How To Do It On An Elliptical Trainer?

In the 21st century, there are many home exercise machines. Treadmills, exercise bikes, spin bikes, steppers, multi-stations: all of which can now be easily purchased at specialized sports stores. Recently, the home Elliptical has become very popular . Because it is ideal for both the prevention of hypodynamia and intense training.

The Elliptical has a number of advantages over other cardiovascular equipment:

  • It is versatile. He has practically no restrictions on the level of physical activity and age.
  • It is safe. The stress on the joints remains minimal, at all speeds.
  • It is multifunctional. The Elliptical uses more muscles than any other cardio equipment.
  • It is virtually silent and consumes almost no electricity.

 You can find out which muscle groups work on the Elliptical in this article 

Elliptical workout program

To achieve effective results from training on the orbit track, you need to know and master the correct technique of movements.

And so, here are detailed instructions on how to start training on an Elliptical:

  • Warm up. It is recommended to do several circular movements with different parts of the body, jumps, squats, as well as swinging arms and legs.
  • If possible, adjust the stride length. Set the load level and set up the program profile for which you want to practice.
  • Next, place both feet on the platforms, standing on the Elliptical. For stability and safety, it is worth grasping the fixed handrails located on the sides of the console.
  • After we have caught the balance, we alternately transfer our hands to the movable handles.
  • With a little effort, move the right foot forward, thus pushing the floating platforms and starting sliding and slow movements. At the start, you can help yourself with your hands.
  • The movement trajectory is very similar to ski walking. The right foot moves the pedal forward from itself, and the hand at this moment pulls the movable lever towards itself. After that, the left arm and left leg perform the same actions.
  • Movements should be as free and natural as possible, you should not pull the levers by force and waddle from one side to the other.
  • You need to move continuously, keep your back straightened, look forward.

You can find out additional recommendations for training workouts on the website of our online store Elliptical.

It is very easy to train on the orbit track. The main thing is not to forget to follow our recommendations. If you have a question about choosing your first Elliptical, please contact our managers. Experts will help you choose a simulator according to your requests and parameters.

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