How To Assemble An Elliptical?

Fitting Best Elliptical For Arthritis correctly is an essential condition for its long-lasting use without problems such as misalignment of some components.

If you don’t know which way to turn, in this article we will try to give you some general guidelines . Enjoy the reading!

What are the basic parts of the elliptical

The first step in successfully assembling a large and bulky fitness machine like the elliptical is knowing what the finished project should look like.

So what are the main components of the elliptical? 

First of all, the pedals and mobile dumbbells , which represent the focus of the movement during the exercises with this tool. 

In addition to the movable dumbbells, however, there are two smaller and fixed dumbbells , useful to be used as a support for the arms in case you decide to train only the lower part of your body. 

On the handlebars there may be hand pulses or heart rate monitors useful for keeping heart rate under control.

The movement of the elliptical, a sort of combination between running and cross-country skiing , is made possible by a metal disc weighing between 15kg and 20kg: the flywheel .

 Connected to the flywheel is the braking system , which is essential to be able to adjust the resistance and, consequently, the intensity of the training.

Don’t forget the technological aspect. All elliptical models are equipped with a console that, through a display, always puts at your disposal the data relating to the training.

 You will see for example your speed , the set resistance , the selected program and the calories burned.

To unite all these components there are of course a frame , stabilizers , the upright , wire harness extensions , springs , wheels and a large number of screws, nuts and bolts .


Preliminary actions

As we anticipated, the elliptical is a rather bulky tool. 

Before its installation be sure therefore to have enough space at your disposal and eliminates the material used for packaging. 

Don’t throw away the instructions , of course.

Organize all the components to be assembled and above all the screws and bolts in an orderly way, so as to always be aware of the situation as a whole.

Make sure you have tools at your disposal that might come in handy, like a Phillips screwdriver , an adjustable wrench , a rubber top hammer .

 Also equip yourself with a specific spray lubricant for fitness equipment .


How to set up your own elliptical

The mounting of the elliptical obviously depends on the model you have chosen. 

Here we will give you some general guidelines to help you with the most difficult ellipticals.

Start with the stabilizers , making sure the front wheels don’t touch the floor. Secure them to the frame using the screws and bolts indicated to you. 

During this operation, get help from another person who can lift the frame to allow you a more accurate and safe placement of the stabilizers.

Then move on to the upright , which is the front part that will hold both the console and the handlebars . 

You should have an extension at your disposal to connect to the wire harness , passing it through the post before threading the post into the frame. 

It is important to be very careful during this step not to pinch the wires .

Once the upright is fixed to the frame with the necessary screws and bolts, pass the extension with the wire harness also inside another component, called the upright extension . Join the latter to the rest of the riser, again without pinching the cables.

If your console should run on batteries, insert them before proceeding to assembly. 

To fix the console you will need to connect its wire harness with that of the extension , inserting the excess wire inside the extension of the upright. 

All this always trying not to touch the wires.

Then move on to the assembly of the pedals , starting from the wheels or the springs, and then also take care of the handlebars following the instructions relating to the model purchased. 

Finally, make sure that both the pedals and the handlebars are aligned with each other . 

A misalignment is a symptom that something at the assembly level has gone wrong and needs to be revised.

As you go through all the different stages of assembling the elliptical, make sure you lubricate any sheaths, bearings and gears as well as possible . 

Tighten the bolts and screws without skipping a single one and, if self-locking nuts are not supplied , get them: these will prove essential especially after some time, when the constant use of the elliptical could cause loosening of the bolts and the like .

The benefits of the elliptical

Once you have your elliptical perfectly assembled, you are ready to use it to the fullest. How? Both by carrying out targeted muscle exercises and by training with high cardiovascular stress .

Among the benefits that this tool can give you, therefore, there is certainly a toning and firming of all the muscle groups of your body: legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and shoulders.

But in addition, to benefit from training with this fitness machine indoors will also be your apparatus breathing . 

Furthermore, you will improve not only your endurance , but also your aerobic metabolism . 

And don’t forget that well-trained thighs contribute to fat oxidation, triggering a weight loss process , naturally accompanied by an active lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet.

Without a doubt, the elliptical is an optimal choice for both your physical and mental well-being. 

In fact, constant physical training reduces the levels of cortisol , the so-called stress hormone; at the same time, however, the levels of serotonin , the hormone that contributes to our good mood, will increase.


How to do a proper workout on the elliptical

In summary, to train correctly on the elliptical and to benefit from the advantages described above, it is essential to maintain an upright posture . 

The back and neck must always remain straight and the grip of the hands on the dumbbells must not be too low. 

This will prevent your body from lurching forward.

Remember that tools such as the elliptical must be used with great care so as to reduce the risk of injuries which, in addition to being annoying and / or painful, can represent a setback in your training program.

The movement  on the elliptical  must have the following characteristics:

  • be fluid
  • not have tears or sudden acceleration
  • remain constant and harmonious despite changes in intensity

All you have to do is mount Best Elliptical For Cardio and start exercising right away!

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