10 Best Basketball Shoes For Women [ 2022 Updated ]

Whether you are an amateur or a high level basketball athlete, it is essential to choose the shoes that you wear while practicing this sport. You will need to educate yourself to avoid getting a bad pair.

To do this, it is necessary to consider the size, the material of manufacture, the grip and the traction of the pair in question. Also, to give you an idea, you will find in this article a comparison of several products from which you can easily choose.

To simplify your research, you can give preference to the Nike 844391-662 . These are sneakers made with synthetic materials.

The Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro Ggmay also be suitable for you if you are looking for a quality product. It is designed with a beautiful design that allows it to easily match with any sports outfit.

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10 Best Basketball Shoes For Women [ 2022 Updated ]

Nike Women’s Gymnastics Sneaker

You might be having a hard time figuring out how to pick the best basketball shoes for women of 2021. However, if you consider the features of this pair in red, you might be won over.

Here you have espadrilles that display great quality. The manufacturer has incorporated synthetic materials for the design of several components of this pair. This is the case for the lining, the sole and the upper.

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It is designed with a lace closure system. Thanks to this system, you will have no difficulty putting it on and taking it off at the end of the match. Once you have a good tightening, you will find that your feet are quite stable on the inside.

You will not experience any unpleasant sensation even if you have to wear these shoes for hours. Indeed, it is a particularly light model compared to other devices in its category. This will allow you to enjoy real comfort every time you wear it. Since you are comfortable, you can concentrate on sports more easily.


Durability: This pair is designed to withstand heavy use thanks to its quality of design. The manufacturer has carefully chosen the materials used for the design of this model. Moreover, he is considered the best performer on this list.

Convenient: The lace on this item is easy to close and untie. It will keep your feet in the best positions when wearing these shoes.

Comfort: The lightness of this pair is highly appreciated by users since they enjoy great comfort. The materials used for the components of this product also provide good feeling. In addition, the ankles are properly supported.


Bulky: Despite the many positive opinions about this product, some users consider that it is not easy to put it on. This is partly due to the high shape of these shoes.

Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe

This is a pair of Nike brand added with a slip-on closure system. The insole, upper and lining of this pair are made of synthetic material. The choice of this material is very advantageous. Indeed, it provides a great solidity to the whole.

The build quality of this item is superior. Moreover, this characteristic is confirmed over time. By investing in this item, you could keep it for years to come.

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It is not easy to find the best basketball shoes for women because the offer is so plentiful. On the other hand, this model stands out for the great convenience it offers you with each use. You won’t get sore feet even if you have to wear this pair for a long time.

The design of this product has been well taken care of to attract attention. The manufacturer used beautiful colors to meet all the needs. The front and heel of this pair are made with a component that enhances the cushioning softness.

By adopting this device, you will benefit from an optimal grip thanks to the integrated rubber sole. All of this will help you improve your performance during the basketball game.


Quality: Buying this product can help answer your question of where to buy the best basketball shoes for women. This is a high quality model that can easily follow your every move.

Comfortable: The materials adopted during the construction of this pair enhance user comfort. Moreover, this article is designed to adapt to intense use.

Design: In addition to the quality of this product, the designer has also given priority to its exterior appearance. This is why this pair has a good design. This is a key point that attracts buyers more to this item.


Lack of comfort: According to the observations of some people who have been able to perform a test with this article, it is too heavy. Therefore, they found it very difficult to wear it for hours.

Adidas Women’s Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe

The Nike brand has always been a benchmark in the design of sports shoes. It continues to satisfy its customers by offering this model made mainly of synthetic material. This pair also benefits from a great build quality. Therefore, it can easily be used over the long term.

This white pair is made with a flat heel to keep you comfortable. This item also has a lace-up closure system that simply adjusts. Faced with its weight of 499 g, this model is very light so that you will have no difficulty wearing it. That said, its use is particularly recommended for playing basketball.


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These shoes adopt a classic look that has not lost any of its charm. Thanks to its white color, it easily adapts to all types of outfits. The acquisition of this article is therefore essential to complete your collection. The manufacturer used leather and suede for the upholstery.

