The Best Skate Cruiser [2022 Updated]

For a story of practicality or passion, the cruiser skate is back in fashion. Without the slightest effort, it allows the youngest to indulge themselves at their leisure while it allows adults to stroll serenely in the city, if it is electric. If you too are tempted by this new means of movement then here are some references that you might like:

Skatro 601707988068 has optimal flexibility and is easily adjustable thanks to the adjustment tools provided. Otherwise, you may also prefer the STAR-SKATEBOARDS Diamond Class for its great maneuverability which allows it to offer better stability. Ideal for starting the cruiser, this equipment holds up well on the road.

Recommended products

In order for you to know which skate cruiser to choose, it is important to shop around for the products on the market. However, not everyone has the time to compare each item. This is why we are making this next comparison available to you.

Cruiser skateboard

Skatro Skateboard Mini Cruiser

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Whether you are a beginner or a regular skateboarder, you will be delighted to ride with this sturdy plastic model of great lightness with a weight of 2 kg, which can be taken easily on the subway or on the bus when traveling . Its board is 55 cm long and helps optimize your gliding performance by providing you with more stability. It is also made up of solid aluminum axles with a width of 7.6 cm which provides a solid construction to the cruiser.

As for its wheels, they are classified Abec 7 and demonstrate an excellent precision of the rolling speed. These casters are made of urethane and have a large diameter of 59 mm which gives them better grip on the ground. In addition, this equipment has an attractive design thanks to its color in ocean blue and its dimensions. All the components of the model have been designed to ensure smooth operation of the cruiser. The deck, trucks, wheels, bolts and screws have all been made by Skatro to ensure a safe and satisfying gliding experience.

To the qualities of its constituents is added an optimal flexibility provided by its Skatro Flex technology. Indeed, the board is very flexible and you can benefit from a better grip on the feet in order to achieve different figures. It comes in a nice box with a T-tool adjustment tool to adjust it to your needs. It is a model that presents both practicality and better value for money.


Adjustment: It is supplied with an adjustment tool that will allow you to completely disassemble it if necessary.

Flexibility: Thanks to the Skatro Flex technology which equips the cruiser, it is very flexible and offers you good grip on the feet as well as great maneuverability.

Practicality: This board with a length of 55 cm and a width of 15 cm is ideal for beginners wanting to learn to skateboard and looking for more stability. Its light weight of 2 kg also allows you to carry it anywhere.


Strength: Its plastic design does not allow it to support a heavy load.

Diyusi Thmex Pro Skateboard

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Weighing only 2 kg, this skateboard will be your ideal companion for strolling quietly in the city or on various sliding surfaces. The board is made of Canadian maple wood with a solid 8-layer construction that allows it to withstand a large load without the risk of breaking. It is also non-slip thanks to its high density diamond adhesive emery paper coating which gives your feet a better grip. It is therefore perfectly waterproof and is more resistant to wear. You will remain very stable on this panel about 79 cm long and 20 cm wide.

Regarding the wheels, they demonstrate superior quality by their shockproof polyurethane design. The ball bearings are made of stainless alloy with Abec 9 precision that allows you to slide a long distance with optimum speed and high stability. Its solid aluminum axles, on the other hand, are sturdy and come with knee pads to guarantee a vibration-free ride.

Its concave shape gives it an interesting handling and flexibility to face tight turns successfully. You will be able to achieve different styles of figures ranging from the most basic to the most complex without any difficulty. It is already assembled equipment which can be immediately operational. Its design features attractive patterns that give the skateboard a touch of originality.


Safety: Thanks to its board coated with a very dense diamond adhesive paper, you do not risk slipping or falling from the cruiser. This model thus ensures reliable use while minimizing the risk of falling.

Wheels: These are Abec 9 certified with a solid design and allow the cruiser skate to glide at optimum speed on all types of surfaces.

Robustness: Its axles were made with high quality solid aluminum. The wooden plank also features an 8-layer construction that allows it to withstand heavy loads.


Compatibility: It happens that the wheels and axles as well as the rings are not perfectly adequate, which requires adjustment on your part.

Cruiser board

Star vintage Diamond Class

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You might still be hesitating when wondering where to buy a new skate cruiser. In this case, you can opt for this model which is recognized for its reliability. This is a product that has obtained compliance with standard EN 13 613: 2009-08. The quality components with which it is equipped reinforce its performance.

