ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews 2022

The PFEL03815K hybrid trainer ProForm is a new, high quality and flexible hybrid trainer with a compact 2 in 1 design that is suitable for changing from lift to elliptical with a generous 15 inch foot and 16 different resistance levels. You can use the recessed cycle for an Aerobic, Cardio and 16 pre-determined exercise programs to add diversity to your workout and help you reach your objectives for your upper, heart, and lower body for overall toning. The elliptical trainer is also available for you. With the soft handles you can easily use the upper body, and it can be easily lifted by simply raising the pedals, placing them back in position and sitting for the recumbent bike to ride. Thanks to the “Silent Magnetic Resistance,” SMR you may listen to music or watch a TV show to take away your mind and go with the external distraction for more time, you can also plug on your MP3 player or your iPod into the device. You will have a very peaceful training session. You can select from 16 digital resistance levels so you can go from beginner to progressive. It comes complete with a big LCD monitor. Full exercise monitoring, inertia enhanced flywheel, aim package, EKG Gripp Pulse are all of other features, so that you’ll see the exact pulse rate on the sensor panel and have a tablet holder.

With its strong stainless steel frame, and high-quality parts, like other ProForm Units, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer has very wide adjustable cockpit pedals. It has a good look and very lightweight design and transport wheel so that you can settle it and it can carry users weighing 350 pounds, because it is a very robust unit and has strong build quality. iFit smart fitness technique allows you to choose the path as Google Maps have been built in so that you have the sensation to work out several parts of the world every day and that along with the other well established trainers you can access and practice the training courses by Heidi and Chris Powell. The LCD panel lets you see the power reader on display and slow or faster as you wish. The watts are shown in the LCD panel. As a small con we do not know about cooling fans and not proper entertainment options other than the iPod compatibilized MP3 port and two speakers. And when considered as entertainment, you can clearly see what you get with iFit, and with its adjustable screen, even if you are very large or very short. It comes with a workpiece warranty of 90 days and 5 years in the frame for a really good brand. In the fitness equipment industry ProForm is one of the most well established brands with hundreds of patents on brand-only inventions.


ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews

Perfect, both for the athlete and for the members of your whole family:
– Achieve better muscle definition by changing the stride of your training
– With the ProForm Hybrid Trainer  whole family can enjoy a stride length that works for everyone of them


Inertia (kg)

NC kg


motorized magnetic on 20 levels

Of programs


Max user weight

135 kg

Console (no. Of windows)


Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors (optional belt)

Max tilt







171 cm


67 cm


176 cm


97 kg

Carton dimensions

1.69 x 0.45 x 0.78 (L x W x H)

DESCRIPTION OF ProForm Hybrid Trainer

The Elliptical ENDURANCE 720E of PROFORM is an elliptical “family” all designed to build muscle.

– Offers 20 levels of Magnetic Resistance electronically adjusted by digital buttons on the console. Each level is smooth, frictionless and quiet with the patented SMR ™ Magnetic Resistance system is silent.
– Easily Adjustable Resistance: To burn more calories, increase intensity and improve your muscle tone, simply adjust the resistance of the elliptical trainer. You get faster results and get more out of your session thanks to this adjustable resistance.
– Effective inertia of 9 kg offers you a fluid and comfortable movement for a training in the best conditions.

– Incline available on your elliptical, you can hike in the mountains without leaving your living room!
– With a quick adjustment, this ramp moves incline up to 20 degrees which allow you to focus your workout on specific muscle groups. Target glutes, quads and calves on realistic trails.

Large 14 cm LCD screen makes it easy to read information during your workout:
– TIME : Elapsed exercise time in minutes seconds
– DISTANCE : Distance covered during each exercise
– SPEED : Displays your speed in km / h
– RESISTANCE : the resistance selected during your exercise
– CALORIES : Estimated calories burned
– HEART RATE : The meter displays your pulse rate in beats per minute

24 Programs which automatically modify the resistance, with in particular:
– 1 manual program.
– 12 pre-recorded programs with precise objectives. For each of these programs, you will have a profile that will be displayed on the console.
– 1 programmable program will allow you to easily create your own programs on the screen.
– 4 programs according to the heart rate (55%, 75%, 90% of the theoretical max frequency and one according to your objective) for a more complete control of your training.
Ipod compatible, with 2 intermix Acoustics speakers. Pulse

EKG ™ Grip Pulse Touch Sensor:
– Get the most out of each of your workouts by controlling your heart rate thanks to the sensors (double grips integrated in the arms) incorporated into the support bars, make sure you are always in your heart training zone to reach your goals.
– Bluetooth compatible (heart rate monitor sold separately)

pedals:- These large pedals allow you a large number of different foot positions and guarantee you great stability during your training. Adjustable step length 45-51 cm
– Track your fitness with the help of this recovery test built into the console. He is your best friend to know your progress.

– Large non-slip pedals.
– Level compensators for great stability.
– Fixed position if you want to rest the upper body or simply work the lower body.
– Transport wheels at the front to move and store the elliptical trainer at the end of the workout.
– Bottle Holder, stay hydrated during your session by keeping your water bottle close to you thanks to the integrated bottle holder.
– AC wall adapter, included: plug it in to power your console electrically if you prefer not to use batteries.

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