The padding around the ankles is also very popular for the comfort it provides. Buying this pair may meet your requirements if you want to invest in a cheap, but good quality item.


Quality: Purchasing this product will be right for you if you are looking for the best brand of basketball shoes for women. The combination of various manufacturing materials also reinforces the strength of this pair.

Comfortable: Wearing this pair brings maximum convenience to users. Considering its lightness, it will not encumber you. You will not feel any pain in your feet even if you have worn it for a long time.

Stylish: This product is the cheapest, although it also sports a neat design that allows you to accentuate your look. It is recommended for playing basketball. On the other hand, it is also possible to wear it with street clothes.


Narrow: According to complaints from some buyers, these shoes fit right. Faced with this situation, they were forced to return the item and order a size up. They consider that the manufacturer should mention this information to avoid all these inconveniences.

Adidas Women’s Hoops 3.0 Basketball Shoe

In order to find the best product among those offered on the market, it is necessary to ask yourself what are the best basketball shoes for women on the market. If you don’t know where to start, you can focus on this copy. This is a model benefiting from a rising design. This fabrication is very popular since it is used to support your ankles. Hence, there is little chance that you will twist this part during the game.

At first glance, the seams as well as the assembly hold well. All this therefore reinforces the strength of this pair. The laces used for the closure of these sneakers help stabilize your feet when they are inside. This item also comes with an insole that you can easily remove if needed.

adidas Women's Hoops 3.0 Basketball Shoe, White/White/Dash...
  • Women's low-profile basketball shoes with a vintage look
  • DURABLE UPPER: Synthetic leather upper is soft and durable

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This pair is designed with an urban style which is highly sought after by customers. It is suitable for sport, but you can also wear it for other occasions if you wish. It incorporates very attractive colors which add value to its design.

This item is made with a rubber sole. It is a lightweight material that provides a good grip on all types of surface you play. If you opt for this copy, you will enjoy great mobility in the field. This characteristic highly sought after by athletes who practice basketball.


Well thought out: This pair may satisfy you if you don’t know which ladies basketball shoes to choose. It is a high-rise model that helps strengthen the protection of your ankles when playing basketball.

Solid: If you decide to invest in this product, you will no longer need to regularly purchase athletic shoes. Indeed, this article is endowed with a good quality of manufacture which ensures a use on the long term.

Effective: The rubber sole brings a lot of benefits to the people who wear it. This component enhances comfort and allows you to enjoy better mobility.


Complex use: Some users regret that these high tops are not easy to put on. They had great difficulty inserting their feet during the first uses.

Adidas Women’s Post Up Basketball Shoe

The Adidas brand has remained true to its fame and this is reflected in this pair which is recommended for women who play basketball. The lining and the upper are made of a particularly strong synthetic material. Therefore, the pair is not likely to tear so easily.

adidas Women's Post Up Basketball Shoe, Black/Black/Halo...
  • adidas womens Basketball Shoe
  • The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sport. Everything we do is...

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This model adopts a retro style, but which is always appreciated by buyers. It is designed with a low cut that does not hide the calves. This pair has a removable insole. However, you can remove it if you don’t need it. The manufacturer has also opted for a round rubber tip which recalls the shape of all Superstar models.

The lining used on this product provides a good feeling to the feet. It does not cause irritation or unpleasant sensations. All this reinforces the wearing comfort of this pair. This is a pair that is very easy to put on.

The rubber sole of this article has a great influence on the quality of your game. You should know that the use of this substance is very advantageous for its lightness. That’s not all, because you will enjoy good mobility since this substance offers better grip on the ground.


Resistant: The materials incorporated into this pair allow it to effectively resist wear and tear. This is a model that can accompany you very well for years to come.

Design: The exterior appearance of this item is as neat as its craftsmanship. It brings a classic look, but still very trendy at the moment. With its 2 cm high heel and rounded rubber toe cap, this model has everything to please you.

