How Does A Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Work

Elliptical Magnetic Stimulator is sports equipment that keeps pace with the times. Combines exercise bike, stopper and treadmill.

Replace climbing stairs, intense walking, running – those exercises that lead to intense burning of body fat. It belongs to the type of cardiovascular equipment (cross-training).

Elliptical trainers are among the top three most demanded new generation sports equipment. When moving on the device, an aerobic and power load on the body occurs.

Muscle groups are toned and a complex effect on the body is exerted: the abs and the hip part swing, the muscles of the legs, arms and back acquire tone, the tummy is tightened.

Due to the smooth cyclical movements, it is indicated for people with joint problems and diseases of the spine.

How Does A Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Work

Before deciding to buy a “smart coach”, determine the goals and objectives for which you need it.

The principle of operation of the unit is based on the natural properties of the magnet, which moves relative to the flywheel – when the magnet and the flywheel converge, the resistance increases, and decreases with distance.

The magnetic elliptical unit is distinguished by soft movements, easily brakes, due to the presence of a natural magnet, braking is facilitated, does not expose the muscles to sudden loading movements. Unpretentious to use.

However, before classes, mandatory warming up gymnastics is necessary, otherwise, instead of benefit, you will get a malfunction of the heart muscle and stretching.

After exercise, moving the pedals along an elliptical trajectory, the practicing person has a feeling of weightlessness, due to which the maximum load is achieved.

The disadvantage of this equipment for sports activities is considered to be impressive dimensions, as a result of which the use in standard living conditions is limited.

For home use, folding elliptical devices are produced, which, when folded, fit ergonomically into the living space.

When choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:

the location of the flywheel. The front is comfortable and comfortable. But the size of the equipment is larger than that of the rear wheel drive. Front-wheel drive units are suitable for people with a height of 180 cm and above.

Ensure the trainee is upright and will not allow the knees to touch the frame. If the flywheel is rear-wheel drive, then it is located between the athlete’s legs, the distance between the pedals is much wider. The load falls alternately on each leg;

The presented simulators help to improve the general condition, increase endurance. Alternative to shaping and yoga. The elliptical step, acting on problem areas, will help to work out with maximum effect.

How to choose a magnetic elliptical trainer

Flywheel parameters. In domestic species, the weight varies from 5 to 15 kg. Professional can reach up to 40 kg. The greater the mass and size, the more light the movement is created. The joints are not overloaded.

  • Step length. An important parameter for determining the range of motion and the effect of exercise. For budget orbit tracks, this is a fixed value of 40 cm. In professional ones, there is the possibility of adjustment. The stronger the acceleration, the more comfortable the exercise.
  • Allowable body weight. The simulator is designed for a weight of 80-150 kg. Your weight should be at least 15 kg less.
  • Stationary more durable. For folding ones, there is always a risk of breakage, shock, etc.
  • Additional loads. Budget contains 6-8 programs in memory. Over time, you will need to increase them and this will shorten the training time.
  • Ergonomics of management. There will be enough data on heart rate and distance. Make sure the calories burned outweigh the calories consumed.
  • Decide on the brand of the ellipsoid. Reputable manufacturers give the frame a lifetime warranty. Here it is necessary to clarify the factors: the reputation of the manufacturer, where it was released, those. support, warranty, consumer reviews.

How to use

It is important for a family to choose a place where to place the equipment, to calculate how much space is needed. Magnetic or inexpensive electromagnetic will perfectly fit into your life. When choosing, consider your parameters – weight and height.

  • make sure that the control panel is understandable and convenient for you;
  • adjustment of modes should be smooth;
  • the pedals move exclusively in an ellipse. Movements should be light and fluid. You should not feel excessive tension or pressure on any part of the spine or joints;
  • hand levers should also be suitable for height and resistance. No extra load on the spine is needed. It is important that you are easy enough to wrap your fingers around the handles.
  • the grip should not be with effort, otherwise the muscles of the arms are overstrained;
  • fixed platform rotation frequency;
  • it is important that the device does not emit loud, clanging sounds that can disturb and annoy you, even at maximum power-on modes.
  • it must be set exactly so that there is no swinging during training.

