10 Best BMX Helmet [2022]

Whether or not you are a professional cyclist, you should always put your safety first. It is therefore in this sense that you will have to purchase some accessories to ensure this factor. Among these, we distinguish the BMX helmet.

If you plan to buy some in the near future, you will have to observe certain selection criteria. These will help you to best compare the products that will present themselves to you.

These characteristics are: size, straps, weight and design. If, however, you do not have the time to study the issue at length, we recommend that you read the ranking below. You will find there the most popular references of the moment.

We can for example quote the Ventura Freestyle- Inline for its good quality and its reliable method of attachment facilitating the adjustment of the head circumference, and the AWE Black L for its design both solid and comfortable thanks to materials such as EPS foam and ABS.

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10 Best BMX Helmet [2022]

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet for Bike

This kind of accessory is currently sold in several copies, so it’s difficult to define which is the best BMX helmet on the market. This reference from Ventura, for its part, is distinguished first of all by its design.

Its black color does not attract so much attention, but offers a really classic look. In terms of its shape, it is still quite basic, but sufficient to protect a child’s head.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet,...
  • Dual Certified skateboarding and bike helmet with ABS shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM...

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With regard to the safety devices present on this model, we can for example cite the straps located respectively at the back and under the neck. Thanks to these, the accessory can be perfectly stabilized.

It will not risk falling in mid-action or if its owner makes too many movements. Also, these components will allow you to adjust this product to your head circumference. Adjustments in this direction are easy, in the opinion of consumers.


Functional: this is a BMX helmet for children. According to users who have already had the opportunity to do a test, the object plays its role perfectly. Falls are well and truly amortized, whatever the magnitude.

Easy adjustment: to ensure the attachment of this product on the heads of your little ones, a special strap has been integrated. The latter will allow you to adjust this accessory according to the size of your cherub’s skull.


Basic design: the fairly simple form of this product leaves us to wonder about its effectiveness.

Fly Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet

This full-face BMX helmet is distinguished above all by its design that is both classic and attractive. It can adapt to a head circumference between 58 and 62 cm.

The dimension is adjustable according to your measurements. This will ensure that this equipment is secured, whatever the situation. This will allow you to take the road more serenely.

Fly Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet (Blue/Grey/Black,...
  • DOT approved
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads absorb sweat while providing ventilation

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In order to guarantee good ventilation inside this material, ventilation has been particularly studied here by the designers of this reference. This will ensure that you have sufficient cooling.

As for the materials chosen, AWE has made sure to optimize your comfort. Inside this model, you will therefore find an EPS foam that will improve your protection. And to ensure the durability of the whole, the rest has been made with high quality plastic or ABS.


Simple settings: According to users who have already been able to verify the practicality of this product, this one is not only easy to put on, but also to take off. To adjust the head circumference, this item comes with the alternative thinner trim strip.

Good value for money: consumers of this reference were surprised by its good quality given its cheap cost.

Strong & Lightweight: This specimen’s design materials are strong. Despite this, the latter is not too heavy to carry.


Size: according to some users, it would be a little larger than the designation L.

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

There are many tips on how to choose the best BMX helmets for 2021. The purchase will depend, among other things, on the person for whom the item in question is intended. If you want to give this accessory to your child, you will have to be cunning so that he wants to wear it well.

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for...
  • Dual-certified skateboard helmet with high impact-absorbing EPS foam, thick dual-density soft foam,...
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM...

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The Sport Direct No Bounds for its part will have no trouble seducing your little ones. Its patterns immediately catch the eye and at the same time command respect.

Regarding the size of this product, it is between 55 and 58cm. Openings are present on this model to ensure good ventilation and therefore optimal ventilation. These orifices are 15 in number.

To ensure the comfort of your cherub, the chin bar of this equipment has been padded. This device will not tend to interfere with the chin of your little one.


Guaranteed safety: if you have decided to buy this type of product, it is above all for the protection of your child in the event of serious falls. These will be well prevented here thanks to the EPS foam that makes up this article.

Easy adjustments: according to some users, the adjustments of this accessory are simple to carry out so that even the little ones with a head circumference between 53 and 54 will be able to wear it.

Comfortable: this reference is light and has a padded chin bar to avoid inconveniencing your toddlers.


Poor quality plastic: it is not recommended to expose it to the sun for too long, because it melts.

Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike and Skate Helmet

Safety is a very important factor in the practice of cycling. It is in this sense that Kali presents its Protectives 0210618126 unisex full face helmet for adults.

By its black and blue colors, this article is indeed unisex. It will therefore perfectly suit both a woman and a man.

Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike and Skate Helmet, 7106369, Matte...
  • Recommended for youth ages 8-14, but will fit most heads measuring 54-58 cm.
  • Always take a head measurement. Head sizes and shapes can vary, even within an age range. Using a...

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In terms of its qualities, this reference has been designed with premium ABS. Its resistance is foolproof. Thanks to the many ventilations that this equipment has, you will never feel short of air when you wear it. These openings provide optimal ventilation inside this accessory.

This product also has a visor to protect your eyes from gusts of wind or projectiles that could obstruct your vision. Also, this component is adjustable in height. This will allow you to have it or not, depending on your preferences.


Comfortable and safe: the best BMX helmet must meet these two criteria. Here, Kali did not fail in this task. The brand has equipped this model with openings offering good ventilation inside. The adjustable visor keeps you prepared for any eventuality rain or shine.

Optimal view: This feature is also important on a bicycle. With this article, you will be able to distinguish everything that is in front of you without the slightest problem. This despite its so-called “Integral” design.


Heavy: this model weighs almost a kilo. Difficult then not to feel its weight weighed on your head.

1Storm Adult Motocross Helmet BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

Before you start to find out where to buy the best BMX helmet, be sure of your choice first. Consider your head circumference first. This is to ensure a good fixing of the equipment in question. This model from Blue Grass will be suitable for people with a head circumference of 60 to 62 cm.

1Storm Adult Motocross Helmet BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet...
  • DOT Approved; L (57-58 CM,22.4/22.8 Inch)
  • Light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell

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Having been crafted from sturdy ABS polymer, this item features rock-solid resistance. It was especially dedicated to intensive use. You can therefore use this accessory for all your workouts, regardless of the duration.

Thanks to the polystyrene lining that this product has, your protection is guaranteed. This specimen will know how to warn you against all shocks. In terms of design, this equipment has a beautiful allure with its blue, white and black patterns.


Good resistance: this Blue Grass BMX helmet stands out from other items in its category by its robust design. The materials that compose it, namely the ABS polymer, offer great strength to the whole. Your head will be well protected from all shocks.

Comfortable: the interior of this accessory incorporates a polystyrene lining. Removing and removing this equipment will be very easy for you.


Cost: this article remains quite expensive compared to its congeners. However, since this is a freestyle BMX helmet, it does.

How to choose a good BMX helmet?

While riding BMX, you can easily split your head from a bad fall. It is therefore essential to wear a suitable helmet. Size, safety features, and more help determine which model is right for us. In this buying guide for the best BMX helmets, we make a point of showing you every aspect of a helmet.


If you don’t know how to buy a better value BMX helmet, start with the diameter of the helmet. It must obviously match the head size of the future owner. Remember to add a few centimeters of margin if you wear a headdress underneath, a headband or a bandana (which we strongly advise against). It doesn’t have to hug your head, but don’t take it too baggy, either. This would put you at greater risk in the event of an accident.

Make sure the helmet protects your entire head, front to back, forehead to neck. Faced with the different sizes offered by sellers, from XS, L to S and M, we no longer know which data corresponds to what. Take as a basis the size range of 53 to 56 cm corresponding to size S, in general. Add 1 to 2 cm for M and so on for each size above. You will not get lost anymore.


As BMX is a smoother activity compared to mountain biking (we ride most often on asphalt, a road more often straight than anything else) your helmet will not have to integrate a more rigorous safety system than that of a bike. On the other hand, still keep your precautions.

Vents to help keep the helmet properly ventilated would be highly appreciated to begin with. While exercising, you may sweat a lot and see poorly, or be uncomfortable.

The helmet must fit properly on your head and be resistant and strong to effectively protect the rider in the event of a crash or fall. Also consider models with visual signals if you are driving in the middle of the street in low light.


If you consult a price comparison, you will come across several forms of the full face helmet with round versions also called “Bol”. We recommend the first to children and the others to younger ones. The helmet has a visor to protect you from glare or rain. They are available in different colors, according to the tastes of each one.

Closing system

BMX helmets are usually closed with a Velcro fastener or a thumbwheel. The second adjusts the tightness level of the helmet with precision and will hold it more firmly on the head.

Make sure your helmet is fitted with an adjustable strap, allowing it to be adjusted as close to the head as possible. And by moving it back and forth with your hand on it, you make sure before setting off that it remains very still.

After these few tips on how to complete your BMX equipment, all you have to do is ask yourself where to buy a new BMX helmet.

How to use a bmx helmet?

The use of a bmx helmet is mandatory when riding this type of bike. This is a piece of equipment that you must purchase with your bicycle.

But buying it is not enough to be protected. It is also essential to know how to use this device so that it fulfills its role correctly. To achieve this, we will give you several tips in this article.