Convenience: Once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off. Customers who are used to comparing their purchase say that it offers real comfort.


Unpleasant smell : Some buyers have found that after several uses, there is a very strong smell coming from the shoes. Yet they always had very dry and clean feet and socks.

Adidas Women’s Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe

If you are still unable to make up your mind on which basketball shoes to buy, then this pair can help you make a final decision. This is a model for women that displays a beautiful color. It is designed with flat heels. This pair also has laces that can be easily adjusted to keep your feet comfortable inside. This product is created with a low cut that reflects a style that is both sporty and a bit retro.


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The manufacturer has carefully studied each element of this device before choosing the construction materials. Therefore, this copy is composed of a textile lining which offers better ventilation. The upper is made of leather which ensures its resistance over time. In contrast, the insole is made of synthetic material.

The sole integrated in this shoe has a cushioning system to make your rebounds comfortable when you play basketball. The one on the outside has a non-slip design that reduces the risk of falling or slipping. As soon as you put your feet in it, you will feel a pleasant sensation. This situation can last even if you wear the shoes for long hours.


Design: This product catches the eye for its color and shapes which are very feminine. It is a model equipped with a flat heel and laces which simplify the closing.

Quality: The resistance of this article is guaranteed thanks to the quality of the manufacturing materials. The manufacturer has associated various substances to optimize the strength and especially the durability of this pair.

Comfortable: The comfort of use is also privileged on this copy. By adopting it, you will benefit from real comfort. This is the result of the quality substances that are integrated on this pair.


Binding maintenance: This item is in the ranking of the best products, however some users have complained about the cleaning. They claim the pair get stained easily and soiling is difficult to remove.

How to choose basketball shoes for women?

When you practice any sporting activity, you must have the appropriate equipment in your possession so that you can exercise in optimal conditions. If you are about to purchase a pair of women’s basketball shoes, avoid rushing to a price comparison site.

We invite you to follow this article which aims to inform you about the various selection parameters so that your equipment can meet your expectations during its use.

The shoe size

When wondering how to buy a better value women’s basketball shoe, the first thing you will need to consider is the size of your feet. Indeed, the consideration of this criterion is important, because you will have to be perfectly comfortable in your sneakers.

When choosing your outfit, try to go for a model that is half a size, and sometimes even a size up. This will allow your feet to breathe comfortably if you have to wear them for a long time.

Be aware that your feet tend to swell, selecting a size that is too correct or a measurement below could be unpleasant during use or at the end of the day. We recommend that you try on your equipment once you have practiced a certain distance so that you have a good idea of ​​the morphology of your feet and thus adapt the item you want to these dimensions.

The manufacturing material

In a buying guide for the best basketball shoes for women, you will always have the opportunity to stumble upon the consideration of the material of manufacture. The advice will focus on the choice of equipment made with a solid and resistant structure that can adapt to the frequency of your travels.

The feet are constantly moving, so it is obvious that they will be sweating. For this, verification of the design is important. Make sure you select an item that provides optimal ventilation for your feet. This will allow you to guard against the formation of possible odors which may be unpleasant after use.

In addition, avoid neglecting ease of maintenance. It will generally depend on the material of manufacture of your equipment. Models made of synthetic elements are the most used because they have interesting strength attributes, but they are also easy to clean.

Grip and traction

Before asking the question, where to buy new basketball shoes for women, you will need to consider the grip and traction capabilities of your model. They are important because they come into play in your mobility in the field.

You must then focus on the structure of the sole and its lightness. However, you will have to select your specimen according to the type of surface on which you will be practicing your activity: bitumen or parquet. However, we recommend soles made of rubber or gum, as they are both lightweight and provide optimum grip for your equipment.

How to use women’s basketball shoes?

While using a pair of basketball shoes may seem within everyone’s reach, there are still some basic things that we tend to overlook. This is why we present to you the following article which will take care of reminding you of the good habits to adopt regarding the maintenance and the wearing of these products.

