How To Choose An Elliptical Trainer For Home?

The elliptical trainer stands out among the home simulators. An ellipsoid is a cross between a treadmill and a stepper.

This is the best option for those who want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. 

Among the advantages of the cross-trainer is its compactness: it can easily become the basis of a home fitness room.

What else can elliptical trainers boast off and how to choose the right one?

A few words about elliptical trainers: introductory briefing

The elliptical trainer comprises two platform pedals for legs and handles movably articulated with them.

When moving, the legs move along an elliptical trajectory – hence the name.

The elliptical trainer provides a uniform load without shock and the risk of joint injuries, engages large muscle groups and is suitable for both beginners and those who need intense training. 

On such simulators you can practice even when recovering from injuries, of course, after consulting your doctor.

The major advantage of ellipsoids is that they affect almost the entire body: when exercising, the calf and gluteal muscles, thigh muscles, and arm muscles work on it. 

The load on the articular-ligamentous apparatus and the risk of injury will be significantly lower than during a regular jogging  . 

This is because of the smoothness and uniformity of movements carried out on such a simulator. 

True, this statement applies only to equipment that was developed under the principles of biomechanics.

 In addition, the ellipsoid is an effective cardiovascular equipment, so exercising on it strengthens the heart muscle, increases tone and makes it possible to quickly lose weight.

These simulators are of different types: mechanical , magnetic, and electrical. … I consider electric simulators the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable. 

I connected them to the mains and are more expensive than simple mechanical and magnetic models. 

But this is where their disadvantages end: electric ellipsoids are convenient, they are often equipped with a multifunctional console that allows you to measure physical parameters during training and create your own exercise program or use ready-made ones. 

In the future, we will talk about this type of simulators.

What to look for when choosing an elliptical trainer for the home

A home elliptical trainer is not much different from a fitness club trainer, but it has to meet some special requirements.

Safety, convenience, comfort of use

Size . An elliptical trainer for the home should be compact, since not everyone allocates a spacious room for a gym. For example, would the FS4 or FS6 from Life Fitness 128 fit? 81? 164 cm.

Smooth, running and quiet . For example, all Life Fitness models are so quiet that you can even put them in the bedroom and exercise without fear of waking any family member.

Compliance with the principles of biomechanics . It is very important that the movements on the simulator are as natural as possible – this will allow you to practice most effectively and avoid injury. This is especially important if you practice on your own without a coach.

Weight . Be sure to pay attention to what maximum weight the selected simulator can support. It should be at least 10-15 kg more than yours.

Stability . A wobbly trainer can be not only ineffective and inconvenient, but also dangerous. Find out how the model of your choice solves this problem. 

For example, Life Fitness machines use the patented Link6 ™ system, which uses ball bearings instead of bronze bushings.

 This provides a quiet ride and also allows you to smooth out small deviations from the horizontal in case of inaccuracies in the simulator’s assembly.

The location of the pedals. The lower the pedals are, the more comfortable it will be for you to get on and off the machine. 

Pay attention to the distance between the pedals. It should be small, as a significant distance between the pedals increases lateral displacement of the hips and unbalanced load on the back.

Pedal coating . The foot should be on the pedal smoothly and securely without slipping. Premium trainers use a durable polyurethane coating for this.

Handles . The most important thing is that you feel comfortable holding onto them. Test the cover – your hands should not slip.

 It’s good if you can choose from several grip options, and it’s very good if there are mode switching buttons and heart rate sensors right on the handles.

Step length . This figure can go up to 90 cm. If you plan to train with the entire family, look for a model where the stride length can be adjusted to fit each user. This function also makes it possible to change the load during training and use more muscles. 

For example, in the FS6, E5 trainers from Life Fitness, the range varies from 46 to 61 cm. The FlexStrider cross trainer with a free trajectory, which does not have a fixed stride length, deserves special attention. 

The latter automatically changes on the go, adjusting to the intensity of the user’s work.

Flywheel weight . We recommend opting for a model with a heavier flywheel: it provides a smooth ride and adequate load. It is desirable that the flywheel weighs at least 8 kg.

The presence of the display . This is a very convenient function that allows you to control the intensity of your workout, monitor your speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption.

