10 Best Twins Boxing Glove [2022]

Practicing boxing can cause injury if you are not well protected. Among the equipment you must have are gloves. These protect both the one who strikes and the one who receives the blows. So, for them to fulfill their role well, you have to buy those from big brands like Twins.

This brand offers safe and comfortable items. But among the many examples, how to choose the best Twins boxing gloves of 2021? To answer this question, we suggest that you consider some criteria including size and fit, materials, design, padding, and convenience.

To speed up your quest, you can consult this comparison of the most coveted products. In our list, the Twins leather modelRetro is distinguished by the presence of a support elastic on the entire wrist.

It remains stable. The Twins model BGVL 3 is made of quality leather. It offers good resistance over time.

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10 Best Twins Boxing Glove [2022]

Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves 

When it comes to knowing which are the best Twins boxing gloves on the market, the choice gets complicated very quickly. We offer you this model to facilitate the selection. Equipped with an elastic support on the entire wrist, it is very stable. Thus, it sits well on your hands and will not risk removing itself in the middle of a duel. In addition, its adjustable Velcro closure allows you to adjust it to your size.

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This copy has high density foam padding. It therefore offers you great protection. Indeed, you will not hurt your hands when you hit your opponent. Designed with high-end leather, it is also resistant. You can use it frequently without it tearing quickly. Apart from its retro look, this item is also attractive thanks to its beautiful finish.


Stability: The users who made a test considered that this model would be the most efficient. Indeed, it offers users a stable wear thanks to its elastic support. It fits snugly on the wrist and isn’t likely to pull out when you strike. Moreover, you can adapt it to your size with its Velcro closure.

Design: This copy has an attractive retro look. Its brown color is suitable for all styles of boxers. Handcrafted, it also has a nice finish.


Price: The cost of this item is a little high compared to others.

RDX Boxing Gloves EGO

This pair would be the best Twins boxing glove , according to users. It is made with premium Thai leather. This guarantees its longevity. So you can use it for daily workouts without it tearing easily.

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With dense padding, this item provides you with high protection. So you can hit your opponent with force without hurting your hand. Plus, with the extra palm padding, you can work on punching bags without feeling any pain.

On a practical level, this copy is provided with a long velcro. This closure allows you to properly adjust your gloves. Thus, you will always benefit from protection, as they stay securely attached to your hands. For aesthetics, its yellow and black color gives you a sporty look. It can go very well with your other boxing accessories.


Resistance: By looking at this ranking, you can easily determine which Twins boxing gloves to choose. This model is distinguished precisely by its solidity. Thanks to its high quality Thai leather construction, it lasts against abrasion. Thus, it can serve you in the long term, while remaining in good condition.

Padding: Where to buy the best comfortable and fully protective Twins boxing gloves? You can find your happiness in this model, whose padding is quite dense. It therefore protects your hands optimally. Plus, with the extra fodder at the palm, you can practice on punching bags without pain.


Size: Some users have negative opinions that the dimensions of this item are a little large.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves 

This inexpensive model is the partner of boxing amateurs and professionals. Indeed, with its multi-foam padding, it protects your hands. It absorbs the blows and you will feel less pain during the strikes. The palm also has additional padding. Therefore, even if you train intensively on a bag, you do not risk injuring your hands.

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Made from 100% genuine leather, this item is stiff. It will not be able to tear from the first uses. You can then wear it for a long time. In terms of design, this copy has a customizable velcro closure. So you can adjust it to the size of your hands easily and quickly. Thus, it will always stay in place and ensure you continuous protection. In addition, it is simple and elegant. Its black color can be combined with any other boxing accessory.


Multi Foam Padding: Compared to other models on this list, this one is the cheapest. Yet the protection it offers is no less. Using its thick padding, it absorbs the impact of blows to minimize the risk of injury.

Velcro closure: Twins is considered the best brand of boxing gloves by users. Its BG-N Noir copy has delighted users with its practicality. Thanks to its velcro closure, you can secure and properly adjust your gloves to your size. It will therefore not be able to remove itself in the middle of a strike.


Size: For some boxers, this model has a fairly large size.

How to choose good Twins boxing gloves?

In the boxing industry, the Twins brand is equated with comfort and safety. And it is not for nothing that its products are so appreciated by professionals and amateurs. Faced with the wide range of models manufactured by its Thai factories since, it is still necessary to fix some ramparts not to monopolize its entire collection, so much the company sets the bar high in terms of quality. After these few tips, the only question you will ask yourself is where to buy new Twins boxing gloves.

Size and fit

It’s easy to calculate the size of gloves you need from yours. If you are for example 1m60 men and women combined, you will be more comfortable in 8 oz gloves, that is to say 170 g. What is Oz? It is a quantity whose unit corresponds to 28.33 g. If you are 170 cm tall, go straight to 12 oz, 1m80 16 oz, and for those measuring between those ranges, all you need to do is count from that same data to find the proper size.

Heavy gloves can at the same time help the boxer in the sense that they protect him more from strong blows, but they can also slow down his movements. Either way, in this buying guide for the best Twins boxing gloves, we advise you to try and strike a balance between the two under all circumstances, whether in training or in the middle of a fight.


When it comes to the materials used in the design of its boxing gloves, Twins swears by 100% leather, or at least for the majority. Twins or not Twins, it is still good to inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of the materials commonly used in the manufacture of boxing gloves.

If you have a limited budget, but you want strength and a fairly extensive use over time, turn to polyester. Granted, it’s less durable than faux leather or leather, which are quite expensive, but it does the job. In a price comparison, we often manage to find what we are looking for.

If you want to start slowly, go with a canvas bag, while you get your hands dirty. And once you’ve progressed, you might want to look at items made from PVC or curtex, which are known to be almost as hard-wearing as those made from leather.

Design, padding, comfort

Every centimeter is examined with a magnifying glass, as each item is handcrafted and benefits from impeccable finishes. If you are looking for an answer to the question how to buy better value for money Twins boxing gloves, in terms of quality you will not be disappointed.

The quality as well as the level of comfort of the Twin gloves is no longer to be mentioned. Due to their design, for example, they can further reduce the impact transmitted to the interior thanks to a triple density foam.

In the Twins gloves, there is no risk of spraining your thumb by making a wrong gesture. He is totally attached and therefore immobile. Which has something to reassure you in every fight. If you practice stopping hand kicks, the brand provides gloves with palm reinforcement, for added safety.

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