Powerbuilding is nothing new. However, it has gained a lot of relevance lately, and it is a trend mostly among the English public, but it is growing more and more in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

 But what is Powebuilding, why is it fashionable and how is it linked to Powerlifting and bodybuilding? This is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, where we will be analyzing what it consists of, why it is so “ingrained” and if it is really worth it. At the same time, we will also talk about errors, and everything related to this fitness universe. Let’s go!

What is Powerbuilding?

Powerbuilding is a relatively new concept, and it is not a discipline or a type of training, since it does not have the fundamental bases that a type of training would have. It could be said, rather, that Powerbuilding is a style of training that involves Powerlifting and Bodybuilding or Bodybuilding.

 This style of training combines the best parts of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding, to make a new type of style, where we will look for an intermediate point between both disciplines.

 That is to say, we are going to seek strength, but at the same time as an aesthetic that is in agreement and in a harmonious way, avoiding the limits to which bodybuilding reaches, and with all the advantages that Powerlifting has.

 Obviously, it is a type of training style that is designed based on the objectives of each person. You see that there are people who go to the gym for their health, others because they want to be the strongest, and others because they want to be healthy, strong, but also with an aesthetic that is adequate. Come on, it is not exaggerated, and that it goes in harmony with all the elements of your body, from the size of the trunk and legs, to its consolidation with the head and arms.

 If we had to give an example that stands out, it would be, for example, the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger over there for his time as a bodybuilder. Although, he had an enviable body, and a very great strength, his aesthetics were not affected, and that is exactly what those who train for Powerbuilding are looking for.

Powerbuilding Why is it fashionable?

Now that we know what this style of training consists of, it is time to ask ourselves And how is it that something that is not new at all (because Schwarzenegger is not a pioneer, it is something that already existed) How is it that it is now fashionable ?

 Well, it’s simple. In a world where most people rely heavily on aesthetics, it is quite normal for most to train for Powerbuilding, regardless of the benefits or cons. Being the tightest against, the one of not being able to give the full potential of the body if you are looking for a competitiveness.

 In addition, today being in shape is more than a fashion: it is a lifestyle. And for many, it is extremely important, but no one wants to feel judged by their body.

How is a Powerbuilding training carried out?

This is the real key question, and it is the most difficult to answer.

 We already told you before, that Powerbuilding is not by far a specific training. There are no bases to train. It is more of a “training style”. Now, if we base ourselves on combining Powerlifting with bodybuilding, it is quite simple: we will have to seek the greatest amount of strength, while not losing aesthetics.

 That is, if we are going to train the upper body, we cannot forget about the legs, as would happen very often in the world of bodybuilding.

 For this, a lot of discipline and hard work is required. There are several trainers who are dedicated to creating training routines of this nature, but due to the roots of this type of training, it is more difficult to create a routine, since it does not count as an ordinary training.

 That is to say, while in a “normal” training you do legs 2 times a week, and do not vary, in Powerbuilding the routines do not necessarily require exponential growth. What really matters is power, not endurance.

 And therefore, hypertrophy is what we will look for. For this there are many exercises, such as  hack weighted squats , deadlifts, bench press , etc. However, what these exercises share in common when executing them is that force must be involved more than the number of repetitions.

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