Polar M430 – Review

The quality of the Polar system is measured on the double track of functionality and a weight of 51 grams and a thickness of 12 mm.

The display is high resolution, with a battery that allows you to manage up to eight hours of autonomy and an integrated GPS which, thanks to the SiRFInstantFix system, helps to correctly locate the position of the athlete. Wide compatibility with heart rate reading and monitoring devices.

A watch that ranks among the most interesting mid-range products ( list of the best products ) on the market, with an enviable quality / price ratio.

POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch, Black (90066335),Medium/Large
  • Optical heart rate monitor - continuous, accurate heart rate without a chest strap via a 6 LED...
  • Integrated GPS - running watch tracks speed, distance, pace and routes. Display resolution: 128 x...

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Main Advantage:

Great advanced functions for running, both outdoors and indoors, with a training program designed for sportsmen, which considers the physical state, so as to best set goals and check results in real time. With the running index you can thus check the results through a precise graph, with the Recovery Status you can also check the recovery time necessary before getting back on the road. Among the smartwatch models, the Polar M430 has a wealth of functions and superior construction care, perfect even for the most demanding sportsmen in terms of performance.

Main Disadvantage:

The size of the display can be improved, with a reading of the data, especially of the messages, which does not allow a complete display of all the information but only a preview of the same. A lack that becomes a limit, especially when compared to an object of this kind with interesting specifications.


Work out

Designed with an eye to those looking for a practical object for running, the Polar M430 also relies on the Polar Flow App, full of content and challenges so as to make the moment of running day after day, an ideal test with which to put yourself to the test, with a wrist support that measures power and cadence.

With the HRmax system you can identify the maximum heart rate, a reference value to be entered on the device which then becomes a term of comparison for subsequent sessions. The watch also marks the heart rate and speed and pace zones, thus being able to verify in detail the whole question linked to these parameters.

Through the Zone Lock setting you create a specific training range, so that when you leave or exceed this limit, the watch will vibrate and beep.


Once in operation, the watch offers a number of versatile elements and settings such as the proprietary Polar Flow which expands and provides all the tools for monitoring as it should be in a high-end product.

With the Running Index analysis you plan a framework and a perspective that provides for the achievement of certain objectives over time. The diary data puts everything in black and white, with a look that moves from the daily, through a weekly or monthly view.

The community with which to share the results and goals of each workout is growing day by day, with ideas and activities that make the challenge more sparkling. A digital archive of over 100 sports then allows you to have a clear idea of ​​progress and flow, with unparalleled customization and always referring to the practice in progress.


Wearing a Polar product also means having a world of other third-party supports on your wrist, which can be easily connected to the object. They range from the heart rate monitor, to then also include other online services that monitor and expand the size of the classic workout. One example is Strava, then switching to another tracking software like TrainingPeaks.

A choice that then also finds in software such as Google Fit and Apple HealthKit, additional supports related to health and psychophysical well-being. Connections that are then also found via computers and laptops, both Windows and with a Mac configuration.

Bluetooth smart synchronization puts the watch in contact with other devices, but with an ad hoc optimized energy consumption management, with the locking system that sets and concentrates the flow of information and data without interference. The training history can be shared from the Polar Flow App to the polarpersonaltrainer.com website.

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