8 Best Bicycle Racks Of 2022

Luggage racks are an essential structure if you want to transport things during your various trips. In this sense, it is important to choose the right reference with the greatest care. Several parameters must therefore be observed with a magnifying glass during the purchase.

There is also equipment whose performance has convinced consumers. This is the case, for example, with the Zefal Avant Raider luggage rack, appreciated for its versatility.

It remains compatible with different types of bicycle thanks to its innovative adjustment system. The Zefal Raider Mixed Luggage Rack is also featured in this review with its childish ease of installation.

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8 Best Bicycle Racks (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

By using the best brand of bicycle racks around today, you will reduce your chances of making a bad investment. For this, you can trust Zefal, whose notoriety concerning the design of various bicycle accessories is well established.

The brand will provide you with this article if you are looking for equipment to install on the front of your two wheels. It is mainly aimed at cycle tourism enthusiasts who want to take as many things as possible on their travels.

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This model is 30 * 29.5 cm and incorporates supports that are used to set up saddlebags with self-locking hooks. This achievement has been meticulously studied so that neither the frame nor the swaying of your packages interfere with the wheel.

This specimen is able to accommodate a weight of 2 * 9 kg on the sides. During its assembly, you will have the choice between two modes: by fixing it completely with clamps or by using these modules only on the lower part and at the level of the brakes.


Great compatibility: This equipment can be mounted on bicycles from 12 to 28 ”. It can also accommodate all types of forks, which considerably widens its installation possibilities.

High resistance: With a 6061 aluminum structure, this material does not fear heavy loads or rapid degradation due to various wear factors.


Unclear assembly: According to the statements of some consumers, the installation is not intuitive enough. If you are inexperienced in the field, you might be spending a lot more time there than you expected.

RAD Cycle Mighty Rack Two Bike Floor Stand

If you can’t agree on which bike rack to choose, we recommend that you turn to a simplistic, high-performance model so you don’t have to worry. In this comparison, you have the solution: this specimen signed Bottari Bike.

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Although the brand is not really a giant in the field, the quality of manufacture of its materials is worth the detour. This has a resistant metal structure, resistant to various manipulations. The shiny coating will also bring a remarkable touch to your bicycle. It adapts to many styles.

This device is positioned below your handlebars. The steps of its assembly do not require specific notions on your part. You only have to get the modules that are used to hang it and you can start enjoying its performance.


Intuitive assembly: The installation of this equipment does not require any particular skill in terms of DIY. Once the accessories are in possession, the installation will only take a few minutes for this luggage rack to become operational.

Robust: The structure is designed with quality metal, which allows it to effectively resist different external factors.


No screws in the pack: This product does not include the fixing modules in the set. You must therefore buy them in addition.

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Bike Rack

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If you have an ATV and plan to pack a few things on your outings, then this gear from Zefal might be right for you. This model, nicknamed the R30, has a 6061 aluminum coating. This feature allows it to effectively resist corrosion. In addition, the assembly does not require the use of hardware. You will be able to do it in record time.

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Regarding its dimensions, it is 33.5 x 12 cm for a weight of only 910 g. It will therefore not encumber your vehicle. If you have more than one bike, just remove it and place it on another in no time at all. You just need your two-wheeler to be between 26 ” and 29 ” in size.

In addition, this model can be positioned on a seat post with a diameter between 25.4 mm and 32 mm. To add a note to your safety, the manufacturer has developed a space dedicated to the installation of a reflector at the rear. So you can ride safely in the evening or at night.


Ease of Set Up : When assembling, you won’t need to take out your DIY arsenal. The processes are carried out manually and easily.

Robust configuration: The structure is made entirely of high quality aluminum. It remains resistant to climatic conditions, but also to excessive use.

Adaptability: The platform is horizontally and vertically adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of bikes.


Lack of a retaining strap: users find that the presence of a strap would add more to the stability of your belongings during transport.

Delta Cycle 4 Bike Rack 

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The Beam Rack MTX bearing the Topeak logo is also an alternative if you cannot decide on what equipment to purchase. This specimen can accommodate various types of bicycle. You will have no trouble installing it on an ATV, a road model, an eBike, or even a foldable vehicle. It is enough to assemble it at the level of the seat post.

This product is also compatible with the various saddlebags of the same brand. It includes a rail system making it easier to receive them as well as their removal in an instant. Despite this, the mechanism ensures the stability of the load by incorporating a locking device.

As for its structure, the manufacturer has opted for aluminum. Lightweight, it weighs just 696g while advancing a setup capable of supporting a 9kg load without bending.


Easy assembly: The installation of this equipment is done in a jiffy. You just need a 5mm Allen key to make it.

Safe handling: With QuickTrack technology, the installation of a bag or other equipment is done with a simple sliding on the rails. Once mounted, the system locks automatically.