This is the case for precision bearings that meet ABEC regulations and improve the efficiency of this material when you are moving at high speed. It also comes with PU wheels with a hardness of 78 A. As for the trucks, they are made of aluminum and incorporate flexible bushings.

The shape and choice of manufacturing materials make this inexpensive cruiser particularly manoeuvrable. In addition, it provides good handling on the road and is suitable even for beginners. The vintage design is also privileged thanks to the colors used. In use, this product can support a maximum load of 100 kg.


Resistance: Equipped with ABEC bearings, 78A hard wheels and aluminum trucks, this cruiser benefits from great strength which allows it to support up to 100 kg.

Efficiency: Weighing 1.6 kg, this material offers increased maneuverability. It also provides better stability, even if you are not used to it yet.


Dirty wheels: According to several user comments, the tires on this cruiser had blackened after just a few days.

Apollo Fancy Board

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If your main goal is to acquire the best skate cruiser, then we direct you directly to the Apollo Fancy Board. Suitable for long and difficult routes, this equipment has a board made of high quality plastic. The wheels are made of PUC SHR while the trucks are made of heavy aluminum.

This material is also accompanied by ball bearings conforming to the ABEC 7 standard. By adopting this product, you can drive at high speed thanks to the low resistance of the wheels. In addition, the latter glide easily on the asphalt.

Faced with the maneuverability of this cruiser, its use is suitable for all types of trips. The integrated grip holds correctly and the board provides a particularly pleasant ride. The design is highlighted by prints that make you think of the Milky Way. In addition, you will no longer have to do any assembly, because everything is already assembled.


Quality: Able to withstand intensive use, this cruiser skate is equipped with a quality plastic board, PUC SHR wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.

Performance: The wheels have low resistance to help you gain speed. In addition, you can easily move with this material everywhere.

Convenience: This equipment is designed to be fun to drive. Moreover, it offers maximum grip on the ground and is ready to use.


Average print quality: Several customers were not satisfied with the visual effect of this cruiser because of the images that were too pixelated.

Wood skate cruiser

Ridge Maple Mini Dark Dye NR4

This cheaper skate cruiser is suitable for young riders. It has a board made with 7-ply Canadian maple which demonstrates its strength. The trucks are made with silver aluminum. As for the wheels, they are made of PU rubber with a hardness of 79 A. These components provide maximum grip on the ground.

The combination of all these quality elements optimizes the strength of this product. In addition, its performance is enhanced by the accompanying ABEC 7 bearings. Ideal for traveling everywhere, this cruiser is very manoeuvrable thanks to its weight of only 1.89 kg. Thus, you will have no trouble tackling the bends.

The stability of this material is also one of its strengths. Before the first use it is necessary to adjust the trucks and after that the skateboard rolls at a fairly high speed. That said, it greatly facilitates your daily life. In addition, it displays a very satisfactory price-performance ratio.


Durable: This is a kid skate cruiser that benefits from top level construction. Made with 7-ply Canadian maple, it features aluminum trucks and 79 A PU wheels.

Convenience: It is a material that is easily controlled in the face of the maneuverability and stability it demonstrates. Considering its lightness, it guarantees a very practical use.


Wheel color change: Wheels that were originally white turn yellow very quickly despite infrequent use.

Meteor Fancy Board Vintage

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If you don’t yet have an idea where to buy the best skate cruiser, just turn to the Meteor brand which offers this wooden model. The manufacturer used real Canadian maple in the construction of the board to provide great strength. The wheels are made of polyurethane and the pre-assembled ABEC-7 bearings are chrome-plated.

Designed to facilitate movement in urban areas, this equipment can face all obstacles. Moreover, its use is suitable for riders of all levels. Even if you are going at full speed, you will have no trouble changing direction with the precision bearings.

Considering its small dimensions and its total weight of 1.8 kg, this equipment is easily carried inside a backpack. In addition, it is fully assembled on delivery, so you do not have any more components to assemble. By opting for this model, you will definitely stand out thanks to the attractive colors and the rather retro design.


Longevity: This small skateboard enjoys a good lifespan thanks to the use of quality materials such as Canadian maple, polyurethane and chrome.

Practicality: The change of direction is greatly facilitated thanks to the precision bearings. In addition, this model is both light and compact to simplify handling.


