Improve your health by training with exercise bikes

Both stationary and elliptical bikes are perfect tools to carry out a cardiovascular workout and burn calories in our own home.

Exercising on a stationary bike or elliptical bike has a host of health benefits. For example, it helps improve cardiovascular rhythm, allows more oxygen to enter the body, increases blood pressure, and burns fat accumulated in our body. Physically, it provides firmness to the legs and buttocks, helps to relax the back, reduces cellulite, and psychologically, it relieves stress and significantly improves the mood of those who use it.

Stationary or elliptical bikes

The ellipticals were developed relatively recently, and have brought a revolution in the world of the fitness. However, they are more expensive and take up more space.

The main difference between these two types of apparatus is that stationary bikes have a saddle, like normal bikes, from which to perform the exercise, while in elliptical bikes the exercise is done without sitting down, moving the legs and arms steady but slow way.

In the case of stationary bicycles , the fundamental advantage is that, when exercising seated, the fatigue is less, therefore it can be done for a longer time. The key is that you burn more calories by training more minutes at a low pace than a short time at a higher pace. In addition, the muscles of the legs, such as the quadriceps or the calf, are strengthened.

For their part, elliptical bikes have the advantage that everyone is involved in the exercise. It’s not just the legs that move. The arms and trunk also play a role, causing the heart rate to reach its optimal speed for burning calories sooner.

The choice of the most suitable bicycle depends on the physical condition of the person who uses them and the objectives that he / she is pursuing. Fewer calories are burned on a stationary bike , but the impact on bones and joints is less, as well as fatigue. On an elliptical bike the exercise is more complete and efficient, but the impact is somewhat greater. By tiring earlier, you run the risk of stopping training prematurely, rendering exercise ineffective.

For this reason, in general, exercise on a stationary bike is recommended for people who do not have a great physical background or with problems of overweight or obesity. It will allow you to start burning fat in a healthy way and without your body suffering too much. For those who lead an active life and are used to exercising every so often, it is more advisable to train on an elliptical trainer , since they will resist fatigue better than and will be able to use it for longer, optimizing cardiovascular exercise .

A complete exercise

For the training we carry out on a stationary bike or an elliptical bike to be more effective, we must bear in mind that perseverance and patience are even more important factors than the physical form or the equipment we buy. Although the beneficial effects on health will appear almost immediately, muscle toning will take longer to notice. This is essential to avoid trying to force the exercises, and incur the risk of injury. Also don’t get frustrated when you see that your legs look the same after three sessions and the routine is abandoned.

In addition, it is advisable to invest in suitable equipment. Special shoes with cleats improve pedaling and prevent the shoe from loosening and the pedal hitting the heel. Just as a ‘culotte’ with gel pad will make training more comfortable avoiding the pain caused by the saddle.

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