Extra bag: For the price displayed by the brand for the purchase of this specimen, consumers believe that a few accessories should be in the lot.

WEIZE Hitch Bike Rack

If you take a look at the features of this piece of equipment from Thule, you will quickly get an answer to the question: what is the best bicycle rack on the market? Indeed, consumers are categorical about its performance. In addition, this model includes a practical installation system that allows it to be positioned on the front wheel as that of the rear of your vehicle.

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As for its structure, you are dealing with an aluminum coating. Light and robust, this reference is able to withstand a load of around ten kilos. Its design also guarantees easy adaptation to all types of bicycle: road, urban, or mountain bike.

The platform incorporates a non-slip rubber pad to ensure the immobilization of your packages once on it. On the sides, there are rails to accept the addition of saddlebags and other materials of this kind.


Versatile: This equipment can be set up on the front or the back of your bike. All you have to do is find the location that best suits the nature of your uses.

Innovative system: This model has a fixing mechanism with a magnetic connection. It comes into play to increase the stability of the whole during your travels. This by limiting any vibrations that could bother you.


Difficult assembly: The installation, however, requires a good dose of concentration. Certain steps must be carried out with optimum precision.

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Where to buy the best bicycle rack at the moment? Lylin offers you the possibility of easily answering this question with the presentation of this model. The latter is suitable for holders of vehicles with a seat tube diameter of less than 33 mm. It gives you access to an installation on many types of bicycle.

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The frame of this reference is entirely designed with a high quality aluminum alloy. This realization allows it to accommodate loads of a fairly significant weight. In addition, it advances an interesting lightness making it possible to reduce the dimensions as much as possible.

By acquiring this product, you will not have to carry out any other transactions since the lot includes all the materials, which you need to proceed immediately to its installation after unpacking. It also comes with a carrying bag that also serves as a storage tool for the different parts that you will disassemble.


Load capacity: This equipment is able to support a weight of 50 kg without flexing. This gives you the opportunity to expand its fields of activity.

Adjustable System: The platform can be adjusted horizontally so that you can easily adapt it to the size of your luggage. In this way, you will avoid the risk of discomfort during your movements.


Screw Design: Users find the fasteners a bit long and stay fairly close to the spokes. This mostly happens when you install the additional brackets.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Storage Rack 

Take a trip to ThreeH if you can’t find a good place to buy a new bicycle rack. The brand will offer you this specimen to install on the back of your bicycle, provided that the latter does not include a suspension system.

This device has two possible mounting modes. You can attach it only to the seat post. If you plan to haul heavy loads, you can also set up the brackets that tie up to the rear fork. They are also retractable so that you can change their position according to the size of the wheels.

This reference incorporates a platform with the correct dimensions to accommodate various kinds of business. It also carries an elastic cord which serves as a stabilizer so that your package comes to a stop during the journey.


Sturdy: This equipment advances a high quality aluminum alloy structure and might just be the best bicycle rack for this reason. It remains resistant to intensive handling and various wear factors.

Interesting strength: Once installed on your bike, this model is able to withstand a load of 50 kg.

Secure: This device includes elements optimizing its safety of use. There are protective seals to preserve the condition of the frame, but also a reflector at the rear to prevent accidents when you move at night.


Assembly manual: Some people find that the illustrations in the manual are not explicit enough.

RockyMounts BackStage 2″ Receiver Swing Away platform hitch 2 bicycle rack

The Zefal R50 appeals above all to users with its solid configuration. The brand has chosen 6061 aluminum for the realization of its frame. The particularity of this element lies in its great resistance to various external alterations. It is also not afraid of intensive use.

This model is positioned at the back of your vehicle. It has brackets for attachment to the seat post and the wheel fork. The presence of these various metal cross members accentuates the stability of the whole.

This specimen includes a 35 * 12 cm platform. It cannot be adjusted horizontally, but the R50 still provides great compatibility. Indeed, it can be set up on bicycles from 26 ” to 29 ”. With a total weight of 750 g, it does not risk adding more space to your load.


Manufacture according to the standard: This equipment meets ISO 11243: 2016 certification. This guarantees the quality of the assembly.

Robust structure: The framework of this material is entirely made of aluminum. It has also undergone multiple treatments in order to effectively resist corrosion and various wear factors.


Careful assembly : The assembly instructions must be followed carefully so as not to find yourself in difficulty after a few steps.

Purchase guide

The luggage rack is presented as a practical solution for cyclists who regularly move with their belongings. However, the acquisition of this equipment should in no case be done after a whim. There are different parameters that you need to pay attention to in order to determine how to buy the best value for money bicycle rack.

The type

When you visit a buying guide for the best bike racks around, the first criterion to check out by connoisseurs will be consideration of the type of your future equipment. Indeed, there are two main categories of material.