Design . The indicator is not the most important, but still essential – an elliptical trainer for the home should be compact and beautiful. 

If the simulator annoys you with its appearance, you will subconsciously bypass it. So, FS4 and FS6 from Life Fitness have a stylish design and are made in two colors: “Titanium” and “Dark walnut”.

 And with the Platinum Club free-trajectory FlexStrider Series, the color palette is even wider: Onyx Black, Titanium Storm, Arctic Silver and Diamond White. 

Any of these simulators can harmoniously fit into the interior and become a striking design element.

Built-in workouts and interactive console features

Since there will not be a trainer next to you at home to develop a training program, you need to choose a simulator that will take over this function.

 Therefore, it is better to purchase a simulator equipped with a “smart” console. The console is your personal trainer, and the effectiveness of your training will largely depend on the breadth of its functionality.

Screen . I equipped modern premium trainers with touchscreen consoles with Swipe ™ technology for image quality, similar to smartphone screens.

Possibility of programming . Many consoles already have pre-built modes: heart rate-dependent, high-intensity interval training, etc. It is desirable that you customize the programs yourself.

 If your console supports Internet access, you can download new workouts. The more varied your activities, the more interesting it will be to train, because boredom is the chief enemy of the effectiveness of training. Any coach will confirm this to you.

Entertaining functions . In premium simulators, the console is a real entertainment complex with built-in TV, an Internet browser, the ability to connect to the network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as programs that allow you to take an interactive video tour along scenic routes.

 With the help of special applications, you can even compete with other users by running, for example, a virtual marathon.

Compatible with mobile devices . Some well-known consoles are compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

This allows you to identify the trainee via a smartphone and use special applications, as well as synchronize the console with fitness gadgets.


Ellipsoid is suitable for both strength and cardio training – just change the load. With intense training on the elliptical trainer, it is quite possible to find a beautiful relief. 

We can also use some models for strength training with shock absorbers – we can attach elastic bands to special braces on the back of the machine.

Brand name

For home fitness equipment, the brand really matters. Only the well-known logo on the body will give you the guarantee that the machine is really reliable. 

A brand is not just a name. Behind him are many patents and certificates, repeated tests of the strength of each part, painstaking joint work of engineers, doctors, biomechanics specialists.

In addition, buying an elliptical trainer for the home “with a name”, you get qualified service and warranty service.


A quality and reliable home elliptical trainer cannot be cheap. You get it for a long time. Consider this purchase as an investment in your family’s health.

A compact elliptical trainer for home will cost about 250-300 thousand rubles – this is how much simple but high-quality modern models with a console cost.

 For 400-500 thousand, you can buy an already multifunctional model, to which you can attach shock absorber bands. 

Someone often equips these models with additional fixed platforms for upper body muscle development exercises. And of course they have a touchscreen multimedia console.

The elliptical trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that will allow you to lose weight and strengthen the muscles of the whole body without affecting the joints.

 Add some free weights and a yoga mat and you have a compact yet complete home gym to keep you fit.

Where can you buy a premium home cross trainer?

“Don’t assume that home and gym equipment are no different,” says a Life Fitness expert. – Professional equipment for gyms differs from home machines both in appearance and dimensions.

 Plus, home trainers are usually silent. If the requirements for noiselessness in a fitness club are not so strict, then at home it is advisable to use a simulator that will not disturb either family members or neighbors. 

But the key thing is that companies that produce exercise equipment for home use pay special attention to safety. 

Designers understand that training without a coach is always associated with a certain amount of risk and try to minimize this risk.

Life Fitness creates premium home fitness equipment. All machines comply with the laws of biomechanics – we invest a lot in research and development. 

Using advanced digital technologies ensures the compatibility of our simulators with mobile applications, allows us to arrange interactive excursions and virtual competitions in real time with users from different countries. 

We have also developed our own cloud-based LFConnect system for the interaction of simulators with mobile applications. All this makes training on Life Fitness simulators comfortable and interesting.

Life Fitness Home Elliptical Trainers are quiet, compact, and fit perfectly in your home. Some models, like the FS4, are more of a contemporary art object than gym equipment. “

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