Reviews On Salomon Speedcross 4

The most important advantages:

These are running shoes for men who value comfort. They are light and airy. During training, the feet do not sweat, which effectively prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and the multiplication of bacteria. A special tread on the sole provides traction on both soft and muddy surfaces.

The most important disadvantages:

The footwear is intended only for people with a neutral foot, i.e. one that does not swing to the inside or outside edge. Supinators and pronators should look for a different model that is better suited to the way they position their feet while running.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

A simple, yet strong lacing system allows the shoes to fit well to the feet, which prevents them from constantly slipping. Special straps stabilize the metatarsus, and the Light Weight Muscle technology supports cushioning, and also gives back energy at the impact. The footwear ensures safety during training, also due to the reduced risk of slipping, which is why the reviews published about Salomon Speedcross 4 are positive.


Ortholite sockliner

Inside the shoes there is a special Ortholite insole, which has anti-fungal properties (this is due to the addition of charcoal). You do not have to worry about the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms responsible for the appearance of mycosis. Importantly, the insole has a soft finish, so it provides comfort while running and walking.


The footwear is suitable for everyday training. We can run in them throughout the season without worrying about destroying them. It is a model with a solid, dark-colored upper that is not susceptible to dirt. The Salomon Speedcross 4 test showed that the Rip-Stop technology used prevents accidental tearing of the upper, which could prevent further wear of the footwear. In all places most exposed to damage (e.g. in the vicinity of the fingers), the material has been reinforced with a properly selected fiber.

Contagrip sole

The Contagrip sole is made of several layers and has been designed to ensure comfort and safety while running in demanding terrain, also in unfavorable weather conditions. The bottom of the shoes provides good shock absorption (also when walking) and reduces the feeling of pressure on the heel. What’s more, the sole stabilizes the foot on uneven surfaces, as a result of which it always stays in place, even when the footwear is slightly tilted.


MudGuard is a special collar placed at the base of the upper. Thanks to it, the shoes are well protected against the ingress of mud, stones and sand. We can run freely on any surface without feeling any discomfort. The price of the Salomon Speedcross 4 is not very high, considering how solid and comfortable the shoes are. It is also important that the upper is waterproof.


The Quicklace lacing system allows you to quickly adjust the shoes to the feet, and at the same time comfortable to put on and take off. The shoes are equipped with a Kevlar shoelace that does not require tying, which is a very convenient convenience. There is a small pocket on the tongue in which we can hide its excess. A similar system is used in hiking shoes as well as cross-country ski boots. While running, we do not have to control whether the laces are tightly tied, because they certainly will not come loose by themselves. Thus, we do not have to take breaks to correct them.

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