10 Best Thai Boxing Glove [2022]

Martial art is not a barbaric struggle without control. It requires good self-control, but also accessories. For Thai boxing, gloves are essential. So, you have to choose them well before buying them. To do this, investigate the padding, size and closures.

This guide will help you find out which model best suits your needs. You will also find a classification of the most famous products of the moment. Knowing which are the best Thai boxing gloves on the market will then seem easier to you.

If you can’t read this article to the end, here are two of the most popular products: the premium polyurethane Venum Impact holds up well to frequent matches and the Maya Hide Rdx. with a Quick-EZ closure adjusts properly to the hands.

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10 Best Thai Boxing Glove [2022]

RDX Boxing Gloves,

This specimen provided with a velcro closure with strap is easily put on. Thanks to this property, it can be perfectly adjusted to the diameter of the wrists, thus preventing it from being removed during a match.

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The design offers both good comfort, but also optimal safety, which ranks it among the best Thai boxing gloves of the moment. Indeed, the thumbs are attached, ensuring effective protection. You therefore do not risk having accidents in the middle of training.

The premium polyurethane outer part and the triple density foam padding ensure optimal shock absorption. This will prevent you from hurting your hands when banging a bag or in the middle of a fight.

When making your selection, always emphasize the materials of manufacture, if you are not yet sure how to choose the best Thai boxing gloves of 2021.


Comfortable : This model is designed with triple density foam padding. The shock absorption is therefore optimal, which will allow you to feel perfectly at your ease when putting them on.

Quick closure : These gloves are tightened with velcro straps. You can then adjust them properly in no time at all.

Safe : The design of this item provides protection for the thumbs, as the thumbs will be fully attached. This will prevent you from accidents during a fight.


A little heavy : Compared to other pairs, this one is heavier. Indeed, it displays 300 g in total on the scale, while in general, the gloves weigh 250 g.

RWithLoveSilver 925 Sterling Silver

The Rdx Maya Hide has high density latex padding. Crossed with Shell-Shock Gel technology, this material evenly distributes the shocks received. You therefore do not risk having pain in the hand, because the absorption will be effective. To find the best performing models, don’t neglect this kind of protection.

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A CoolX ventilation grid on this specimen automatically wicks away moisture. It reduces sweating. The air will be able to circulate freely so that your palm and your skin can breathe.

Featuring a wide strap Quick-EZ closure, this item easily adjusts to your wrist. You will then enjoy more pleasant comfort, but also effective support. This is an essential feature to know which Thai boxing gloves to choose.

However, be sure to compare several specimens to find the one that best matches your size.


Breathable : This item has a ventilation grille. It therefore wicks away moisture inside to minimize feelings of discomfort.

Comfortable : It is designed with a Quick-EZ closure system with strap. Thanks to this, you will be able to adjust it as well as possible to maintain it correctly and allow you to feel perfectly at your ease.

Good protection : The high density latex padding, combined with Shell-Shock Gel technology ensure the safety of your hands. As a result, you don’t risk hurting, even if you give overpowering blows.


Scratch too tight : According to the opinions left by some users, the closure is not wide enough for large sizes.

Hawk Boxing Gloves 

To find the best brand of Thai boxing gloves, focus on the sizes on offer. Farabi sells Junior models, for example. These are inexpensive accessories that are perfect for children.

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The synthetic leather outer side ensures good resistance and therefore the durability of the product. Its manufacture includes Palm-X Vento technology. Thanks to this specificity, this model keeps the hands of the young fighter dry, even if he trains in an extreme way. Comfort will then be there at all times.

In addition, it has an antimicrobial property to counter the proliferation of bacteria that can be seen in other models. This pair with Velcro Swift-Z fastening stays in place during combat. She doesn’t hug you or make you feel like you’re pulling away. You will stay focused throughout its use.

Once you have made your choice, therefore, all you have to do is figure out where to buy the best Thai boxing gloves.


Breathable : Equipped with Palm-X Vento technology, this model has a mesh section on the palm. Air circulates better inside. This then greatly reduces sweating, minimizing irritation.

Adjustable : Made with a Velcro Swift-Z closure, these gloves won’t budge over time. They will therefore not be accidentally removed during fights and training.


Poor quality interior : According to some comments, the quality of the material used for the inner layer of these gloves leaves something to be desired. Indeed, it tears quite easily.

How to choose good Thai boxing gloves?

For the practice of Thai boxing, you will necessarily need to equip yourself with suitable gloves. The selection of this type of product can be quite tricky, especially if you are still a beginner in the field. It is in this sense that we present our advice on the subject in the few lines that follow. To help you as well as possible, we will discuss some basic criteria namely: the size, the padding and finally the closures.


Size is one of the most difficult criteria to choose for this type of equipment. That’s why we’re talking about them first in this buying guide for the best Thai boxing gloves. So know first of all that this value is here expressed in Oz. It should be noted in this sense that 1 ounce is equal to 28.34 gr.

Typically the size grid starts from 8 Oz to 16 Oz. The choice will depend mainly on your morphology. For the little ones, go for 8 or 10 Oz. For medium builds, start with a 12 Oz. And finally for the bigger ones, go for the 14 or 16 Oz.


There is no answer to the question how to buy better value Thai boxing gloves without considering the padding of your future equipment. This characteristic is strongly linked to the size of the model you have chosen. Note that the higher the latter, the more padding your equipment will be. It is the same for its weight.

On the other hand, note that a thick padding will guarantee you better protection against the various shocks that you may undergo throughout your exercises or your matches. It would then remain more judicious to opt for a good density to avoid as much as possible the fractures or the strains of all kinds. This will ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.

However, keep in mind that a well-padded specimen is bound to be heavy. The 16 Oz models for example will be suitable for boxers in the 85 to 95 kg category.


When you stand in a store to buy new Thai boxing gloves, please identify the closures of the model you are interested in. Make sure they are easy to handle. This so that you can adjust them as you like around your grip.

In general, the attachment system is made up of a velcro. Check that the grips of it are of good quality. Otherwise, your equipment could very well come off in the middle of a workout. Which will interrupt you in your activity. You will then accumulate stress, which will negatively affect your performance.

You will also come across lace-up specimens in the market. These are not very practical. Indeed, you will put here much more time to put on your material. Which can be confusing at times. Either way, try to consult a price comparison to assess the costs of these kinds of accessories. This will allow you to better define your budget.

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