We were recently talking about the very popular Powerbuilding . A type of training style, which is based on Powerlifting, a fairly old sport, but with disciplines with good roots.

 Therefore, this time we had to talk about what Powerlifting is, what it consists of, we will talk about some training sessions, and we will also analyze how it differs from Powerbuilding. Let’s go!

What is Powerlifting?

The Powerlifting or powerlifting is a discipline that involves performing a series of exercises of power where strength is the protagonist.

 It is not only a training style, but also a competition, a sport that has been growing a lot in recent years, although it has been professionally born for more than 50 years.

 In itself, training for Powerlifting has several variants of traditional exercise, despite the fact that the bases consist of exercises that you surely already know, only that they are executed in different ways to increase muscular dystrophy in certain areas, and maximize the power of the muscles .

 As in any sport, it has several categories, which are based on age, weight or gender.

Basic Powerlifting exercises

Within Powerlifting there are 3 basic exercises that are essential to carry out the exercise, and that are carried out within competitions, as well as part of the practice.

 Even for those who do not want to carry out the sport, but do want to be stronger every day, these are the exercises that they must develop in order to obtain more and more power. Let’s see then, what exercises are:

Squat with weight

The weighted squat is the most basic Powerlifting workout . In itself, it is executed similar to traditional squats, with the big difference, that since we will be working with a lot of weight, here we will not care so much about the repetitions, but the power we have.

 The first thing to consider is that here a wide grip is made, and a low bar is chosen. In addition, we will have to focus a lot on that the feet are in the correct position (at the width of the shoulders, straight), and with our eyes to the front, we make the descent and ascent of the bar.

Bank press

The bench press is perhaps the one that has perhaps the greatest difference in terms of executing the traditional bench press, since we are looking for hypertrophy in the chest. This, to achieve a better grip, and get all the muscular power of our arms.

To begin, you will have to support your back on the bench press bench , and create a scapular retraction. We take the bar and then create a lumbar arch with the back, to remove the bar, and lower the glutes, and perform the rise and fall of the bar.

Dead weight

The biggest difference from the deadlift is that it can be done in sumo or conventional, depending on individual needs, with the sumo deadlift being the one that is generally carried out the most, mainly because of its ability to lift the greatest amount of weight.

The mixed grip is also characteristic, which consists of a grip from the upper area, and another from the lower area. However, this can lead to asymmetries in the muscles.

Likewise, we leave you a video of Joan Pradells, who is a Powerlifting specialist, who tells you in much more detail how to carry out the exercises.

Powerlifting Rules

As we mentioned, the exercises are carried out in a slightly different way than usual. However, not only that, but they also have rules within the competition, which are:


  • The flexion should be deep, so the hips should go below the top of the knees.
  • It is not possible to do a double bounce to get up, support elbows, arms or legs. Neither take momentum or lower the body during the descent.
  • It is not possible to drop the bar before the execution.

Bank press

  • The bar cannot be lowered beyond the sternum, and must make brief contact with the athlete’s torso
  • Cannot perform downward movements while lifting
  • The bar should not be pushed with the chest or part of the bench.
  • Arms and elbows should be fully extended before releasing the bar.

Dead weight

  • The knees should be completely straight, and the body erect, with the shoulders back during the lift
  • The bar cannot be lowered before reaching the final position. Nor can it be supported on thighs before releasing it on the platform

Powerlifting vs Powerbuilding How are they different?

As we mentioned before, Powerlifting is related to Powerbuilding, and the latter is based on PL to create its routines. However, it combines both power, muscle symmetry concepts, and bodybuilding aesthetics, creating a concept that will not only give you more strength, but also a much more aesthetic body.

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