10 Best Rugby Shoulder Pad [2022 Updated]

Playing rugby requires you to equip yourself with several protective items, including the shoulder pad. The latter’s role is to protect the upper body from shocks during the game. If you want to buy one, take advantage of our advice in this guide. To be successful with your acquisition, we recommend that you pay attention to the size, material, design as well as the padding and safety features of the product that has aroused your interest. Once you know how to choose the best rugby shoulder pads of 2021, we invite you to read our comparison of the most coveted models. Among other things, the Barnett RSP-PRO 5 has won over users with the great protection it offers. It is CE IRB approved . The Optimum Tribal also protects you from various tackles using its pads.

10 Best Rugby Shoulder Pad [2022 Updated]

Barnett RSP-PRO 5

Buyers are often confused in choosing the best rugby shoulder pad. To help you out, we’ve sorted out the products that most appealed to gamers. Among them is this model from Barnett. This is CE IRB certified. It is therefore of high quality and provides you with optimal protection. You will be sufficiently covered during tackles and various shots from your opponents. So you can use it for both training and matches.

Made with nylon and spandex, this item is lightweight. You won’t feel its weight and will be quite comfortable wearing it. This model is also made of thermoformed expanded EVA foam. This material accentuates its wearing comfort. In addition, this component makes it possible to reduce the impact of shocks.


Protection: You will find in this classification some products which have seduced the users. Among them, this Barnett RSP-PRO stands out for the level of protection it offers to athletes. Indeed, its CE IRB certification is a guarantee of its quality and performance. In this way, this copy will help you better deal with different tackles and shocks during the game.

Lightweight: Where to buy the best shoulder rest? What is the best performing model? To answer these questions, consider this article from Barnett. It is designed with nylon and spandex. It is then very light and you can wear it with great comfort.


Optimum Tribal Garon

If you are looking for what is the best rugby shoulder pad on the market for your child, this inexpensive model might meet your needs. It provides high protection on the various major collision areas. Indeed, it is provided with removable pads on the shoulders, on the biceps and on the sternum. With thicknesses of 10 mm and 5 mm, these components cushion the impact of tackles and various shocks during sport. So your little one will feel less pain. In addition, the quality of this product is justified by its approval by the IRB.

This model is made with polyamide and elastic thread. It can therefore adapt well to the size of your offspring. Aesthetically, the blue and white patterns on the black background are nice to see. It gives your little one a sporty and unique look.


Protective pads: If you do not know which rugby shoulder pad to choose, professionals recommend looking for copies from Optimum which is considered the best brand of rugby shoulder pads by users. Here, its Tribal model guarantees great protection through its pads installed in the most sensitive areas, including the shoulders, biceps and sternum. Thus, your child will not suffer during tackles and shocks.

Design: Not only is it the cheapest in this list, but this item also adopts an attractive design. The blue and white patterns stand out against the black background. Your little one will then have a very sporty look while wearing it.


Size: Based on the testing of this product, it would not fit small children very well. It would be a little wider than normal.

Optimum OTFLU

This model is made with lycra. So, it is very light. You will feel great wearing it, even with other clothes. In addition, with its long cut and short sleeves, you can move freely.

This copy is IRB approved and gives you great protection. Indeed, it has foam padding and pads on the shoulders, biceps and sternum. With a thickness between 5 and 10 mm, these pads perform their role very well. The pain during tackles and shocks will be reduced.

This article also has the advantage of being easy to maintain. Indeed, the pads are removable to simplify the cleaning of your equipment. From an aesthetic point of view, its black and yellow color gives you an elegant and sporty look. You can wear it with any swimsuit.


Design : This model was made with lightweight lycra fabric. Thus, it is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, its cut adjusts well to your size. You won’t be embarrassed even if you put it under other clothes.

Protector : Compared to others, this model has pads on the shoulders, biceps and sternum. Made of thick foam, these components offer you great protection. So you can take punches and tackles and enjoy the game to the fullest.


How to choose a good rugby shoulder pad?

Rugby is a very brutal and dangerous sport. Safety is therefore of the utmost importance in the practice of this activity. It is in this sense that several devices have been designed to ensure this factor. Among the equipment you will need to have, there is the shoulder pad. The latter has the role of protecting the upper body of the player. But the choice of this accessory remains delicate. This is why we present these few lines to you to help you make your purchase. So in this article we will discuss the following terms: size, materials, design, padding and safety features.

Purchase guide


As this is a kind of underwear here, we start this buying guide for the best rugby shoulder pads with the size characteristic. Indeed, you will have to model your equipment according to the width of your shoulders.

Be aware that you will come across several specimens with different measurements on the market. You just have to determine yours. Also note that you can find on the web and in stores models for adults, children and even women for those who would like to try it. Just make sure that your accessory is properly cut to ensure optimal protection.


To answer the question of how to buy a better value rugby shoulder pad, it is imperative that you look at the materials in which your item is made. Indeed, on these will depend the effectiveness of your equipment and also the comfort of its portage.

Thus, favor flexible and light components. You will not then have the impression of having put on an armor which could hamper your movements. Note that you will have the choice between three categories of fabrics just as powerful as each other. These include, among others, polyethylene foam, polyester and elastane. It’s up to you to make the table according to your preferences and your sanitary conditions.


If you consult a price comparison on the Internet, you will see that there is a host of models available on the market today. To make your choice, first define your team colors. You can then customize your equipment according to your tastes and preferences.

You will be able to distinguish specimens of black, gray, blue, red or green. This with equally original patterns. Avoid being too extravagant, however. The ideal would still be to remain discreet on the ground.

Padding and safety devices
The last piece of advice we will give you in this article will be to dwell on the padding and safety features of your equipment. Opt for flexible and thin materials at the shoulder and collarbone. Also note that the padding should not exceed 45 kg per cubic meter of density and 1 cm of thickness.

Also note that you will come across specimens on the market that only have shoulder reinforcement. These are suitable for training. But for official matches, it is still preferable to turn to the so-called “Integral” models. When you have understood all of this, you can now head to a store to purchase a new rugby shoulder pad.

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