Is Treadmill Distance In Miles Or Km

Treadmills track the distance covered during an exercise, which is usually expressed in kilometers or miles.

If your treadmill’s display isn’t showing the right measurement, adjust the display.

However, keep in mind that the distance measured may not exactly correspond to the distance you’ve run or walked.

Finding the Measurement of Distance

Most treadmills come with a monitor that shows you information about your workout.

The largest window usually displays information about the workout’s intensity as a bar graph with numbers that correspond to the intensity.

You’ll also notice a clock, which will either count up or down as your workout progresses.

In addition, the display shows the distance you’ve traveled, which should be displayed in miles.

Changing the Appearance

Use your owner’s manual to change the settings to miles if the display is showing kilometers.

In most treadmills, this entails turning on the power, keeping the emergency key in place, and depressing the calibrating control beneath the display console with a pen or cotton swab.

Once the measurement display blinks, you can change the display to miles by pressing the speed or other up and down buttons.


Distance is a respectable, but not exact, measurement, regardless of how your treadmill shows it.

On a treadmill, you run differently than on a track, engaging your knees differently and powering through the run slightly differently.

Each kilometer you run on a treadmill is usually about 40 meters short, corresponding to about 120 feet every mile.

While this is minimal, it may impact your workout if you are preparing for a specific road race distance.


The miles may be slightly off when working out on a treadmill, but the intensity is not.

Runners who run on a treadmill and runners who run on a track put in the same amount of work, whether they are sprinting or running for distance.

A study published in the “Journal of Sports Sciences” in January 2007 compared distance athletes and sprinters’ performance and exertion levels, concluding that the results from both locations were statistically similar enough to make either location a valid testing location for evaluating performance.

Do treadmills count in miles or kilometers?

I run on a treadmill, completed the C25k on it, and use it at least twice a week. I’ve been pretty discouraged because I figured treadmills measured in kilometers, therefore a 5K run takes me 45 minutes…

Treadmills appear to be universal and measure in miles, according to individuals on running forums…

If this is the case, I’ll be much happier! I run between 6.8 and 7.8 miles per hour, so I don’t consider myself to be slow….

Do Treadmills Use Miles to Measure Distance?

Some treadmill users establish a goal of running for a specific number of minutes, while others set a goal of running a specific amount of miles before stopping.

If you’re the second type, you’ll want your treadmill to keep track of your progress. Treadmills usually show the distance you’ve run or walked in kilometers or miles, or both, depending on the model.


The display on each treadmill is a little different, but they all feature some sort of panel that allows you to keep track of essential information about your activity.

Select the “Distance” button on your treadmill’s display to see how far you’ve run, or press “Display” to flip between display settings that include speed, time, calories, and distance.

What’s the difference between miles and kilometers?

If your treadmill simply has a basic display, it may only show a single number in the window, such as “01.01.” If the letter “M follows the number,” it most likely stands for miles.

If a “K” or “KM precedes the number,” it most likely refers to kilometers.

If no letter appears, refer to the treadmill’s owner’s manual to see which unit is displayed. Another hint is the store where the treadmill was bought.

If you purchased the treadmill in the United States, it’s likely that it’s set to US standard units of measurement, with the distance stated in miles.

If you’re using a treadmill in Canada, Europe, or almost everywhere else save the United States, it probably measured the distance in kilometers, as that country uses the metric system.

Changing Dimensions

Some models may show the distance in miles first, then the distance in kilometers, in that order.

When you set up the treadmill, commercial units or private machines with a more advanced display system may allow you to choose your standard of measurement.

I can find instructions for switching between the two forms of measurements in the unit’s owner’s manual.


If you can’t find an owner’s handbook or internet information for the treadmill you’re using, you can measure the distance to find out for sure.

Wear a pedometer and walk or jog long enough to reach 1.0 on the “Distance” marker.

Then, have a look at your pedometer. You’ll know your treadmill is displaying distance in miles if your pedometer shows you’ve walked 1 mile.

If your pedometer displays distance in kilometers, the reading will be roughly 0.67 miles, or two-thirds of a mile.

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