the ball is expensive.

Molten V5M5000

If you train for national 2 and 3, regional and departmental, this is the product for you. This high competition volleyball will already get you used to the sensations experienced in this kind of match, whether in terms of ball touch, weight or size.

The synthetic leather in which the ball is made promotes a soft touch, less maintenance, but also greater resistance in the face of hard and relentless training and use. The honeycomb texture, for its part, gives rise to a better grip and a comfortable touch.

If you have the idea of ​​taking him to competition because, during all this period he will have brought you luck, we will not refuse you, since the reference is approved by the FIVB and the FFVB.

The volleyball is delivered uninflated to show you that it takes up very little space during transport.


Quality ball for competition: you will have a definite advantage over players who do not have access to approved models of the same kind at the time of competition.

Synthetic leather construction: this material is not only easy to clean, but provides greater resistance over time.


Tendency to float: connoisseurs argue that the benchmark tends to take a random direction. It would therefore be much more difficult to lead it properly and win a match.

Wilson alone in the world

Fans of Tom Hanks and his film “Alone in the World” have much to celebrate with this Mr Wilson printed balloon. Each match, training and official competition will put a smile on your face and take you back to this masterpiece.

While playing with this Wilson beach volleyball, which is the official size and weight, you won’t feel out of place or out of step while training with it.

This reference with 18 premium synthetic leather panels and a rubber bladder will deflate much less often than conventional models. Despite intensive training, the series will not wear out as easily. So you can expect to use it for many years before you have to buy another one.

And while you may need to upgrade from time to time, it will take just a few minutes to do so. Besides, you can very well go to a gas station for this or a sports store without fear that it will harm the ball. Armed with all of these tips, you now know how to pick the best volleyballs of 2021.


A solid design: in synthetic leather and incorporating a rubber bladder, this model runs less risk of deflating.

Official size and weight: By training using this product, you are already preparing for official competitions and giving yourself a clear advantage over opposing teams.


Neglected packaging: those who would have liked to offer this balloon as a gift criticize the brand for not having included its original packaging with the delivery and for delivering it completely deflated.

How to choose a good volleyball?

Even if you already know where to buy a new volleyball, there are some essential selection criteria that you should not overlook. Otherwise, you may end up with a lower quality product that will not give you complete satisfaction. Rest assured, however, because the following tips will guide you to the best article. This by exposing you three main characteristics which are: size, weight and materials.

Purchase guide


If you don’t know how to buy a better value volleyball, the next few lines will be of great help. Note first that the size of this equipment differs depending on the circumstances of the game. Indeed, there are specific models suitable for official matches and others for training. It remains necessary to distinguish each of them so as not to rely on the wrong article.

Thus, a price comparison would immediately tell you two types of balloons. The first are categorized in size 4. If you want to practice in this sport, these specimens will be sent to you. Most of them have diameters that vary between 18 and 20 cm. They are much easier to handle for beginners.

The latter are in size 5. If you are one of the professionals in the field, these will suit you perfectly. You will thus be accustomed to the real conditions during a high level competition.

The weight

Your performance in this sport will depend heavily on the weight of your ball. It is therefore important to take this into account. Note that this value will vary depending on the dimensions of your equipment. The observation of these two data must therefore be done at the same time. It is not recommended to separate them.

Thus, for specimens of size 4 you may encounter models located between 215 and 260 g. If you are still in the initiative phase, opt for a 215 g. Then gradually shift to a heavier weight as you progress.

As for the official competition size 5, it includes the 200 and 300 g models. For children’s competitions, the 200 g will do the trick. Raise more and more in rank according to the official conditions.

The materials

To wrap up this buying guide for the best volleyballs, now we’re going to cover the design materials for these. This criterion is important insofar as it will depend on the quality of your equipment in question. It would be a shame if your article leaks during a given match. You will then have to inflate your model again. Which would be a waste of time.

Leather will be the safest choice in this area. This textile is both flexible and resistant. In particular, it will be easier for you to reboost your balloon and you will not fear that it will burst during use. Below the outer surface you will need to distinguish some moss. Its role will be to limit vibrations to ensure the safety of your joints and ligaments.

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