10 Best Volleyball Net [2022 Updated]

If you don’t know how to choose the best volleyball nets of 2021, it is best to refer to a buying guide. You will generally be advised to focus on the basic criteria which are size, materials, ease of use. Indeed, the selection of this type of equipment should not be done at random otherwise it will make a bad investment. However, the brand’s reputation can also be a weight that will tip the scales on any model.

Of course, we always tend to trust a product from a brand that we know well or that we have worked with for years. For the majority of readers who have browsed our list, the best volleyball net might be Vermont Kit Portable. It is made of high quality nets that are both simple to assemble and very portable. For its part, Net World Sports Competition or Leisure benefits from complete waterproofing to testify to its durability.

10 Best Volleyball Net [2022 Updated]

1.Beach volleyball net

To know where to buy the best volleyball net, you can opt for this kit consisting of volleyball net, beach volleyball net, court boundaries and telescopic poles. These can be adjusted in height according to the size of the player and the type of match. You have the choice between 3 heights: 2.2 m, 2.3 m or 2.4 m.

As for the nets that make up the kit, the model reserved for a volleyball tournament is 9.7 m in length while the one for beach volleyball is 8.5 m. They are all approved by the International Volleyball Federation and demonstrate excellent quality with a thickness of 2.5 mm and a square mesh of 10 cm.

You can therefore use these nets during a professional meeting and a high level competition. The kit also includes cords in order to delimit the field and obtain a playing area of ​​18 mx 9 m or 16 mx 8 m depending on the discipline. You can store it in a carrying bag and take it anywhere you want.


The posts: The posts which accompany the nets are adjustable in height. They will thus be able to adapt to the size of the players and to all genres. They are therefore suitable for both men and women.

Quality: The nets are approved by the International Volleyball Federation and have the properties required for use in professional tournaments.

Versatility: Thanks to the steel bases, the kit is suitable for installation on sand for a beach volleyball match.

Transport: Thanks to its storage bag, you will have no difficulty bringing this kit anywhere. It will not risk to encumber you.


Instructions for use: The instructions explaining the field assembly of the equipment are not really clear for some buyers.

Net World Sports volleyball nets

It is true that it is not easy to find a volleyball net that is efficient, but not expensive. However, you can trust the Net World Sports brand which offers you excellent quality nets and which have been approved by the International Volleyball Federation. You have the choice between a volleyball net or another version for beach volleyball.

In all cases, each model includes a fixing cable designed either in cord or in steel depending on whether the net is intended for standard use or for competition. The net has a square mesh of 10cm and is made from polyethylene. It therefore shows great durability. In addition, it is waterproof, which gives it good weather resistance.

You can use it during an indoor or outdoor tournament during all seasons. For the model suitable for a competition, you can add a pair of volleyball sights which are simple to assemble and sturdy.


Reliability: These are nets whose characteristics meet the official standards required by the International Volleyball Federation.

Quality: They are both resistant and waterproof. They can thus last over time and be used both during an indoor match and an outdoor meeting. They have UV protection.

The options: If you buy the competition net, you have the choice of taking volleyball sights.


Fixing: The cord cable used to hold the standard net is fragile and lacks thickness.

The accessory: It would have been preferable if the nets were delivered with poles.

Schildkröt Fun Sports 2288022

If you are unsure of which volleyball net to choose , count on this equipment from Schildkröt Fun Sports. Many recommend it if you are looking for sturdy equipment that can support you over time. You can count on its steel tubes to withstand arduous handling and weather conditions.

In terms of settings, it is possible to make height adjustments on this model. Indeed, you can modify its elevation from 0.75 m to 1.55 m. You will then have no trouble adapting it to your performance and your body type.

This item also comes with a carrying bag that will allow you to take it anywhere in complete safety. As for its assembly, you can do it without any help thanks to its explicit and pictorial manual.


Robust structure : The steel tubes have been designed to effectively resist all external alterations. They are also resistant to occasional use.

Easy assembly : You will finish assembling this equipment in two steps three movements. User test showed they completed it in 5 minutes. However, if you do not have the concept, you can always rely on the clear and explicit notice provided with the article.


Lack of height : Users claim that the net is quite low once in place. It is more suitable for people of small or medium height.

How to choose a good volleyball net?

A net is essential equipment for playing volleyball. However, the purchase of this device is not always easy. Indeed, there are several characteristics to consider if you want to find the best model on the market. Before you decide on which product to take, you will need to check the size, materials, and ease of use and installation.

Purchase guide

Size is the number one criteria to consider in this buying guide for the best volleyball nets. It should first be remembered that the net allows the two competing teams to be separated. This equipment is used to divide the land in two.


According to the standards imposed in this sport, the net must be at a height of 2.43 m if it is a match between men. For meetings between women, the device is set at 2.24 m. It is therefore essential that you take these criteria into account when purchasing this equipment. So you don’t risk making the wrong choice.

These tips are important when you plan to acquire this kind of equipment. Indeed, the size of the net must be respected when ordering. To find out more about the measurements of the product that interests you, you must consult the description.

The materials

If you don’t know where to buy a new volleyball net, you’re going to have to look into the materials of construction. This is an important step in the acquisition of this equipment. It is therefore essential to find out about this before you decide.

The material used for the design of the nets is very varied. Each manufacturer tries to offer interesting products. Faced with this, customers often find it difficult to find each other. In any event, we must take the time to take stock of the situation. You have to consider the benefits of each model that you covet. Once that’s done, you can finally consider placing your order.

The choice of materials is important because it determines the life of the equipment. If you are looking for a reliable device, then you will have to invest in a solid material. So you won’t need to buy it regularly.

Ease of use and installation

Ease of use and installation should also be considered if you want to know how to buy a better value volleyball net. By taking this characteristic into account, you will more easily find the product you are looking for.

It is important to ensure that the purchased item is easy to handle. This will allow you to use it in the best conditions. You can choose the hall nets which are not sold with the line and the poles. At this time, you must comply with the measures required for the installation.

To make things easier for you, most outdoor nets are sold as a kit. They are sold with all the necessary equipment. These are easy to set up and transport when traveling. But before making a final decision, it is important to go through a price comparison.

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