Choose the right size

The choice of the size is an essential step in the purchase of a pair of sneakers. Make sure the item you’re interested in isn’t too tight or too wide. Both of these conditions could limit your performance in the field. Which would be a shame. So opt for a reference to your correct size.

Ensure the blood circulation of the feet

It is necessary that your feet can breathe easily in your shoes. So avoid over-tightening the knots in your laces. This could have negative effects on the good circulation of your blood in this area. You may then be prone to discomfort throughout your match. Which could slow you down in your run.

Wearing socks

Wearing socks is compulsory for this type of shoe. However, be sure to choose the models that will make you most comfortable. It is therefore recommended to opt for specimens that will prevent you from sweating on your feet. This will also have the effect of removing bad odors. The most recommended will be to favor cotton. The thickness of the fabric should not be too thin.

Avoid the tumble dryer

Since most basketball shoes are made of leather, there are certain conditions that you should avoid with them. Indeed, this material does not support strong heat. In this sense, after washing, it is strongly recommended not to put your item in the dryer. The flexibility of your product could then suffer and you will no longer have the advantages that it has been able to provide you. You will therefore have to obtain new specimens. Which is synonymous with expense.

Use the right cleaning products

To properly maintain this type of product, you will have the choice between two alternatives. The first remains the simplest. It’s about sending your shoes to the washing machine. This while paying attention to the colors to avoid unwanted mixtures.

If, on the other hand, you want to do this task by hand, all you need to do is bring a cloth and a brush. As for the cleaning product, we recommend Marseille soap.

Guarantee your stability in the field

The basketball court is sometimes slippery, accidents happen too quickly. To remedy this, there are other tips besides soil conditioning. In particular, you can prepare your soles before your matches. What we mean by preparing is applying a little anti-slip lotion to them. Nothing very complicated, don’t worry. All you need to do is find water, deodorant or even a hairspray and you’re ready to go.

Most popular brands

When you play basketball, you certainly won’t be able to wear just any shoe. You need to choose the right models for this type of sport. If you need any help in choosing your equipment, we invite you to follow this article that we have prepared, suggesting the most popular products on the market.

When you are looking for women’s basketball shoes, you will definitely find Nike brand models in stores or on online sales sites. Indeed, this internationally renowned manufacturer presents items for all tastes and styles.

In addition, the materials are generally equipped with technologies, making it easier for you to port them. They are clearly light and offer interesting qualities of comfort. But also, you have the choice to opt for various equipment, depending on the type of terrain on which you are going to practice your game.

Connoisseurs of sporting goods can assure you that adidas brand women’s basketball shoes have their place in this ranking. Indeed, they present interesting characteristics in terms of performance and strength.

On the design side, you can have a wide choice according to your tastes. You have the possibility to choose between various colors, but also of appearance that you can adapt to all your clothing outfits. This will give you the opportunity to wear them and have a unique style even if you do not practice your sport activity.

When you search for women’s basketball shoes in stores or on price comparison sites, you will surely be able to find models of the Puma brand. You can easily recognize them with the logo, usually visible at first glance.

They combine the characteristics of lightness and robustness. Indeed, once you have put on your equipment, you can quickly feel the sensations of comfort that your equipment will bring you. Whether you are professional or amateur in the field of basketball, it is sure that you will be able to find the shoe to your feet by selecting an item of the brand.

If you are looking for women’s basketball shoes with a unique design, you might want to look at models from the New Balance brand. Indeed, they offer articles with particular aspects that can suit all tastes of users.

With regard to their manufacturing structures, New Balance products are requested by buyers because they provide total comfort when worn. They are equipped with brand specific technologies that provide ventilation and aeration of the feet for optimal convenience.

Reebok is surely a brand that athletes of all kinds know well. Comfort and style are the watchwords of the equipment manufacturer. It is almost impossible that you miss a product of the brand if you are in the market for women’s basketball shoes.

It has a large collection of models to satisfy all the tastes of fans of this sport. Whether in terms of size or manufacturing material, you can be sure that you will find the item that suits you best by taking a look at the brand’s equipment.

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