If you practice gymnastic or athletic sports, surely you know that maintaining a good condition in joint mobility is essential. Therefore, today we will talk about the best joint mobility exercises that you can perform.

Before starting, with the subject it is important to mention that this type of exercise not only favors athletes in general, but also serves as a treatment to rehabilitate people with injuries or some difficulty in moving.

What are they and what benefits do joint mobility exercises provide?

As its name says, joint mobility exercises are those that are responsible for strengthening the functioning of our joints in order to improve their mobility and resistance.

What are the benefits of doing joint mobility exercises? The truth is that when practicing them properly, the benefits they bring are quite a few, in fact, among them, you can find the following:

Avoid injuries and fractures

Improves the elasticity of your body

Provides a healthier life

  • Rise the levels of energy

Increases movement capacity

Strengthens the muscles

  • Promotes the distribution of blood flow in our body

Joint mobility exercises you can do

These exercises are very similar to the warm-ups that we do before any workout, however, we do them for longer and with more repetitions.

Next, we will leave you some joint mobility exercises that you can do anywhere.


We begin, exercising the shoulders with circular movements back and forth. You can perform 10 in one direction, and 10 in the other direction, taking 10 seconds of rest before the next rep.

Reps can vary depending on whether you are a beginner or not. Ideally, you start with 5 repetitions and as you get used to your body, you can increase them.


To exercise your elbows, you need to extend your arms forward. After that, touch your shoulders with your hands, so that you bend your elbows.

Similarly, you can do it 10 times with 5 repetitions.


To exercise your wrists, you should make circular movements with them in one direction and then the other. These movements, you should try to do them calmly to avoid any bad movement.


There are several exercises that favor the waist so we will leave 2 so that you have a little more training.

For the first waist exercise, you should open your legs a little and place your hands on the waist, followed by that, make circular movements with your hips to both sides.

The second exercise will not only help you with the joint mobility of the waist, but it will also make you stretch your spine a bit. To do this, you must bring your hands to the tips of your feet, after holding it for a few seconds, you will position your hands on your waist and you will push your pelvis forward a little, bringing your back back.


With your knees, you need to raise one leg to the front and then the other, for the same number of times you have been practicing, with the same repetitions.


To exercise your ankles, you need to lean on something firm to raise your leg a little. Followed by that, you will perform circular movements with your ankles in both directions.

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