Not Flexible Enough: According to a few customers, the board was not as flexible as they would have thought. Faced with this, they had a bit of trouble getting used to it.

Longboard cruiser

Globe Blazer

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Recommended for daily commuting, whether to go to work or study, the Globe Blazer is very smooth when on the move. It features flexible and very responsive trucks that have the ability to withstand pressure on the road. The 62mm wheels which have a durability of 83A are large enough to provide optimum smoothness as you go over rough trails.

Riders consider Globe Blazer to be the highest performing skate cruiser on the market because of its ABEC-7 bearings which provide maximum traction with quiet operation. A “grip” coating is integrated so that the feet do not slip. Considering its size, this equipment is manoeuvrable while being stable.

In terms of design, the brand has outdone itself by choosing a selection of very bright colors with nice graphics. The finish is also neat to achieve the visual effect and please buyers.


Reliable: The quality of this product is its first strong point. Indeed, the board and the trucks are made with a sturdy material. The wheels also feature a high durability of 83 A.

Efficient: While riding with this skate, you can easily tackle imperfections on the road. Also, the bearings are silent and provide great smoothness.


Sensitive to scratches: Some users found that the paints used on this model tended to scratch easily when kicked.

Mini cruiser

Ridge 55 cm 22 ” Monopatin

This mini cruiser from England is manually designed to ensure its quality. Mainly incorporating premium components, the Ridge 55 cm 22 ” Monopatin is the best ally for making everyday travel easier. It has a board measuring 55 cm in length and 15 cm in width.

This element is made with a premium plastic which guarantees durability while providing better flexibility. Coming pre-assembled, this item features ABEC-7 ball bearings, 3 sturdy aluminum constructed axles and soft wheels. These last have a durability of 78 A which facilitates the realization of cruising and carving.

By choosing this model, you will glide comfortably and smoothly on all types of roads. Its weight is correct to make the use less restrictive. In addition, the colors are even more beautiful in real life and this item is offered at a rather attractive price.


Safe components: All the elements of this mini cruiser are designed with quality materials. This is the case of the board which is made of polypropylene, the 78 A wheels and the ABEC-7 bearings.

Practicality: The flexibility of the board reinforces the maneuverability side. In addition, you will not have to do any assembly, as all the components are already attached.


Not very smooth: According to the observations of several users, the “board” was not completely straight and presented bumps.

Electric cruiser

Razor 25173899

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The Razor 25173899 is one of the most popular electric skateboards for its many qualities. Intended for children, this equipment has an electric pulse motor with a power of 125 W. It also works with a Lithium-ion battery to guarantee its lifespan.

This skateboard has a battery life of up to 40 minutes so you can have fun for longer. In addition, it is able to drive at an optimum speed of 16 km / h. As for the inclination integrated in the back of the transverse pivot, it makes the board more stable and increases the rotation.

Suitable for users from 9 years old, this skate can support a maximum weight of 100 kg thanks to the robustness of the materials adopted. Also, it is very manoeuvrable to simplify control even if this is your first electric skate. A remote control is also available for purchase.


Performance: This is a skateboard powered by a pulse electric motor that has a capacity of 125 W. A high quality lithium-ion battery allows this material to offer 40 minutes of autonomy.

Efficient: This equipment allows you to drive at a rather consistent speed of 16 km / h. In addition, each element is well thought out to optimize handling and stability in use.


Reduced range: The operating distance of the remote control would be quite limited.

How to choose a good skate cruiser?

Facilitating trips and walks in the city, cruisers are increasingly popular with city dwellers. However, it is not easy to determine which is the best cruiser skate on the market. We will help you answer them by revealing these criteria to prioritize at the time of purchase.

Purchase guide

The quality

It is not recommended that you immediately jump into a price comparison site if you haven’t reviewed the quality of the product. When it comes to quality, we often refer to the manufacturing materials used. It will therefore be necessary to inform yourself very closely on this subject before making a decision. Typically, manufacturers use either wood or plastic. In the first case, most constructions opt for Canadian maple which gives the board great strength. This material is often made in 7 layers for more strength. By choosing a model made with this type of wood, you will be guaranteed to be able to keep it for the long term.

