Reviews On Adidas Duramo 9

The most important advantages:

The outer sole has deep grooves, which guarantees good adhesion to the ground. In turn, its middle layer and Ortholite insole provide adequate cushioning. The footwear is light and stylish. It works well during outdoor training, as well as in the gym. These are good running shoes that are versatile.

The most important disadvantages:

The thin mesh upper is prone to water penetration, so the shoes are not suitable for training in the rain. Probably wet soon not only shoes, but also socks, and this causes discomfort. In addition, it can contribute to the development of infections.

Verdict: 9.4 / 10

The shoes are available in black, so you can easily match them with your sports outfit. They are intended for men, especially those who are just starting their training, who do not fully know what surface they will run on. The footwear is solid and should not wear out after one season, which is confirmed by 9 opinions about Adidas Duramo.


Constant air circulation

Even on a hot day, we should not complain about the comfort of training. The upper is made of a thin mesh that allows air to pass through, so the foot does not sweat excessively. The Ortholite insert prevents the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. It also prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors, which is a common problem among people who train intensively.

Adiwear sole

Made of solid rubber, the Adiwear sole is durable and therefore resistant to abrasion. The important thing is that it does not leave any traces on the floor. You can safely exercise indoors or warm up at home when it’s cold outside. Thanks to the grooves, the risk of accidentally slipping and falling has been reduced to a minimum, so we do not have to worry about suffering a painful injury. The middle layer of the sole is made of soft Cloudfoam foam, which is responsible for cushioning the foot and reducing pressure. While the bottom of the footwear is durable, as is the upper itself, the Adidas Duramo 9 price remains attractive.

Textile lining

Inside the footwear there is a textile lining. It is soft and does not irritate the delicate skin of the feet. You do not have to worry that after or during the training, there will be a problem with painful abrasions that may prevent you from continuing the run. Men emphasize that you can wear thin socks for training.


They are not heavy boots, they weigh approx. 281 g (size 42.5). The Adidas Duramo 9 test was carried out and it turned out that the footwear is almost imperceptible on the feet, which has a positive effect on the freedom and comfort of exercise. The lightness of the model is influenced by several applied solutions. They include, among others a special material of the upper, which is thin, but at the same time strong and resistant to tearing.

Dirt resistance

Since the footwear is black, it is not very susceptible to dirt. In shoes, you can run freely outside, also on a sandy or dusty surface. After finishing the training, it is enough to lightly shake the upper, or wipe it with a damp cloth. It’s a good idea to wash your shoes from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you should give up exercise on this day. They dry relatively quickly, especially if they are placed near a radiator or in a sunny place. Keeping your shoes clean is very simple.

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