Wear your helmet well

In order to benefit from optimal protection, put on your helmet correctly. Otherwise, this accessory will be of no use to you. Thus, make sure that this equipment is as close as possible to your head. At this time, you will benefit from better protection in all circumstances.

To do this, adjust the chin strap closest to your neck. However, do not over tighten this part. Try to open your mouth to test, if you can do it then the fit is correct. To prevent frontal impacts, wear your bmx helmet mid-forehead.

Adjust the helmet

Wearing a helmet is not enough to be protected. Each time, make sure it fits snugly against your head measurements.

Check that it is attached correctly. On the other hand, avoid over-tightening, as this could create discomfort throughout your cycling session.

Choosing the right storage

When you’re not using your headset, don’t leave it anywhere you want. Care must be taken if you want the device to continue absorbing shock.

To do this, put it in a place where it can be stored without any risk of falling. Avoid hanging it on the wall, instead lay it on a flat surface and remember to prop it up.

Make sure that its location is well ventilated and that it is also not exposed to harmful rays such as UV. By following these guidelines, you will optimize the efficiency and longevity of your helmet.

Maintain the helmet

Like all other sports accessories, the helmet should be maintained regularly. To do this, provide yourself with soapy water and a sponge. On the other hand, avoid chemicals for cleaning. If you can afford it, go for the cleaning spray which is specially designed for this operation.

This type of product is used for both exterior and interior maintenance. Once you have cleaned it well, allow the helmet to air dry. It is not recommended to put it under the sun.

If desired, use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Regarding the foams, put them in the machine, however do not exceed 30 ° C.

Change the helmet

A bmx headset cannot be used forever. After a fall which has caused cracks, do not hesitate to replace it. In fact, following this shock, the polystyrene, which absorbs the shocks, is deformed and loses all of its capacity. If you want this equipment to continue to protect you, don’t wait to renew it.

According to expert recommendations, change your helmet approximately every 3 to 5 years. On the other hand, if you find that the polystyrene has dried out, stop using it and buy another one for your safety.

Most popular brands

When you practice a cycling activity, wearing the right equipment is always necessary to optimize your comfort and safety.

And if you are looking for a BMX helmet, we invite you to follow this article that we have written. It aims to inform you about the most fashionable brands on the market at the moment.

When you talk about sports equipment and bicycle accessories, the Bell brand is no longer to present in the field. Indeed, connoisseurs have fully trusted the brand because of the strength and robustness of its materials.

Once on the manufacturer’s site, you have the possibility to choose between a wide range of products as resistant as each other.

Indeed, the Bell models are equipped with modern protection technology which ensures optimal safety for its user. In addition, they are not likely to be damaged or crack quickly in the event of impact.

S-One is also a brand that has taken an important place in the field of bicycle accessories. Indeed, you can find the brand’s articles in buying guides or price comparators for BMX helmets.

S-One offers you a wide range of material choices that can suit all user tastes. You have the option of glimpsing integral models or “bowl” types, depending on your preferences. The brand’s equipment is equipped with foam technology, called EPS Fusion, designed to withstand most impacts and thus ensure optimal protection.

Still looking for the brand of BMX helmet for your activities? You might want to consider taking a look at the Protec models. The brand emphasizes the optimal protection of its users in addition to a wide choice in terms of colors.

Protec equipment is designed with quality manufacturing material and presents interesting attributes of robustness in terms of strength. They are not likely to be damaged by the slightest impact. But also, they are also specially treated to guard against possible scratches and cracks.

Once on a price comparison site, you will probably come across articles from Troy Lee Designs. The brand is known worldwide for being present in the manufacture of quality accessories for lovers of sports on two wheels. Apart from BMX helmets, it has also focused on the production of protections, gloves, jerseys, pants, shorts and many more.

As soon as you come across the brand’s website, you can be sure that you will find the model that suits you best.

In the field of BMX, Kenny brand items are also preferred. It will be easy for you to find the model that suits you best. In addition, the brand offers a wide variety of items for all ages and for all levels.

Kenny’s helmets feature special designs for enthusiasts who are meticulous in terms of aesthetics.

If you are still looking for your helmet among the most popular brands on the market, you might want to consider taking a tour of the manufacturer’s FOX site. They also offer a wide variety of models that can suit both amateurs and professionals, young and old.

The brand’s references are also sought after for their aerodynamic designs which offer optimal comfort when worn.

If you are looking for complete equipment for your activities on two wheels, you can call on the O’Neal brand. The brand specializes in the manufacture of quality helmet models that do not risk being damaged quickly, or at the slightest shock.

Their longevity is guaranteed by a technology designed by the brand that ensures both comfort and optimal protection for users.

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