Reviews On Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

The most important advantages:

These are men’s running shoes with a breathable mesh upper. It is seamless, so it does not irritate the skin of the feet and does not contribute to the formation of painful abrasions. Footwear works very well especially in summer, but you can also wear them in spring and autumn. There is a Zoom Air cushion on the entire length of the sole which is responsible for cushioning the feet.

The most important disadvantages:

The sole is not stiff enough to make the footwear suitable for running on unpaved surfaces. Men who are looking for shoes adapted to training in more difficult terrain, e.g. in the forest, should find another model.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10

The shoes are designed for running on paved surfaces such as pavement and asphalt. Reading the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 reviews, you can conclude that this is a good proposition for beginners as well as more experienced runners. The dark colors make the footwear universal and match any training outfit.


Multilayer sole

The sole consists of several layers. The outer one is made of durable rubber, so you don’t have to worry that it will wear out quickly. Special grooves (Waffle Pistons) guarantee very good grip, especially on wet surfaces. The risk of falling and getting injured is low, so you can exercise freely even in the rain. In the middle layer of the sole there is a gas cushion and light Cushlon foam responsible for cushioning. One cannot but mention the Beveled Heel, i.e. the characteristic, upturned heels. This solution provides the joints with protection against excessive overload. Despite the use of modern technology, the price of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is not too high.

Engineered Mesh

Engineered Mesh is a mesh material from which the upper is made. Compared to other fabrics, it is more flexible, and at the same time light and durable, which translates into greater solidity of the footwear. Thanks to the use of mesh, the shoes bend properly and also ensure constant air circulation. Feet do not sweat too much, and we do not have to worry about the appearance of unpleasant odors.


The patented FlyWire lacing system consists of thin, yet solid, Kevlar lines. They are routed to the center of the upper with upwardly projecting loops through which the laces are threaded. We can tie the shoes so tightly that they do not slip off the feet and fit them well (without causing excessive pressure). While running, you can feel good stabilization, which additionally encourages you to continue training and improving your results.

A modern cushioning system

The modern Nike Air Zoom cushioning system was used in the production of the footwear, which provides protection against strong impacts on the ground. This has a significant impact on the condition of our joints and the entire skeletal system. In addition, the risk of an ankle sprain during training is much lower. It is important that the appropriate level of depreciation is also provided for people who are quite overweight. This was confirmed by the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 test.

Reflective details
There are small reflective elements on the upper, which allows for safe training after dark. There is no need to wear additional bands or other reflective accessories to be clearly visible to other road users (although you can use them if necessary).

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