How does an exercise bike work?

Its front wheel weighs several kilograms to facilitate pedaling and has a brake that produces mechanical or magnetic friction to exert effort while pedaling.

what is an exercise bike

Types of Stationary Bicycle

With the different designs that you can find of these stationary bikes, there are no longer excuses for not exercising.

What is a stationary bike?

Also known as exercise bike , bicycle or stationary exercise bike with it can work out in your home or office with different routines and resistance levels he possesses.

In this video you will see how a trainer advises you how to perform a basic and professional routine to obtain an excellent result with your stationary exercise bike.

Benefits of an exercise bike

exercise bike mechanism
Improves the cardiovascular system which reduces diseases related to the heart and circulatory system.
It helps reduce calories which results in losing those excess kilos and tones your body.
Tone buttocks, waist and legs by following the proper routines.
Reduces back pain by relaxing the muscles.
Being a conditioning exercise, the joints are protected .
Exercise of little physical effort which provides adequate oxygenation to the body.
Excellent to have a flat stomach and show off a beautiful figure.

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