[2022 Updated] 10 Best Baby Sledge

If you want to know how to choose the best baby sledges of 2022, we advise you to read this guide carefully. It will allow your little one to enjoy this activity under the most favorable conditions. You will also know what to do so that your toddler can have fun while sliding, in complete safety. But before buying it, first check its material. Then move on to the convenience of its use. Finally, make sure that the accessory adapts well to the size of your cherub. So prefer a specimen that is neither too small nor too large.

Also, don’t forget to compare several models. This will allow you to detect the one that best meets your expectations. Only then can you focus on where to buy the best baby sled from. However, in order to help you in your quest, we present two products which have received a lot of appreciations. theKHW 21008 is prized for the robustness of its structure and therefore its longevity. The Smoby 800056757 offers ample space for the comfort of the little one.

Recommended products

KHW 21008

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This specimen has a steering wheel, helping your child to steer it easily. This will make it easier to avoid any obstacles that arise. Its rope also gives you the possibility of doing the same maneuver, but in a less precise way.

This durable plastic product allows its owner to use it for several years. Its design also gives it the ability to glide properly on any type of snowy terrain. Its brakes and steering wheel are made of steel, which ensures its solidity. The KHW 21008 offers plenty of space for your children to pair up. It can indeed support a total load of 75 kg. In addition, its plastic material reduces the weight.

If you are concerned about which baby sled is the best on the market, we recommend this device. It is easily handled and oriented.


Practical : Thanks to its rope and its steering wheel, your little one will be able to guide him and avoid any obstacle in front of him.

Robust : Made of steel, the brakes and steering wheel promise savings for parents.

Robust : The durable plastic of this item allows it to withstand a load of up to 75 kg. There is therefore no risk of giving in easily.


Seat too hard : According to the comments of some consumers, this sled does not offer optimal seating comfort, especially if the child uses it all day long.

Smoby 800056757

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This device has been designed with strong plastic to withstand shocks during use. So you have nothing to fear in relation to its lifespan. It has dimensions of 99 x 53 x 19 cm, which is why it is intended for children between 5 and 12 years old. And thanks to these measurements, you will be able to put it in the trunk of your car.

To prove its great robustness, this specimen supports a total load of 60 kg. Therefore, it can be used by an adult. Its construction material also allows it to glide, regardless of the type of snow. Your cherub will then enjoy his little moment of pleasure on the sledge.

If the price is part of your selection criteria, know that this baby sled has an affordable price. In fact, it is the cheapest on our list.


Spacious : Its dimensions 99 x 53 x 19 cm tell us that this device can very well fit an adult and not only children.

Compact : Despite its dimensions, it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. It is not likely to encumber you.

Robust : Thanks to its solid construction material, this inexpensive sled supports a maximum load of 60 kg.


Design : According to some consumers who have tested this product, the design is too simple, even for the price.

Nijdam Schreuders Sport_0297-ROO-Uni

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The exterior coating of this specimen was designed with 100% Polypropylene. Its seat, on the other hand, is made of rubber. These two materials offer both strength and flexibility. So you have nothing to fear in relation to its longevity.

This model has a seat belt with polymer buckles. Thanks to this, your child will be perfectly protected and will not risk falling easily from his seat. In addition, this item has a 250cm cord terminated with a plastic handle. It helps to make it move faster when pulling on it.

This device offers total dimensions of 78 x 40 x 32 cm and those of the seat are 52 x 17 cm. You and your cherub can then enjoy it fully and together. Its characteristics, and especially its ergonomics, are enough for some to qualify Nijdam Schreuders Sport_0297-ROO-Uni as the best sledge for babies.


Convenient : Thanks to its design, the models in this series can be stacked on top of each other if you have more than one. They therefore do not run the risk of cluttering up their storage space.

Comfortable : The seat of this rubber specimen guarantees its user good convenience.

Safe : Equipped with a safety belt with plastic buckles, this model is a guarantee of insurance. Then you won’t have to worry while using it.


Incomplete : Some buyers say it would have been even better if this model had a steering wheel or a compartment for resting the hands.

Alpen 996801

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This model with a solid and flexible design, thanks to its polyethylene outer coating, can accompany your child for several years. So you won’t need to buy more every winter. This product with a total weight of 1.6 kg can be carried without any difficulty in the snow.

In addition, the Alpen 996801 has a strong safety belt and high side walls. These features provide the assurance of optimal safety to protect your child from possible falls. Its seat with non-slip padding provides additional protection. This product is also equipped with a long rope with handle. Thanks to this, you will have the possibility of having the mini sled pulled by a dog or a person so that your child can fully enjoy his ride.

If you still don’t know which baby sled to choose, go for this model. It is safe and robust.


Strong : Made with an outer polyethylene coating, this item is very durable. We can assure you that its service life will be long.

Lightweight : This device has a total weight of 1.6 kg. You will then have no difficulty moving it or carrying it over a great distance.

Safe : Thanks to its non-slip seat and safety belt, your little one won’t easily slip or fall.


