If you have just bought a bodybuilding multistation , you are probably interested in knowing a routine with a multistation machine that goes according to your needs, either to burn fat in the upper and lower torso or to combine exercise and lose weight throughout the body.

 Therefore, in this article we will leave you some exercises accompanied by a fairly simple routine, accompanied by an exercise table that you can combine to get a better performance based on putting aside monotonous exercise. Let’s go there!

What exercises can I do with a multi-gym machine?

The number of exercises you can perform with a multi-station or multi-function is extremely wide. There are many exercises that you can carry out to exercise. However, it is unnecessary to know all the exercises (at least not in the beginning).

 What matters here is that you at least know the best exercises, the most basic, and important, and that they have a high rate of fat burning.

 Next, we leave you some exercises that are basic, and that are the best to be well healthy:

  • Open grip, close grip, or neutral grip chest pull. Ideal for working the chest and back muscles

  • Pull behind the neck. Excellent, although it can be harmful, and requires sufficient experience

  • Closed or open rowing machine. A very interesting variant of exercise. It can be carried out from below, or from above and even at medium height. Each with different benefits to biceps and other muscles.

  • Pull Over. Excellent exercises for arms, although it is important to take good care of your posture

  • Chest press. A basic exercise, ideal for the arms, with an extremely low level of difficulty and a very interesting weight curve.

  • Machine chest openings. An exercise that involves many arm muscles. Ideal to gain volume of arms.

  • Pectoral abduction. Interesting exercise that allows you to work the muscles of the arms individually, including chest muscles and arms.


If you are interested, you can watch the video where there are many more details about each exercise in the following video:

How do I create my routine with a multi-gym machine?

As we mentioned before, the multistation machine allows you to perform multiple exercises. 

Actually, creating a routine is not complex at all. We can perform 4 repetitions of between 10 and 8 rounds of exercises of each, in total with 3-4 daily exercises.

You can vary between chest, back, abs, arms or legs depending on your individual needs. Likewise, we will leave you an exercise table created by a physical change.

With these resources, creating a routine with a multistation machine will be simple, and it is much better than adapting to doing the same number of exercises all the time.

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