There are many practices that can be combined with sport, however, it is unlikely that you have heard of plogging , a sport that promises to take care of the environment.

What is plogging?

The term plogging is born as the union of the expressions «running» (‘to run’ in English) and «plocka upp» (‘to collect’ in Swedish).

The sport itself is very simple, and consists of collecting waste while going for a run. For this, you have to take a garbage bag, which, to hit the spot even more, can be an ecological bag.

This sport was born as an ecological behavior and full of conscience to take care of the planet, and because of its ease, it does not require much time.

Of course, do not be fooled, because beyond being a practical sport, it requires a certain trick.

And it is that, to collect the waste from the ground, you have to go squatting, and also we cannot lower the rhythm or intensity of the exercise while the waste is collected.

This makes our running much more powerful, being able to burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes.

A little history

Plogging was born in Stockholm, Sweden and soon became a trend in Europe and the United States. There are even those who combine plogging with biking.

Currently at least 100 countries make use of this sport that helps the environment and there are even groups dedicated to this practice. The official plogging page offers more information about this movement.

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