My Basketball Shoes Are Slipping, What Should I Do?

As with all athletic equipment, basketball shoes can have minor issues, such as slippage. To remedy this situation, there are concepts to know, but also tips that you can learn to avoid the concern related to the grip of your basketball shoes .

The nature of the slip

When we talk about basketball shoes that slip, we can meet several types of slips. One can speak, in the first place, of an excessively slippery interior which can be caused by the materials of manufacture of the sole itself. On the other hand, it is possible that the feet of the person wearing the shoes do not conform to the chosen size or have a perspiring character.

In these two cases, it will be quite impossible for the wearer to take full advantage of their equipment while in the field. Thus, one can wonder about the appearance and the nature of the outer sole which can also be the cause of the slip. The slippage of the outsole is easily recognized once you have tried your shoes on in wet or too smooth terrain. If you have the correct size and feel great comfort inside, then you will have to look to the underside of the shoes to find the problem. Moreover, these two types of slips can both be solved by tips that are as simple as they are practical.

Solve internal slippage

If you are convinced that it is the internal part that slips thanks to your feelings, your problem will not be directly the fall. This is because the internal glide will simply take away your balance and grip when you move. What disadvantages you on the one hand during your duels, your dribbles and your shots, and on the other hand, this handicap will only frustrate you. If you bought the wrong size and the shoes are too wide for you, it will be impossible not to experience internal slippage and subsequently a feeling of dissatisfaction. If you can’t return your purchase, turn to the most popular solution, which is the non-slip pad.

In addition to being comfortable, the pads prevent the entire foot from being too much towards the front of the shoe. Besides this first alternative, you also have the choice of replacing the insole with one that is a little more grippy. If you are in the case of shoes that are too wide, it is best to equip yourself with these two elements. You will surely like to know that non-slip pads are just as easy to obtain as soles. If the question of price is not so different for these two products, their complementarities are undeniable on the practical side. There is also the possibility of finding socks that are more grippy, if you do not have the time or the means to find yourself more suitable soles.

Solve the external slip

In most situations, it turns out that the outer soles are always the cause of your sudden falls. Even if your common sense and survival instincts agree on getting rid of your basketball shoes, they aren’t completely good for the trash. If ever your purchase was made without consulting a buying guide or other prerequisite for this sports equipment, you can make up for it with easy tips. Start by dealing with the problem yourself with sandpaper or a nail file to make the sole rougher and therefore, more grip on the ground, whatever the playing field. If this doesn’t prove to be very effective in overcoming the problem, you need to be more perceptive and go for other methods.

Even if you are not a trained shoemaker, there is the option of purchasing sticky skates via the internet and fitting them yourself. If again the prospect does not tempt you too much, you can see the side of the sprays that are sprayed on the soles. The advantages of the spray are multiple, among others the quick drying, its transparency which does not spoil the appearance of the sole, and its increased versatility for all types of shoes. Unlike non-slip pads which cost less than £ 10, the spray is much more expensive, but more convenient, as its usage is not assigned to just a pair of shoes.

How to choose the right basketball shoes

Although this section does not provide a direct answer to the theme dealt with by this user guide, it seems necessary to talk about it. Indeed, if it is the choice of the shoes in question that poses a problem, it is necessary to have a notion in the matter before buying them. For basketball shoes, the first criterion to consider will be your style of play knowing that there are 3 types of shoes for playing basketball. If you are in a playmaker position, shoes with a low upper will work best for your running speed. The most versatile will be those with a mid-low shank that stabilizes the ankle, they are ideal if you are a winger.

On the other hand, if you are a pivot with a more developed morphology, shoes with a high upper give you great stability in return for a greater weight, compared to the other two models. The attachment system will be just as important between models with laces and those without laces. If your playing position requires you to be most vigilant at all times, don’t risk a possible breakthrough from the opponent while you tie your shoelaces. However, a pair of shoes with laces is the most stable and less likely to come off in the middle of a game. If these basketball shoe tips were helpful to you, find our pick of the best products here .

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