HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews 2022

In this range, the HCI Fitness HXT-300 Strider elliptical fits the bill very nicely. the lightweight seated elliptical can be used by people of all fitness levels who are looking for a low impact workout, in your home or a gym Most recently built ellipticals are best for people with mobility issues or disabilities. It has a semi-electronic motion that only minimal extension is needed. More than anyone, there are in use for treatment or physical conditioning. Since it can safely lift up to 330 pounds, it is a light cross-training vehicle. By providing both upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one activity with zero effects, this activity is successful.

Ease of use on an elliptical machines can help your heart and lungs, with beneficial side effects on your overall health and fitness. It uses the eddyeddy current braking method on its 16-level magnetic braking system (the best type). The precision motion feature has the advantage of no wear, no maintenance, zero friction, and extremely low costs. Because of its mass, a weighted flywheel helps to ensure steady movement. Take advantage of static and dynamic body position for a full-body workout through the handlebars.


HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews 2021

The HD screen allows you to enjoy many applications: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix (…)



Inertia (kg)

N / C kg


Motorized magnetic

Of programs


Max user weight

147 kg

Amplitude (Length)

51 cm

Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, chest strap included


Semi pro



Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

N / C cm


148 cm


76 cm


180 cm


133 kg

Carton dimensions

N / C (L x W x H)


A newer and lower-priced model of the HRX elliptical, with one major difference: The HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep is much lighter, has much less features, and costs less. I can carry up to 330 pounds. The easy-to-get-on model is best for people with disabilities, as well as physiotherapy. This seat is also reclines. tracks improvement and heart rate is seen on a backlit LCD A calculation of heart rate is done by a handshake on the seat handles. This model runs effortlessly and quietly. Featuring a solid, consistent magnetic resistance, the Physostop HXT-300 provides more efficient braking without mechanical rumble. It is smaller than conventional elliptical trainers, thereby taking up less space. This model is priced lower, but has favorable customer feedback. HXI Physosteam is a top pick for elliptical cross-exercise cycles under $2,000

30 levels adjustable via the console.

It has 11 programs:


Program which allows you to adjust the machine yourself when you wish.

• INTERVAL (resistance):

A program at different levels that automatically adjusts the resistance level at regular intervals.


Program at different levels that automatically adjusts the incline or resistance level to simulate going up or down hills.

• TIME :

A program that allows you to select the duration of the exercise corresponding to your usual training sessions.


Program that allows you to choose the distance to cover during the exercise. The duration of the exercise is calculated based on your speed and the distance you specify.


Program that automatically adjusts the resistance level to maintain the set watts value.


A program that automatically adjusts the resistance level to maintain your target heart rate.


Program that allows you to choose the number of calories you want to burn during exercise. The duration of the exercise is calculated based on your speed and the number of calories you specify.


Intensive anaerobic training program comprising several phases of effort / recovery. It is designed to strengthen muscle building, improve speed, and naturally increase the secretion of growth hormone (hGH) in the body.


These programs provide remarkable images from different real places around the world. Virtual Active offers the ultimate in entertainment and training, and lets you not fall into the monotony of your workouts while still enjoying a dynamic experience.


Web browser, Weather, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, MyFitnessPal, (Hulu plus, Vevo, Vudu: account required).

You can switch consoles at any time.


Touch sensors present on the handles of the elliptical. For more precision, use the Polar belt.

• View Fit: transfers your training data to the fitness apps and tools you already use. It also makes it easy to share data on your favorite social networks.
• Sprint 8: Scientifically proven, high intensity interval training program burns fat and builds muscle in short workouts, adaptable to your schedule.

– Length of the stride: 51 cm,
– Height of the step: 23 cm,
– Quick access keys to adjust the resistance and the inclination,
– Bottle holder,
– Bluetooth,
– USB port,
– Object tray,
– Transport wheels,
– Large pedals with a spacing of 6.5 cm.

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