On the ellipsoid, the individual load for each muscle group is easily selected.

Advantages and disadvantages

With a properly selected regimen, you lose weight, train the cardiovascular tract, and work out areas with problems.

Advantages of magnetic elliptical trainers:

  1. Training on it is effective, but gentle: it does not load the knees, like an exercise bike. There is no heavy load on the spine, as in a stepper. Muscles work intensely
  2. Ergonomic levers are important for working out the chest and back without additional strength training;
  3. It will increase the enrichment of blood with oxygen, accelerate the metabolism in the body and easily help to lose unnecessary kilograms;
  4. Reliable, not traumatic;
  5. Even after fractures, rehabilitation sessions are possible, which will lead to the restoration of normal heart function and muscle tone after injuries;
  6. Selection of built-in programs;
  7. Improving the functioning of the cardiovascular tract;
  8. Some models will calculate the amount of body fat;
  9. Removes muscle spasms of neuralgic origin;
  10. Exploitation by family members from young to old;
  11. Minimal power consumption.

Disadvantages of magnetic elliptical trainers:

  1. They are distinguished by their high cost compared to other devices.
  2. Oversized dimensions, there is no possibility of compact storage.
  3. Classes on an ellipsoid require preliminary warm-up and stretching.
  4. The cardio trainer on wheels is convenient for moving around the house, but is unstable during exercise.
  5. The level of training depends on the weight of the flywheel, the harder the better the effect. So a good device is heavy enough.
  6. Ideally, it is better to set aside a separate room for training, taking into account the additional space around for free swing of the pedals and handles.
  7. Qualitative models are still only stationary.
  8. There are a number of contraindications for exercising:
  • Complicated heart disease, accompanied by swelling and asthmatic attacks;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Lung disease;
  • Oncology;
  • Diabetes;
  • Acute infectious diseases;

Monitor your condition as you exercise. If there is pain in the left side of the chest, shortness of breath and shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness and nausea, stop exercising. Consult a physician before exercising.


Proper assembly, maintenance and use solely for its intended purpose are essential for the operating condition and effective use of the machine.

Be sure to read the assembly and safety instructions before using. Upon receipt, make sure the packaging is intact.

  • Transportation is possible only disassembled;
  • On delivery, the unit must be weatherproof;
  • Install on a flat floor, leaving at least half a meter of space on each side.
  • Ventilation holes – be careful not to overlap during installation.
  • Use a special mat to protect the floor;
  • The simulator requires room conditions for normal operation (temperature +10 to +35) at normal humidity.


  • Do not store and operate in dusty, humid and summer rooms, near water. Do not operate where aerosols or flammable gases may be sprayed.
  • Make sure that there are no loose ends of the towel or pieces of clothing that could get caught in moving parts.
  • Use specially designed sports shoes when exercising. You cannot train barefoot. It is desirable that the surface of the pedals is anti-slip.
  • Do not put anything under the treadmill.
  • Drink water during, before and after exercise to maintain fluid balance.
  • Do not move or fold until assembly is complete.
  • Check and tighten knot fasteners every quarter.
  • Do not drop objects inside. If this happens, remove it carefully, if this is not possible, contact a service workshop.
  • For cleaning, use a cotton cloth slightly dampened with a small amount of the product. Do not apply cleaning solution directly to the orbiter. Do not leave plugged in.
  • Be sure to turn off the electricity before cleaning or carrying out repair, maintenance work.

Malfunctioning elliptical trainers will require an individual approach. Ellipsoid malfunction occurs due to:

  1. Failure of the cables.
  2. Breakdown of electronic components.
  3. Physical breakdowns due to insufficient lubrication.

Cardio equipment does not need complicated maintenance. Some time after operation, it will be necessary to fasten the fixing bolts and lubricate the bushings. For a smooth running of the device, lubricate the runners with silicone.

Correct use and careful maintenance will extend the service life. With it, it is easy to avoid excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle and boring everyday dullness.


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