10 Best Boxing Shoes [2022]

Wearing boxing shoes is a must when practicing this sport. This equipment is even essential to help you improve your performance, whether during training or competitions. However, you may find it difficult to choose from all of the products currently on offer.

If so, you will need to consider the design, materials, size and weight before making your decision. You can also consider the products that appear in our comparison. The Adidas Box Hog is first on our list for its quality design. The flexibility of the upper also ensures real comfort.

Then there’s the Benlee The Rockwhich seduces with its resistance and lightness. This model is also suitable for running and other physical activities.

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Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes, Black, 8

In order to successfully purchase this kind of accessory, you will have to ask yourself how to choose the best boxing shoes of 2021. To answer it, all you need to do is look at the characteristics of this product. This model from Adidas has a high rise design that offers better ankle support during combat.

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes, Black, 8
  • Full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon fill
  • Built for quick footwork and speed

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The lining of this pair is mesh, while the upper is made from a durable synthetic material. Thanks to the flat heels, you will move with ease in the ring. The rubber integrated into the sole prevents the risk of falling, regardless of the movement you make. To reinforce your comfort, the material chosen on this Adidas boxing shoes is particularly ventilated.

Regarding the closure, you will have strong laces at your disposal. It is the most suitable system for practicing this sport. Indeed, you can adjust them so that your feet remain stable.


Well thought out: If you’re looking for the best brand of boxing shoes, this model might be right for you. It is designed with a high shape to prevent injuries to your ankles.

Comfortable: Each of the elements of this pair provides sensations of lightness and freedom. You will not feel like you are crowded, because these shoes are quickly forgotten.


Questionable durability: Some buyers have given rather negative opinions on this product. They claim that the shoes are not really durable because a little tear appears after a few weeks.

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe for Men & Women

You might be looking for men’s boxing shoes. In that case, you can look into this product. It is a model made of 50% polyester and 50% leather. The combination of these materials guarantees the strength of the pair. The latter effectively resists all elements that could damage it.

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The manufacturer has made sure that the weight of this product is reduced as much as possible to give you optimal freedom of movement. You will notice from the first ports that this model is particularly light. So you can concentrate on the fight for the best possible chance of winning.

This article may be right for you in case you are having a hard time figuring out which are the best boxing shoes on the market. It adapts to all activities in sports halls, more particularly fights.


Resistant: This pair is suitable for boxing thanks to the strength of its components. It can resist against impact and wear. By adopting it, you will no longer wonder which boxing shoes to choose.

Convenience: When you wear these shoes, you will experience an incomparable feeling of lightness. Once you have your feet inside, you won’t want to take them off.

Versatile: This model is not just for boxing. Indeed, you can also wear it for other sports that you practice indoors.


Tight: Testing of a few of the customers on this shoe indicates that it is tighter compared to standard sizes.

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes – Black, Blue, Red

This time, it’s about high-top boxing shoes for women. This manufacturing technique strengthens ankle support and protects you from sprains. It also allows you to have your feet firmly in place to succeed every shot.

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The top of the pair and the lining are made with quality leather. The use of this material offers many advantages in use. This resistant material strengthens the lifespan of this model. That’s not all, because the leather is also very breathable so that you don’t get too hot throughout the fight.

Flat designed heels keep you comfortable during use. The manufacturer has incorporated rubber into the manufacture of the sole. Indeed, it offers a non-slip characteristic which is important to reduce the risk of falling during the fight.


Efficiency: Many buyers consider it to be the best performing boxing pair for its form that helps prevent injury in combat.

Quality: The strength of this product is seen through the materials chosen for the construction. This is a model that you can use for a long time, given its great robustness.


Complicated: According to the claims of buyers who were able to compare this pair with the last one they bought, this one is more difficult to put on and take off.

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

If you are having trouble finding the best model, then you might consider the properties of this product. It is about a pair of French boxing shoes which answers all the needs of use of the practitioners of this sport. By wearing this pair, you could move faster since it provides optimal grip.

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 10, Black
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  • These sport-specific shoes have a patent leather vinyl finish and a low-top ankle for ease of...

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Regarding the design of this article, the manufacturer has opted for leather for the upper to ensure the strength of the shoe. On the other hand, the interior is made of synthetic material to reduce perspiration and promote air circulation. The insole has a honeycomb structure while the outer one is made from a particularly resistant material.

When you decide to order this inexpensive pair, you will have your feet resting on a cushioning cushion that will provide you with great stability. The tongue also incorporates foam to enhance comfort.


Efficiency: Even though it is a cheaper product, its design allows you to enjoy maximum freedom of movement. It will not interfere with you during the fight since it adheres well to the ground.

Quality: Leather is the main substance used on this model for its optimal resistance. The manufacturer has also chosen other materials that enhance your comfort.


Fragile: Even though this model is among the best products, other buyers are not satisfied with its durability. They claim the seams tore after a few weeks.

Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoe

Buying this product can meet your requirements if you want to find the best boxing shoes. It is made with synthetic materials that guarantee correct ventilation. Thus, you will have no problem with perspiration, and even less bad odors. These materials also provide good strength to this pair.

Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoe, Black, 9.5
  • Constructed from a lightweight, high performance mesh
  • Rubber, wave pattern soles that are lightweight and grip the ground

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The high-rise shape of this pair of Reebok boxing shoes will help you support your ankles to prevent injuries that might occur during a fight. You will benefit from a stable support to better concentrate all your strength. As for the sole, it is made to easily adhere to the ground to prevent you from slipping.

As for the closures, you have integrated laces associated with the scratch. These systems will help you tailor the pair to your preferences. In addition, your feet will be well fixed to remove all feelings of discomfort.


Sturdy: You will need to acquire solid pairs if you want to know where to buy the best boxing shoes. This model can match your requirements for its quality of design which allows it to withstand use.

Functional: This item is ideal for optimizing your performance during boxing practice. It protects you from injury and provides great stability during combat.

Practical: This product combines two locking systems adapted for this sport. They make sure your feet don’t move inside.


Too Large: Some buyers are not completely satisfied with this product. They claim the pair is too big, yet they chose their usual size.

How to choose the right boxing shoes?

A question is always trotting in your head: how to buy a boxing shoe with better value for money? These few tips can help you. Being a combat sport but also a competitive sport, boxing requires special equipment that allows you to better evolve during training and tournaments. Looking, of course, for the shoes for this activity, here is a buying guide for the best boxing shoes.

Purchase guide


Whether it is French boxing, English boxing, savate boxing or Thai boxing, it is always preferable to wear good boxing shoes. Boxing is a sport that makes the feet work a lot, even if the blows come mainly from the hands. To move better, you need good shoes. Two models define them: the Lo-Top which is characterized by a lower height at the level of the ankle, and the Hi-Top whose height reaches up to mid-leg.

For beginners, the movements are more comfortable with the Lo-Top model which offers more mobility. For the more advanced, a good balance is obtained with the Hi-Top and it supports the ankles better. Mid-rise rods are added to some models for more security. It is also recommended to choose them with a forefoot and heels for more lateral reinforcements.


As with all sports, the boxing shoe must be made according to the rules of the art. Materials matter a lot for this accessory. So, manufacturers choose the best materials to shape them. Suede is preferred for its flexibility while leather remains the best material to allow the feet to breathe better. Mesh fabric is also used for the shape of the blanket and to hug the feet better. The soles are chosen smooth for small movements in the ring, but also for small blows against the opponent in boxing savate.

However, always opt for non-slip products, in this case rubber. Sorbothane gel soles also provide better comfort . Lacing is the most suitable closure system for boxing shoes, hidden under the tongue to protect the knot. You can also choose boxing shoes equipped with thermo-indeformable buttresses.

Height and weight

This sport requires a lot of precision, so it is essential to choose the right shoes for your size. Choosing a boxing shoe includes its initial size, the thickness of the foams, that of the leather and that of the lining. For the boxing shoe, you need to count one size larger than that of your dress shoes. Observe some precautions since they are usually narrow. In general, boxing shoes weigh an average of 700g and manage to support the maximum user’s weight of 90kg to 120kg.

It is wiser to consult a price comparison before any purchase. But now you have the right information on where to buy a new boxing shoe.

Boxing shoes are necessary equipment to be able to practice this contact sport, classified as a martial art, in the best conditions. Essential to the practice of boxing because it is a relatively violent sport, this safety equipment is really effective while being comfortable. In the market, one can meet many brands offering different boxing shoes.

Nike is an American company founded in 1971. Specializing in the manufacture and design of sporting goods, the company was known as a designer of sports clothing and footwear such as boxing shoes. However, it is currently investing in the field of sports equipment, whatever they are, even in sports equipment for meditation, fitness, training, etc. In addition, the brand has its place in the field of sponsorship and equipment supplier at the level of various contests, competitions and tournaments of an international nature.

Everlast is a New York-based brand of boxing, MMA and fitness clothing and equipment such as boxing gloves and shoes. Created in 1910, it is distributed in 75 countries and is very popular with the greatest boxers in the world, such as George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Arturo Gatti or Joe Frazier. In 2007, the firm was bought by English Sports Direct, the parent company of its London competitor Lonsdale, and repositioned it as a Low Cost brand.

Adidas, the German company founded in 1949, excels in the creation and design of various sports articles. This three-striped brand is also known for its distribution and marketing capabilities for shoes, clothing and sports equipment, such as boxing and basketball shoes. Priming the quality of its products, Adidas is also an official equipment supplier which plays the role of sponsor and partner during major national or international sporting events .

Ringside is the best of allies when it comes to boxing equipment. It is a brand that allows amateurs and professionals in the field to equip themselves correctly at an affordable price. With more than thirty years of experience, it specializes not only in the manufacture and creation of gloves and boxing shoes, but also in the marketing of its products. In addition, it also designs bags, competition clothing, hats, trunks and training equipment.

Lonsdale is a London sportswear and boxing equipment brand established in 1960. Acquired by Sports Direct in 2002, the company is located in Sherbrooke, England. Created by Bernard Hart, an English boxer, its market was aimed at both professionals and the general public. It had taken its name from the Lonsdale Belt and had gained notoriety by sponsoring Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson in the 80s. Thus, it was within the reach of boxing fans in England before expanding internationally.

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