Menu: With dimensions of 8 x 55 x 29 cm, this item is suitable for a single child.

Hamax 501007

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The Hamax 501007 has been produced with high density polyethylene. This manufacturing gives it its solidity. As a result, it is unwavering in the face of intensive use. Its red color and design show that it can be used very well by a girl or a little boy.

Its design material also prevents it from cracking due to the cold. It is therefore not likely to deteriorate easily, regardless of the thickness or type of snow that occurs. In addition, this model has a seat with backrest. This guarantees good user comfort. With seat belt and high walls, this specimen is very safe. Your toddler will therefore not risk falling on the side or even in front.

It’s hard to find the best brand of baby sledges given the number of models on the market. But if you are looking for a device for young children, we recommend this prototype.


Spacious : Its dimensions of 81 x 35.5 x 20 cm promise you a large enough space, even for an adult.

Robust : Its manufacturing material is Polyethylene. The latter makes this product solid. In addition, there is no risk of cracking due to the cold.

Ergonomic : Equipped with a seat with a fairly high backrest, this specimen is very comfortable.


No steering wheel : Unfortunately, this component is not available on this model. It is therefore not possible to direct it.

How to choose a good baby sled?

To introduce your baby to the pleasures of skiing, you want to buy a sled. However, acquiring this material can be difficult during the first purchase. In case you are not yet used to ordering, there are several characteristics to consider. This buying guide for the best baby sleds recommends that you focus on the different models, material and additional features.

Purchase guide

The different models

Buying this material shouldn’t be done in a rush if you don’t want to go wrong. To begin with, you will need to take the time to browse the market. At this point, you won’t have a hard time figuring out where to buy a new baby sled. As a first step, it is necessary that you take into account all the models that are offered on the market.

With a small budget, you can acquire excavator copies which are popular for their small footprint. They are easy to use since you just have to sit on them and let yourself be carried away. The front feet will be used to change direction and also to brake. There are also foldable models which are appreciated for their ease of transport. You could also find flying sleds that have the particularity of being easy to maneuver in use. Once you have gone through all of these models, you will have no trouble finding the one that can fit your baby.

The manufacturing material

It is quite normal not to know how to buy a better value baby sledge. Indeed, there are a large number of models which each have their own particularity. Therefore, you could make the right choice by considering all the tips that we are going to show you in this article.

In this step, it is advisable to take into consideration the material used for the design of the product you intend to order. This characteristic should be favored if you want to acquire good quality equipment. Know then that the wooden sled is the most recommended thanks to its robustness. On the other hand, it costs a little more.

There are also many models made of plastic that can be used even in summer. These items are priced at around ten euros so that you can access them easily. Finally, there are inflatable sleds which are also the cheapest on the market.

Additional features

Since this equipment is intended for babies, take into account all the advice we provide in this article. It is necessary to prioritize safety to enjoy reliable use. In this last step, you will have to take into account other features offered on the product that attracts you.

To do this, choose models that have brakes so that you can more easily control the speed while sliding. That’s not all, because the presence of secure edges and handles are also recommended to protect young users. So consider these last advantages when you consult a price comparison.

Most popular brands

In case you are having trouble choosing from all the baby sledges that are currently available, try to educate yourself on the most recommended brands. We are going to tell you about several brands that could suit you.

Plastkon has been in the market for many years and is one of the benchmark brands for most buyers. It is particularly known for the manufacture of plastic articles. The brand offers products that are intended for winter sports, the house and even the garden. The company primarily markets high quality merchandise which is sold at reasonable prices. In addition, access to all of its products is also facilitated since it has an online store.

Benefiting from more than a hundred years of expertise, Stiga is one of the major manufacturers of equipment that makes everyday life easier. It has succeeded in identifying the real expectations of its customers and offers equipment that meets all needs. The brand has always relied mainly on the quality of the items it sells. That’s not all, since it keeps making improvements in its products to maintain the public’s trust. Stiga Sports today occupies an important place in the market and continues to conquer other countries.

Originally known in the manufacture of sledges, Alpen is a brand that has evolved over time. Since its creation until now, the brand continues to expand its notoriety in all countries around the world. In addition, most buyers trust this company since it favors the quality of its products. The company puts its many years of expertise to the benefit of buyers to offer items that combine performance and design. That’s not all, because practicality is also present in all the products that the brand distributes.

Sport Otto is one of the essential brands in the design of equipment for winter sport. It struck hard from its inception by offering superior quality materials to the general public. This has also enabled it to establish itself on the national and global market. Sport Otto is constantly improving its items to meet buyers’ requirements. In addition, it continues to offer a wide range of products so that everyone can find what they are looking for at the brand.

The French company EDA Plastique is mainly involved in the manufacture and sale of equipment made of plastic. This brand was founded in 1946 and continues to operate in today’s market. The goods it sells are designed for the home, garden and winter sport. The brand is also recognized because it uses a high quality raw material which ensures the reliability and durability of its products. In addition, it continues to offer innovative and practical items that help make daily life easier for its customers.

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