Polar FT1 – Review

Main advantage
Polar has a long experience when it comes to portable heart rate monitors and this is demonstrated by the excellent FT1 watch, extremely precise and able to make you immediately understand your heart rate and effort during training, to allow you to improve maximum performance with extreme professionalism.


Main disadvantage
The band included in the package has a fixed battery that cannot be replaced. Although it has a long life, when it wears out, you will inevitably have to replace the entire band. A problem for consumers who want a product that lasts as long as possible.


Verdict 9.8 / 10
Although there is the problem of the duration of the belt, which is necessary to record heart rate data, the Polar package has a low price despite being state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, those who do not appreciate the band can still replace it with others produced by the company that also have Bluetooth functionality, for connection with smartphones.

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The first heart rate monitor
The Finnish brand Polar is known all over the world for the production of computers for sports training. It is a company famous above all for having produced the first portable heart rate monitor in the world, launched on the market in 1982.

Focusing on a Polar device, therefore, means not only being sure of a high level of professionalism, given by the excellent reputation of the company, but above all opting for years of research and development necessary to introduce on the market the best that technology is able to to offer.

The product that we review here is the FT1 model, a watch capable of returning the heart rate in an extremely precise way thanks to the communication with the chest strap included in the package.

If you are an amateur, using the belt may probably seem like a hassle, however it is the only way to get extremely accurate readings, thus allowing you to train in the exact heart rate.

Although it may seem like a product designed only and exclusively for professionals, it is also very suitable for beginners since FT1 allows you to understand if the initial effort is too intense for your possibilities. This detail allows us to argue that FT1 could be the best heart rate monitor for athletes who take their physical activity very seriously.


Compared to the multitude of smartwatches sold on the market, which also have heart rate monitor mode, Polar’s FT1 is exclusively a training watch, therefore you will not have the possibility of interaction with smartphones, social notifications, music player and all those comforts that a fitness band, for example, it can provide.

But is it a defect? In reality, if we take for example the function of playing audio tracks, we note that those who listen to music during training always have other devices with them such as smartphones, MP3 players and so on, a smartwatch could therefore only increase the comfort in case of change of music track, but the absence of applications on FT1 does not prevent having with you other products designed specifically for music.

As for the heart rate monitor, once positioned correctly, it will start sending a coded signal to the watch that will only pick up its own code, thus preventing interference with other heart rate bands perhaps present in your training area. The watch will therefore display the heart rate which, based on the intensity, can be divided into Light, between 60 and 70%, Moderate between 70 and 80% and finally Hard between 80 and 90%.

In the light zone you will have a better basic resistance with a simpler recovery, therefore ideal for all users. Switching to moderate improves aerobic capacity, for medium-duration workouts, while hard is only for those who no longer struggle with short sessions and need to improve the body’s capabilities.


The watch is built with excellent materials, durable and resistant to shocks and falls. Even the band has the same qualities, however, users have reported a detail that should not be underestimated: the internal battery of the band cannot be replaced. This means that once it is completely exhausted, which could take years, in reality, you can not help but buy a new one.

The cost of the whole package is not excessive, so it should not be a big problem, however it should be emphasized that those wishing to upgrade, moving to a more expensive range and able to also send data to a specific application on a smartphone, can do so by purchasing the Polar H7 bluetooth band, fully compatible with the FT1 heart rate monitor watch.

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