Mizuno Wave Rider 21 – Review

Main advantage

The concave Cloud Wave insert that characterizes the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 running shoes ensures greater stability during the roll to improve traction in the heel area and make the support phase more fluid.

Main disadvantage

Despite the midsole boasts a 12 mm drop that returns greater fluidity to the athletic gesture, due to its excessive stiffness the reactive response of the foot tends to decrease as the pace of the race becomes more sustained.


Comfortable and responsive

The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 are running shoes much appreciated by runners for their good cushioning and flexibility, which allow you to travel long distances without straining your feet too much. Unlike the previous models, here the upper has been made with the innovative “Premium Dual Zone” technology to wrap the foot firmly, ensuring a good level of breathability and optimal grip on any type of terrain.

Although aesthetics are not a fundamental feature when choosing a good running shoe , in this case the Japanese company has succeeded in combining excellent performance with a stylish design and well-finished details with which it will be difficult to disfigure. also thanks to the possibility of being able to choose between four different colors.

Returning to the structural characteristics of the model, the comfort of use is also guaranteed by the concave Cloud Wave insert, which returns optimal stability in the rolling phase without, however, compromising the flexibility of the forefoot during the push. In short, the perfect shoe for those who want to get the most out of their sports performance, with a balanced weight distribution and a more reactive response of the force impressed in the stride.

Positive reviews also regarding the durability of the tread, which has shown good resistance both on asphalted paths and in the case of dirt tracks that require a sole that is not too flexible but with adequate “grip”.

Droop and fit

Experienced runners know that the main feature to look for in a running shoe is resistance to the most extreme environmental conditions to improve the response of the foot during all sporting activities.

Well, from this point of view the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 are not afraid of comparisons thanks to the innovative midsole with a 12 mm drop which, in addition to reducing tension on muscles and tendons, returns greater flexibility during impacts with the ground improving, of consequently, the push in the heel area.

The wider fit and the weight of less than 300 grams are further measures aimed at offering comfort and stability to the foot, avoiding swelling and discomfort even in the case of high-intensity workouts. Another point in favor of this model is the construction with very solid and resistant materials which makes it suitable for any type of sporting activity, from light running on asphalt to training with a more sustained pace.

However, despite being a universal and extremely versatile shoe, according to some users the excessive stiffness of the Cloud Wave insert tends to generate some discomfort when traveling long distances, so after a few kilometers it is easy for the athlete to no longer feel. at ease.

Excluding this small defect, which is found only on longer and bumpy routes, the rest of the model has shown that it can do well what it was designed for, guaranteeing that feeling that is expected in dynamic racing, without detracting from its robustness. and comfort.


Reliable, comfortable and versatile, the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 are the ideal choice for those looking for running shoes designed to better cushion shocks, pushing the foot to produce a more natural movement that does not involve excessive strain on the muscles. .

Not surprisingly, among the main strengths of the model, in addition to the possibility of being able to select the ideal size among the many made available by the company, we point out the special U4iCX plate inserted at the height of the heel which improves the cushioning in phase support, making the stride more fluid and continuous with a notable reduction in the sense of fatigue.

As for the quality / price ratio, even if there are those who argue that the shoe is still a bit too expensive despite the launch on the market of the new Wave Rider 23 and 24 versions, we believe that overall it is worth every penny spent for the purchase, ensuring excellent performance and good durability even with intensive use.

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