10 Best Rugby Mouthguard [2022 Updated]

Whatever discipline you practice, you must always be well equipped. Classified as a violent sport, rugby must be played with a few accessories, including the mouthguard. The acquisition of this item will therefore be based on precise criteria. In order to avoid buying the wrong model, we recommend that you follow this guide. There you will find advice on how to choose the best rugby mouthguards of 2022.

You will then learn how to distinguish the best performing product from the defective one. A comparison is also offered to you here to better guide you in relation to your selection. And if you don’t want to read it to the end, we direct you to these two models: The thermoformable FitMotivactionis ideal for any contact sport, regardless of experience level. It is comfortable and ergonomic. The Beast Gear Gutter Shell uses specific molding technology to help preserve your gums and teeth. Then think about where to buy the best rugby mouthguard.

10 Best Rugby Mouthguard [2022 Updated]

FitMotivaction thermoformable

This specimen is thermoformable. It will then adapt to the arrangement of the teeth to offer maximum comfort. A complete molding guide is included in the package, ensuring ease of use.

This mouthguard is made for all types of contact sports. It can indeed be used during rugby matches, but also during martial arts training. Both amateurs and professionals can wear it at any time.

The materials chosen for the manufacture of this article allow it to reduce the intensity of shocks. The risk of injury is therefore minimized as much as possible, thus helping you to give your all in the practice of your discipline. It has a ventilation channel, so your teeth will be able to breathe properly to better withstand the blows.

If you are not sure yet which is the best mouthguard on the market, always check the component used in its design. The right equipment will defend your teeth at all times.


Thermoformable : By following the four molding phases, you can adapt this product to the shape of your teeth. You will then feel perfectly at your ease.

Optimal safety : The basic materials of this specimen, as well as its design ensure perfect shock absorption. So you don’t risk losing a tooth during a match or a fight.

Instructions available : An instruction sheet is made available to you to help you make the best use of it and maintain it.


Delicate molding : According to buyers’ opinions, care should be taken not to skip a step in reading the instructions, as this may damage the product.

Beast Gear Gutter Cover

This template was designed to be customizable. Indeed, it can be modulated by following the shape of your teeth. Beast Gear technology allows you to change it in seconds so you can feel comfortable during training and official rugby matches.

Of course, there are instructions available to help you reform it properly. They will inform you about all the necessary details. A special box comes in the package to provide hygienic storage. You will not have to leave this accessory lying around with your shell and your sports socks.

This model is made of unbreakable and latex-free materials. This design will ensure optimal safety for your teeth, but also for your gums. To know which is the best rugby mouthguard on the market, you need to emphasize the safety it provides.


Customizable : Using Beast Gear technology, this inexpensive specimen has been adapted to be modified according to the shapes of your teeth. You can also mold it as many times as you want.

Good Protection : Made from latex free material, this product absorbs shock well. This will prevent injury or loss of teeth during a game.

Free storage : A special box accompanies it so that you can store it hygienically.


Difficult temperature setting : If the water you use is too hot, this product will warp on its own. Otherwise, the modification does not work.

Amani Fitness Venum

The Amani Fitness Venum is made of an exoskeleton. Its one-part structure will therefore provide effective protection for your teeth. Indeed, this manufacture gives it good strength. Then you won’t have to be afraid of getting hit in the face.

Air passages integrate its design so that you can blow through your mouth. You will keep your endurance as much as possible. This characteristic allowed us to classify it as being the most efficient of the moment.

Gel has been inserted inside this mouthguard. This will help you adjust it to the shape of your teeth. Your jaw will then be able to perfectly mold this article.

In order to determine the best brand of rugby mouthguards, you need to investigate the ergonomics of its products. For Amani Fitness for example, the Venum model allows you to feel perfectly comfortable, without any discomfort when taking a breath.


Innovative structure : This mouthguard is made of gel and is only one block. This makes it easily moldable. Your teeth will be able to soak up completely inside.

Available air passage : This specimen has a few breathing paths. This will allow you to breathe in and out through your mouth without difficulty.

Universal size : Since it is temperature adjustable, this product will adapt to all jaw shapes.


Fairly large : According to some consumers who have taken the test, it takes up a lot of space in the mouth and forces the lower jaw to move forward.

How to choose a good rugby mouthguard?

Everyone knows rugby as a violent sport. As proof, it is one of the only team sports requiring to equip oneself with mouthguards. However, be careful, this accessory cannot be bought on a whim. You must at least have some notions on the subject before starting. In this article, we’ve tried to put together as much information as possible to help you figure out how to buy a better value rugby mouthguard.

Purchase guide

Size and fit:

Determining the size of a rugby mouthguard is always a bit tricky. This is explained by the fact that most models are sold thermo-moldable, and that it is necessary to boil them before adapting them to the teeth of the rugby player. They are almost as good as those custom made by dentists, and yet much cheaper.

In this case, you will have to go 2 to 3 times to fit the mouthguard perfectly inside the mouth. With the accessory in your mouth, you are expected to be able to breathe properly, and be comfortable during any part of the game.

Unlike the model dedicated to American football, the rugby model is not sold with any element intended to attach it to the helmet. To do its job well, your device will need to be fairly dense. But be careful not to take it too thick either, at the risk of embarrassing you. If it’s fitted properly, it will stay in place even when you open your mouth.


In this rugby mouthguard buying guide, you will notice that most of the products are mostly soft and thick at the same time, much like table corner guards in order to protect the rugby player from possible injuries. They are therefore made of gel plastic which takes shape once you put it in your mouth, after you have immersed it for ten seconds in boiling water. So for each preparation, you will do this.

Prices vary depending on the quality and strength of the mouth guard components. We then distinguish the models intended for less intense shots that require to be replaced after 6 months, and those for seasoned and professional players that can last up to 2 years.


In a price comparator, a device of this type combines several striking characteristics. Besides, if you have no idea where to buy a new mouth guard, start there. There are also several practical tips. Above all, it insulates the lips and teeth and protects them from shocks that may occur at any time during the meeting. The accessory reinforces the stability of the jaw in movement while allowing the rugby player the possibility of communicating with the other members of his team or even swallowing his saliva.

Better yet, all mouthguards meet very specific safety requirements as well as technical standards established by the International Rugby Board or IRB.

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