Do you want to know some muscle pump exercises ? Then you have come to the right place. We will tell you about everything you need to know about this type of exercise and much more.

The first thing you should know about muscle engorgement exercises is that they are responsible for bringing the muscles you want to increase to their maximum level of work, but … How do they do it? To do this, you must understand how muscle engorgement works.

What is muscle engorgement?

Muscle congestion is an event that occurs within our body every time we perform exercises to increase muscles.

To be more specific, what happens is that our body realizes that there is a specific area that is working more than the rest of our body, so it decides to reduce the oxygenation in the blood of the other sites to add it to the area that is being worked on.

This is done mostly in order to help a little muscle growth. However, it is not good enough that hypertrophy is what causes great muscle growth results.

How to perform these exercises

Now that you know what it is, and what muscle congestion exercises help you with, you need to know that these exercises focus on the area you want to exercise.

So to perform these exercises correctly in the areas you want, you should consider the following:

  •          That the exercises to be performed in the desired muscle area have isolation movements
  •          You should use relatively light weights
  •          Try to implement concentration in the exercises more than anything so that you can really focus on the exercise of the muscle
  •          Perform more repetitions than you are used to reaching your limit

Some muscle pump exercises

As you already know what is necessary, it is time for us to see a little of some exercises of this type and how they should be done in terms of repetitions.


Now, if it comes to the shoulders, one of the exercises you can do to increase growth in this area is the pulley pulls with arms outstretched.

To do this, you must perform 3 to 4 series with repetitions of 12 to 15 times equally. However, without this amount you do not feel that you reach the limit of your body, you can increase it a little more.


For this area, you can perform the exercise of lateral pulley raises. As for the performance, you can perform 3 series with repetitions of 12 to 15 equally. You can also increase the number slightly in case you do not feel the arrival of the body limit.


If the muscle area you want to exercise is the back, one of the ideal exercises for this is the crossing between pulleys. To do it you must do 3 to 4 series with repetitions of 12 to 15 times. For this, a machine that allows it, such as the smith multipower, is always useful . 


A perfect exercise for this area is the seated femoral flexion, to perform it, you must do 3 series and with 15 repetitions each. If you feel that you can handle more, you can increase the amount a little, however, it is recommended that you brush against your body limit but do not exceed it to avoid unfavorable or slow results.

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