Multi-joint exercises are very useful when doing sports like weightlifting and martial arts. This is because this type of exercise is designed to work different muscles at the same time.

To understand a little better what multi-joint exercises are about, below, we will be talking more specifically about their definition and benefits.

What are multi-joint exercises and what benefits do they have?

As we already mentioned, these exercises help us to work different muscles at the same time, however, there is a condition for this to happen.

It is that the muscles must be in the same area, that is, if you want to stimulate growth hormone in the chest, shoulder or back, you can do it, since they are more or less in the same area .

Well, now that we understand that, it is time to know the benefits that these exercises bring.

Among some of its benefits you will find:

  •          Rapid growth in exercised areas
  •          Greater strength and performance
  •          Increased calorie loss
  •          And much more

4 effective multi-joint exercises

Now that we know that these exercises basically stimulate growth hormone to reach our peak in less time, it is time to find out what are the most effective multi-joint exercises.

For now, we will only talk about 4 of them, however, there are many others that could be more adapted to your goals depending on what your interests are. That said, let’s see what are the 4 exercises we have for you.


I guess explaining squats is a bit too much because we’ve all done them at some point. However, something that not many know, perhaps due to lack of attention, is that this simple exercise is one of those that works several muscles.

Among some of the muscles that work in the lower area of ​​our body, you can find the calves, lower back and leg muscles. You can use  hack squats if you want, we leave you a beginner’s guide. 


The chin-ups basically consists of raising our whole body without any impulse with the help of the arms only.

This activity not only exercises our back, but also exercises the arms and shoulders at the same time, which is good for those who practice sports with their arms.


There are several ways to perform this exercise, some are with movements included, and others only ask you to be in the position for as long as you can hold.

Regardless of which way you do it, all the forms have their multi-joint part since all or most of them work, the abdomen, pectorals, buttocks, arms, shoulders and legs.

Military press

As the last exercises, we have the military press, this activity allows you to mobilize the following muscles: chest, arms and shoulders.

The correct way to do this exercise is by charging what we can. Nothing to try to gain weight if we are not completely sure as this could be counterproductive.

Remember that the goal will be easier to achieve if we do not exceed our limits, since we run the risk of even injury.

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