Start Skateboarding – How To Adjust Your Skateboard?

Proper adjustment of your skate is essential if you are new to this sport. Indeed, your performance largely depends on the adjustments you make. Rest assured, we will tell you everything about this point in this article. Thus, you will not need outside help to make the adjustments.

The privileges of skateboarding

Finding its source in California, Skateboarding is now practiced around the world. As a sporting activity, skateboarding helps you stay in good shape. Indeed, it uses most of the muscles of the body. It is therefore a good way to promote heart health and also to reduce stress. In addition, the skate represents a functional and economical means of transport. By adopting it, you can go almost anywhere. In addition, it is not necessary to look for a parking lot. The practice of this activity is also very popular since it brings a lot of fun and allows you to enjoy the outdoors without constraint.

Successfully assembling a skateboard

This is a simple operation to perform, but it may seem complicated for beginners. Still, you’ll just have to follow a few steps to get your board up and running. To do this, you should start by seizing your board. Then, install the screws inside the 8 integrated holes. Once this is done, you will have to put the trucks on the side of the patterns with the axis inward. In order to secure the truck to the board, simply screw in the nuts. In the next step, you need to place two bearings in each of the wheels. You will then need to insert the 4 wheels on the trucks. Make sure you find the best position to ensure the stability of the whole. Then screw in with the nut and your skateboard is ready to use.

All about the tightening of trucks

There are a number of reasons that should prompt you to tighten up your trucks. This practice is required when you want to pass over imposing obstacles. At this point, you will have no trouble putting the figures back in place with tighter trucks. In order to get the curve right, most skateboarders prefer to have firm trucks. This also makes it possible to remain very stable on the board and especially not to feel the “wooble” effect. This practice is also adopted by many skateboarders who want to gain speed. In addition, falls are more frequent when the wheels rub against the board. Screwing the trucks is the best initiative at this time in order to have more stability and also to succeed in tricks.

There are other reflexes when tightening trucks that you should master if you want to move efficiently. Among them is the change of the gums if you find that they are very cracked. On the other hand, if the ones used on the board are of poor quality, it is better to opt for harder models. This initiative is also necessary to adapt to the evolution of the skater. Indeed, the latter can take a few pounds as time passes. Otherwise, changes to the trucks can be a must if you notice that they don’t turn the same way.

Adjust the trucks

Not all skateboarders with a good skateboard have the same vision for tuning the trucks. Indeed, some swear by tight trucks, while others prefer them loose. Anyway, the choice of this technique should depend on the sensations of each skater.

If you are a beginner, it is best to keep your trucks tight so that you can improve faster in this practice. Then you can loosen up depending on how much progress you make. Once you have mastered all of the techniques, you will be free to find the right setting that makes you feel comfortable. This shows that the adaptations to be made are personal and depend on the feelings of each of the owners.

Adjusting the trucks is not a complicated operation. You can do this, even if you’ve only been skating for a short time. You mainly need to equip yourself with a pipe wrench. Then use this tool to tighten and unscrew the bolts that hold the truck. Otherwise, other adjustments may also be required in order to optimize your skate. This is the case for the grip on the ground or the rotation of the wheels. Either way, you will have to proceed according to your feelings.

Solve your skateboard problems

The best skateboard ends up losing performance over time and with practice. At this point, there are problems that begin to be felt. From time to time you may hear weird crackles and noises coming from the trucks as well as from the gums. To fix this inconvenience, you should instead turn to the pivot rubbers. These are located inside the latter. Then lubricate the bushings to eliminate the unpleasant squeaks you hear every time you skate. Also, do not hesitate to renew this operation regularly.

Regarding the lubricant to use, prefer products containing silicon since they are suitable for plastics. Otherwise, you can opt for simpler alternatives such as using petroleum jelly or soap that does not contain chemicals.

Whether it’s a cheaper or more expensive skateboard, it can get wobbly at some point. This problem could be caused by improper adjustment of the rings. Having said that, you should adjust the steering so that it is slightly more “loose”. Then, practice for a few hours, as the problem should resolve itself quickly. In order for the bushings to fit inside the trucks more easily, you should make a lot of curves. In addition, do not forget to regularly check the rings which must have optimal contact with the washers and the base. If everything is in order, then your skate should be able to regain its performance.

In addition, the instability of your skateboard can also be caused by issues with the pivot cup rubber. The best solution in this case is to loosen the trucks. You should then consider purchasing new, higher quality erasers.

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