Isner – Mahut: The Longest Match In The History Of Professional Tennis

The Wimbledon showdown between the two athletes was scheduled for June 22, 2010. A priori, it was a game like so many others. Still, it took 3 days to complete. The two men broke many records. This is certainly the longest tennis match ever.

Isner and Mahut, two great figures of tennis
Before we talk about this longest tennis match, let’s get to know these two players first. Let’s start with John Isner, he is an American born in 1985. He is causing a sensation thanks to his height of 2.08 m. On his debut in 2007, he managed to reach the Washington tournament. Two years later, he arrived in 8 th finals in Masters 1000 at Indian Wells. He continues to progress by clinching 34th place in the US Open grand slam record.

2010 was a particularly significant year for John Isner. Indeed, he obtained his first ATP title in Auckland. He also participated in the longest tennis match. At this point, he was facing John Isner. In addition, he managed to reach the Masters 1000 finals in Indian Wells and Cincinnati in 2011 and 2012. However, he lost to his two opponents namely Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. After these stages, he goes up the slope by winning two titles in 2014 .

As for Nicolas Mahut, he is a French player born on January 21, 1982. He was introduced to tennis at the age of 5. Later, he studied with the aim of becoming a professional. His wish came true in 2000. That year, he won the junior tournament at Wimbledon. Mahut continues to win titles, including the US Open in 2015. In addition, he won Wimbledon in 2016 . Not to mention his victory in 2018 at Roland Garros.

Three days of intense play
Isner and Mahut enter the pitch on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 6:18 pm The showdown took place in court No 18 at the All England Club. At that moment, tennis racket in hand, they still had no idea that the match would take two more days. During this evening, they played 4 sets over a period of 2 h 45 min. They performed very well. Or two sets everywhere, namely 6/4 3/6 6/7 and 7/6. None of them sensed the turn of the situation.

The next day, they resume the game around 14 h 5 min. The two men will finally write the history of tennis. The length of the confrontation broke all previously set records . The scoreboard reads 32-32 at 9:13 p.m. That said, they only give up the court after 7 h 5 min of play. Until then, their match lasts a total of ten hours. Today, they part with a score of 59 everywhere .

On the third day, each of them hopes to be able to end it. Above all, they want to win because of the fatigue that has accumulated. After more than an hour, the scales finally lean towards John Isner . The latter transforms his fifth ball to win this longest tennis match. The American is therefore necessary to deal with French 70-68 in the 5 th inning. The confrontation ends after 11 hours and 5 minutes of play . For his part, Mahut is devastated by his defeat. However, he was acclaimed by his opponent as well as the whole audience. In any case, it is a memorable moment that has certainly marked the history of tennis.

The records during the Mahut – Isner confrontation
This extraordinary meeting broke many records. This is why it is written in the history of professional tennis. Regarding the duration, it has a total of 11 h 5 min against 6 h 33 min for the shortest tennis match.

That said, there were 138 games played in the 5th set . Remember that the previous record was made by Andy Roddick and Younès El Aynaoui in 2003. Also note that it took 126 balls to cover the needs during these clashes. The referee called up to 19 ball changes.

That’s not all, as both players passed 78 aces in 2009. It was during the Davis Cup semi-finals. During that 2010 game, there were 216 winning points struck. Mahut made 103 against Isner.

In addition, Isner and Mahut were able to keep the service for 168 successive games. The credit goes to the latter who has managed to serve 64 times. This allowed him to keep his place on the pitch. This performance also demonstrates superior mental capacity. Finally, there were 980 points played, including 502 for Mahut against 478 for Isner. And just as the best value-for-money electric guitar marks the minds of great musicians, this encounter also left its mark in the history of tennis.

Some anecdotes to remember
Definitely, this Mahut-Isner match is not only the longest. It is also the most anecdotal in the history of tennis. Indeed, there is a lot of information that escaped viewers at this time. We will show you everything in this last paragraph. You will certainly be amazed at the revelations made.

As we previously announced, the match lasted just over 11 hours. However, there was only one toilet break for both players. It took place on the second day, when the scores were 58-58.

While Mahut and Isner go head to head, there are 85 matches being played on other courts. According to calculations made by some experts, they burned 16,000 calories during those 3 days. It is not finished, because it seems that the electronic display system has had some problems. In fact, it was designed to display up to 47 points everywhere. When the scores continued to climb, the device turned off on its own. Considering the length of the meeting, it also took 7 pages of match sheets. Normally, you just need 2 or 3 at most.

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