Saucony Kinvara 8 – Review

Main advantage

The Saucony Kinvara 8 running shoes boast an extremely light and versatile design that allows you to run for several kilometers without feeling any discomfort. Ideal for both competition and high-intensity training, they feature an Engineered Mesh upper that ensures stability and comfort at every step.

Main disadvantage

The only weak point of the model is the tread, quite solid overall, but with poor traction on wet surfaces, probably due to the thin thickness of the rubber in the forefoot area.


What differentiates them from previous versions

It is not the first time that we analyze Saucony running shoes , a North American company leader in the production of footwear and sportswear, which is appreciated for the good quality of its products and the very competitive cost at which they are offered. After the success of the first seven editions of the Kinvara series, the brand has launched the eighth version on the market which – according to comments published online by those who have been running for years with these shoes on their feet – offers adequate performance at the price.

The main novelties of this “update” are already noticeable at first glance, with a more comfortable lacing system, which does not tighten excessively on the instep, and a more aerodynamic design that ensures greater reactivity both in the push phase. both at the moment of detachment.

They have been designed, therefore, to meet the needs of runners looking for a shoe that is versatile and, at the same time, light and flexible enough to allow them to run over long distances without causing excessive stress to the foot. A goal that, according to users, has been fully achieved thanks to a weight of only 295 grams which increases stabilization during the roll and favors the natural rotation of the foot.

If, in addition to athletic performance, you also want to improve your style, with this shoe on your feet you will not run the risk of disfiguring thanks to its original and whimsical look that adapts to all tastes and any type of sporting activity. The colors available are seven and allow you to easily identify the version corresponding to your aesthetic canons.

Upper and midsole

In addition to having a drop of four millimeters that aims to cushion impacts and protect the joints during the support phase, these running shoes are a concentrate of comfort and flexibility.

The Engineered Mesh upper, made without seams and with a texture reinforced by a FlexFilm layer heat-sealed on the flexion points, adapts like a glove to the natural physiognomy of the foot, wrapping it comfortably without, however, limiting perspiration.

Thanks to the perforated outer lining, the dispersion of moisture produced during workouts is encouraged to keep the skin perfectly dry and minimize the formation of annoying sweat stagnations, so as to be able to train better and longer.

In this version, moreover, we notice how the profile of the shell is more rounded and lower than the previous versions, a device that has the precise objective of reducing the pressure on the heel, returning a more comfortable and safe fit even in case of impacts with surfaces. particularly hard and bumpy.

As for the midsole, the Everun cushioning system in injection-molded EVA foam ensures a more reactive response to stress, improving the support and stability of the foot without feeling any discontinuity in the support phases.

The tread

Another element that has made the Saucony Kinvara 8 extremely appreciated by runners with good running biomechanics is the carbon rubber sole, which is more rigid in the heel area and softer under the forefoot to effectively disperse vibrations due to the impact with the ground and at the same time speeding up the transition between stance and deadlift.

In combination with the FormFit footbed, this feature ensures an excellent elastic return that allows less energy dissipation to run longer (even up to 100 km) with less fatigue. However, the reduction of the thickness of the sole in order to lighten the overall weight of the shoe, has as a consequence the decrease of the grip on wet and smooth surfaces, with the risk of slipping if you do not pay due attention.

Except for this small flaw, for the rest we can be fully satisfied with the performance offered by this reinterpretation of the Saucony Kinvara, which is ideal for both fast-paced racing and long-distance races.

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