First there are the specimens that attach to the front of your vehicle. They are often intended for light loads such as saddlebags, briefcases or even satchels. They have an anchoring system that is positioned around the wheel via the eyelets. They can also be installed directly on the fork via clamps.

Then we have the models to put in place at the rear of the vehicle. They are intended for people who frequently carry heavy loads. For this purpose, they do not obstruct the view of the driver. They are mounted at the fork or on the axle of the rear wheel. If the shape of the frame does not allow them to be fitted, it is possible to turn to the references which are fixed on the seat post.

Don’t forget to take a look at the compatibility of your future gear with your bike and the different accessories you plan to use like baby seats, baskets, panniers, etc.

The configuration

To know how to choose the best bike racks of 2021, you will also need to take stock of the design of the platform. Here again, you will be dealing with several categories when you visit a price comparison.

Simple models: This type of equipment gives you the freedom to customize the fixing of your packages according to your wishes. Just lay them on top and secure them with plastic straps. The straps may or may not be removable depending on the specimen.

Materials with retaining valve: As their name suggests, they are fitted with a spring mechanism in which you will place your luggage. The valve acts as a stabilizer so that the assembly remains stationary during the various movements. If you are an urban cyclist, this kind of accessory might be right for you.

Devices with fixing rails: They are designed to receive hooked saddlebags on either side of the wheel. The system does not come off until after an intervention, which leaves its use relatively safe.

The references with supports for saddlebags: These are intended above all for lovers of long journeys or travelers. They usually incorporate protective bars to prevent your belongings from rubbing against the tire.

The material of manufacture

If you want to enjoy your equipment for the long haul, it is imperative that you focus on the material it was designed with. Manufacturers use various elements in order to grab the attention of consumers. It’s up to you to find the one that will meet your expectations.

Wood is one of the most popular materials for its natural aesthetic. It brings a touch of elegance to all of your frames. It remains interesting in terms of robustness, but nevertheless requires a serious implication concerning its maintenance. It also has a low load capacity.

Aluminum, for its part, attracts buyers with its winning combination of strength and lightness. Once installed, it has little influence on the total weight of your vehicle. In terms of durability, it does not sag under the influence of climatic conditions. It remains the cheapest compared to the other items in this review. Models made with this metal are usually able to accommodate a load of around twenty kilos.

As for steel, it offers optimum resistance to various wear factors. It has a high capacity to support heavy loads (up to 40 kg) and is easily repaired in the event of damage. However, it seems necessary to pay attention to the structure so that it does not get attacked by rust.

However, titanium remains the best performing of all. In addition to having a relatively low weight, it is not afraid of shocks, impacts, weather, or intensive use. In return, you will obviously have to pay the price.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to install a luggage rack on a bicycle?

To begin with, you must first check the presence of the eyelets compatible with the luggage rack. It is sufficient to pass the attachment system of the equipment through the threaded holes and screw it in with a suitable wrench. If your bicycle does not have eyelets, you can always turn to a tightening ring. This accessory takes place on the frame of the bike and incorporates holes intended to accommodate the support of the equipment.

In some cases, one can also rely on the mounting collars that attach to the bicycle seatstays. These modules are useful when your vehicle is equipped with suspension forks. We can also turn to the materials that attach to the brake calipers or to the rear seat post. Note that these are relatively fragile and cannot accommodate heavy loads.

Q2: How to fix a crate on a bicycle rack?

First of all, you have to position the box in question on the luggage rack to take your bearings. Score points side by side in different places on the underside of the crate. These marks must follow the periphery of the luggage rack and the thickness of the bars which constitute it. Keep in mind that the presence of many holes will only strengthen the fixing of the assembly.

There can be up to six or eight pairs of ports. Using a drill, make the openings that you have previously positioned. Place the crate on the luggage rack and check that the distance between the holes is compatible with the passage of the support bars below. Stabilize it with a hose clamp. Cut off the protruding ends of the accessories with a chisel.

Q3: Does the baby bike seat come on the frame or on the luggage rack?

In general, you can start to transport your baby on a bicycle from the moment he manages to control his body concerning the sitting position. This period may be around its 6th month. From this age and up to the age of 3, it is possible to install your child in a seat that attaches to the frame or the handlebars of your vehicle.

In this way, you can easily watch him in his movements. It will also allow you to establish a certain bond between your toddler and you. Just make sure your equipment has toe clips to reduce the chances of your toe getting stuck in the spokes of the vehicle.

Q4: What to choose: a front or rear bicycle rack?

Your selection will depend entirely on the nature of your belongings as well as their weight. Note that the specimens which are installed in the back of your bicycle have a greater load capacity than those intended to be installed in the front. If you therefore plan to transport equipment with a fairly large mass, it is better to turn to models that attach to the rear.

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