As for plastic, more particularly polypropylene, there are more and more manufacturers who are also using it. Appreciated for its great lightness, this substance is not afraid of water. In addition, it provides better flexibility.

At the same time, you should consider the strength of the wheels. Note that the hard wheels are quick and slide more easily. On the other hand, if they are soft then there will be more damping and grip to make you enjoy more comfort. Finally, the quality of the bearings is also decisive in this buying guide for the best skate cruisers. The most reliable models are those that have ABEC-7 compliance.

The components

You can’t know how to buy a better value skate cruiser if you don’t shop around for the components of the product you’re interested in. To begin with, there is the “board” which is the basic element of this kind of equipment. This is the board that you place your feet on. This component is shorter compared to that of a classic skateboard. Indeed, as mentioned, the cruiser is mainly intended for simple trips. The length is generally between 55 to 75 cm depending on the model chosen. Therefore, it can easily be carried in your bag when you take public transport for example. With the purchase, you therefore have the choice between wooden and plastic models according to your budget.

Among the essential components of the cruiser, there are the wheels that guarantee its proper functioning. They are softer and wider to better face the roughness of urban roads. This also enhances comfort while on the move. When making your choice, you must check the hardness of these elements which is expressed with a number followed by A. However, it is strongly recommended to favor equipment with gums around 80 A.

The cruiser is also made up of trucks which are the axles. These elements determine the quality of the rotation as you ride. According to expert advice, it is best to go for thin trucks of around 129mm since they provide more maneuverability.

Dimensions and price

To help you understand how to choose the best skate cruisers of 2021, we recommend that you look at the component measurements of this equipment. Indeed, these parameters could have an impact on the use and especially the comfort offered.

Note that the models with a greater length and width are those that provide better stability. On the other hand, they are much less manageable in use. You will therefore have to take stock of the performance you are looking for before making a final choice.

Regarding the wheels, those with a larger diameter are able to better absorb the roughness of the ground. Therefore, they allow you to gain speed. Also, it will be necessary to favor the wider wheels to simplify acceleration and gain more stability. On the other hand, the small wheels are rather intended for the realization of the figures.

The cost of a skate cruiser is also an important part of this buying guide. The price offered generally depends on the measurements, the quality and the finish. In comparison with a classic skateboard, the skate cruiser is more affordable. You can get it with a budget of less than 70 euros.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to cruiser?

When it is your first time, avoid exercising in a place where you could easily fall. Once you have found the best location, what to do next depends on your habits, that is, if you are right-handed or more left-handed. Either way, put the non-steered foot in front of the board first to gain balance. Then use the other foot to push off. Once you find the balance, you can swing your full body weight forward or backward to make turns.

Q2: Longboard or cruiser: what to choose?

To better decide between these two items of equipment, you will need to refer to the nature of your travels. For simple urban walks or trips from one well-defined place to another, it is advisable to use the cruiser. Indeed, it provides incomparable maneuverability. Faced with its small size, it is both light and easily fits anywhere. The wide wheels provide real sliding comfort. On the other hand, if you want to ride at high speed while cutting curves, you must opt ​​for the longboard. At this time, vibrations are reduced during acceleration. In addition, it offers more precision and stability thanks to the very wide trucks.

Q3: Wood or plastic cruiser – what material?

If you want to get high end equipment then a wooden model is recommended. Very appreciated by professionals in this field, wood is a noble material which offers a better harmony with nature. It also provides an aesthetic rendering that is very pleasing to the eye. In contrast, plastic cruisers are entry-level products. Able to withstand contact with water, this material effectively resists wear. In addition, it provides high flexibility to guarantee sliding comfort.

Q4: How to stop in a cruiser?

To brake easily, just put your back foot on the ground and apply pressure. This makes it possible to reduce the speed and also to come to a complete stop. On the other hand, it should not be abused either, at the risk of quickly wearing out your pair of sneakers. Moreover, if you are driving at a rather high speed, this technique could be ineffective. In this case, the powerslide is recommended for better speed management. To do this, you will have to unhook the wheels so as to position yourself against your direction of movement.

Q5: What size for a cruiser?

The dimensions of your cruiser should be chosen according to your measurements. If you are small and light, then purchasing a short and thin model is recommended. On the other hand, if you put on tall and are rather heavy and tall, turn to a longer and wider cruiser. Also, it is advisable to test several models, if possible, before deciding.

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